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What Supporters Of The Obamacare Lawsuit Actually Won

huffingtonpost.com — Fist bumps at the White House. Cries of outrage from Republicans. After the Supreme Court last week rejected the most recent challenge to the Affordable Care Act, partisans on both sides of the Obamacare debate agreed: The law's supporters had won and its detractors had lost. They were mostly right.

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Here's The Story You'd Be Reading Today If The Supreme Court Had Gutted Obamacare

huffingtonpost.com — The Affordable Care Act won a major victory in the Supreme Court on Thursday when the justices, on a 6-3 basis, declined to stick a knife into one of the law's major organs. This was a major news story with huge implications for President Barack Obama's legacy and for millions of people relying on the health coverage the law provides.

Chief Justice Roberts Just Gave Obamacare Opponents A Major Smackdown

huffingtonpost.com — It was a smackdown. There's really no other way to describe the ruling that the U.S. Supreme Court handed down on Thursday, rejecting the latest and maybe the last serious threat to the Affordable Care Act. In the months since the justices heard oral arguments in the case known as King v.

Supreme Court Rejects Obamacare Lawsuit, Preserving Insurance For Millions

huffingtonpost.com — WASHINGTON -- The latest and possibly the last serious effort to cripple Obamacare through the courts has just failed. On Thursday, for the second time in three years, the Supreme Court rejected a major lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act -- thereby preserving the largest expansion in health coverage since the creation of Medicare and Medicaid half a century ago.

The Surprising Reason So Many People Still Don't Like Obamacare

huffingtonpost.com — The Supreme Court could issue a ruling in King v. Burwell, the lawsuit threatening to undermine a key part of the Affordable Care Act, as early as Monday. But the debate over President Barack Obama's controversial health care law is likely to continue no matter how the justices rule.

Obamacare Repeal Would Swell The Deficit Even Using GOP's New Math, Budget Office Says

huffingtonpost.com — The economist that Republicans handpicked to run the Congressional Budget Office just told Republicans that one of their favorite arguments about Obamacare is wrong. According to a report the CBO released Friday, repealing the Affordable Care Act wouldn't reduce the deficit, as Republicans have long claimed.

Two-Thirds Of People Who Would Be Affected By Obamacare Ruling Live In Republican Districts

huffingtonpost.com — House Republicans have been cheering on the lawsuit currently before the Supreme Court that, if successful, would cut off Affordable Care Act tax credits to more than 6 million people. Now a new report suggests the impact would fall disproportionately on their own constituents, rather than those in Democratic districts -- by a margin of 2-to-1.

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GOP Readies New Obamacare Hostage Plan As Supreme Court Drama Builds

huffingtonpost.com — It looks like some Republicans are getting ready to take another hostage in their efforts to destroy President Barack Obama's health care law. They're just waiting to see if the Supreme Court will hand them the gun. For weeks now, the debate about how to respond to a court ruling in King v.
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Jul 05, 2015

RT @HalfwayToHobo: @CitizenCohn: I found with a physical paper that I read many more stories I wouldn't normally be interested in. They became part of the flow

Jul 05, 2015

Things I love about vacation in Massachusetts: Reading the Sunday Boston Globe on paper, rather than in pixels.

Jul 05, 2015

How "Inside Out" nailed the science of emotions (mild spoilers) mobile.nytimes.com/2015/07/05/opi…

Jul 05, 2015

Great piece by @GlobeKranish on the Civil War, slavery, and the whitewashing of history in Richmond, Va bostonglobe.com/news/nation/20…

Jul 01, 2015

RT @KABBEYL: Honored to help a bit with @dliebelson’s investigation of hard-to-watch treatment of kids in Michigan prisons huff.to/1Jxsw4T

Jul 01, 2015

RT @dliebelson: WATCH: Exclusively obtained videos of how kids are treated in prison in Michigan: highline.huffingtonpost.com/articles/en/cr…

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