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Writer at the Huffington Post, covering health care, social welfare, and other policy issues. Come for the journalism, stay for the Billy Joel interludes.

The Twisted, Tortured Path Obamacare Took Back To The Supreme Court — The stakes were high three years ago when the Supreme Court heard NFIB v. Sebelius, the case challenging Obamacare's individual mandate and threatening to undermine President Barack Obama's signature policy achievement. For three days, attorneys argued about some of the most important controversies in constitutional law -- the boundaries between federal and state power, the limits of congressional authority, the very meaning of personal liberty.

Remembering a Health Care Advocate Who Got a Lot Done in a Short Time — You may not have heard the name Peter Harbage before. But if you are one of the millions of people getting health insurance because of Obamacare or some other government program, it's possible Peter had something to do with it.

Obamacare v. Medicare Part D — What the early data tells us about the people in each program -- and how they feel about shopping for insurance

Jonathan Gruber Ousted From Massachusetts Health Panel — Jonathan Gruber, the influential and controversial MIT health economist, is among four people that the Massachusetts governor asked to step down from a powerful state commission. The news, first reported Wednesday by Jon Keller of WBZ-TV, lit up social media.

Obamacare Users Turn Out To Be Pretty Good Shoppers — Obamacare enrollees turn out to be more aggressive shoppers than many experts had predicted. Last week, with the scheduled end of open enrollment for 2015, the Obama administration announced that nearly 9 million people had signed up for private insurance through, the website that the federal government operates on behalf of 37 states.

Phil Gramm's 'Freedom Option' Reveals The GOP's Real Agenda For Obamacare — With oral arguments in King v. Burwell just eight days away, Republicans are talking more and more about what they'll do if the Supreme Court sides with them and effectively wipes out subsidized Obamacare insurance in two-thirds of the states. On Monday, it was Sen.

GOP Senator Insists Case For Obamacare Lawsuit Is 'Clear,' Then Shows Why It Isn't — WASHINGTON -- Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) on Monday tried to argue that something he wrote in 2010 does not undercut the premise of the anti-Obamacare lawsuit that the Supreme Court will hear next week. It was not a particularly convincing effort. Yes, we're back to talking about King v.

Top 10 SNL Political Skits Of All Time — "Saturday Night Live" celebrates its 40th anniversary on NBC Sunday night. Forty seasons would be a remarkable run for any television show. But, at the risk of sounding uncharitable, it's even more remarkable given how frequently SNL has fallen into mediocrity -- with skits, whole shows, or sometimes entire seasons that simply weren't very funny.

Why Scott Walker's Views On Evolution Are Totally Relevant — Scott Walker doesn't want reporters to ask him about his position on evolution. That's one more reason why they should. Walker, the newly re-elected governor of Wisconsin, is a front-runner for the 2016 Republican nomination. This week he was in London to promote his state's business interests and, undoubtedly, to establish himself as a credible figure on the world stage.

Key Premise Of Obamacare Lawsuit Contradicted By Email Senate Aide Sent In 2010 — The premise of the latest legal attack on Obamacare has always been shaky. An email that a key Senate staffer wrote in January 2010 would appear to make it even shakier. Next month, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in King v. Burwell, a ...
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Mar 02, 2015

Surprised @Reinlwapo IRS/Obamacare article didn't get more attention today -- really solid reporting…

Mar 02, 2015

King supporters making late bid on Obama "lawless" narrative -- here's a reminder of why that argument doesn't work…

Mar 02, 2015

@LauraChapin I have a plan to become starting shortstop for the Boston Red Sox.

Mar 02, 2015

RT @charles_gaba: @laurachapin @citizencohn I've added an update to my graphic from a few days ago…

Mar 02, 2015

RT @LauraChapin: .@CitizenCohn I have a plan to marry George Clooney. Unfortunately somebody else beat me to it.

Mar 02, 2015

In all seriousness, can't judge a plan without details, numbers. Hope Ryan & colleagues provide them -- would be worth serious discussion.

Mar 02, 2015

What do I think of Paul Ryan's "off-ramp" to Obamacare? Ask me when it's more than 700 words on the WSJ op-ed page.…

Mar 02, 2015

Linguists to King plaintiffs: I do not think that word means what you think it means. By @samsteinhp…

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