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Buffalo, NY
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@BuffaloSabres / @PegulaSE Social Media. Optimist. Passions: tech, digital media, genealogy. 25% Canadian. #OneBuffalo

What was your first job as a journalist?

I started off in sports, working for local newspapers in Western New York. My first real job was at the Rochester, N.Y. Democrat & Chronicle.

What does it mean to be a journalist?

To serve the public, hold public leaders accountable, provide timely information, tell compelling stories, and inform/entertain.

What's your favorite social network?

Twitter is my favorite because it's so tightly-connected to the news these days, but it's close. I love Facebook too.

Labor Day History: 11 Facts You Need To Know — Yes, Monday is a federal holiday in the United States, but Labor Day is much more than that. Labor Day has a rich history centered around workers. This year, it has particular meaning as hundreds of thousands Americans try to get back to work.

Breaking Tweets: How a Blog From a Chicago Apartment Gained a Global Following — And led to a full-time job The Internet, I've learned, is a great place to throw up ideas and see what sticks. Some things resonate with people more than others. Some things that deserve attention, sadly, don't get it. Some things you don't expect to get any attention are wildly successful, "going viral."
Apr 30, 2015

RT @ckanal: omg, just got an email from @ev about my @breakingtweets @medium post. He said it was one of their top posts in May.

Donald Trump Explains Why He Eats His Pizza With A Fork (VIDEO) — Donald Trump has responded to criticisms of his pizza-eating habits during a dinner with Sarah Palin. Jon Stewart, among others, called Trump out on eating pizza with a fork. Stewart joked, "Based on how you eat pizza, Donald, I want to see your long-form birth certificate.
Jul 20, 2015

IDK what's worse, Trump's McCain comments or the fact that he ATE PIZZA WITH A FORK. A FORK.…

Jan 30, 2016

Remember: Donald Trump eats pizza with a fork. WITH A FORK. Do you want this man to become president? -

How I Met A New York Yankee — Editor's Note: This took place about a year and a half ago. I wrote the following down in a good old-fashioned notebook when this happened, but never published it. I just found the notebook and thought I'd share. When I first woke up on Saturday, April 28, 2012, it felt like waking up on any other Saturday.
Dec 03, 2013

"How Twitter helped me meet a NY Yankee" by @ckanal… (Stories like this are the best thing about working at Twitter.)

ROXXXY Robot Girlfriend: Lifesize Robotic Sex Companion Debuts — See photos of the 'robot girlfriend' below*LAS VEGAS--A New Jersey company says it has developed "the world's first sex robot," a life-size rubber doll that's designed to engage the owner with conversation rather than lifelike movement.
Jun 13, 2013

Just hearing about this now in @NYMag MT Robot Girlfriend: Lifesize Robotic Sex Companion Debuts via @HuffPostTech

My First Time On Wonder Wheel At Coney Island

Jun 11, 2013

My 1st @backspaceapps post: "First Time On Wonder Wheel At Coney Island" in photos

Jun 11, 2013

My 1st @BackspacesApp post: "First Time On Wonder Wheel At Coney Island" (PHOTOS)

Jun 11, 2013

@WonderWheelPark Check out my photo story -- my 1st time on Wonder Wheel! :)

Jun 11, 2013

@SandersAK took some photos this weekend that made the perfect 1st backspaces post - check it out )

New Mac Pro, Upcoming Super-Powered Apple Computer, To Be Assembled In U.S. — While announcing a radically redesigned version of the Mac Pro, Apple's Phil Schiller couldn't help but boast a bit. "Can't innovate any more, my ass," Phil Schiller, the company's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, said on stage in San Francisco at its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday.
Jun 10, 2013

Big news at #WWDC13 -- one of most powerful Apple computers yet to be assembled in U.S.

Egypt Revolution 2011: A Complete Guide To The Unrest — Having trouble digesting the Egypt revolution? Not sure about the latest events and why they matter? Or just curious to learn more about Egypt in general? You've come to the right place. The Huffington Post is aggregating our comprehensive coverage into easily-digestible nuggets below to help those who feel overwhelmed.
Jun 04, 2013

The @antderosa #Turkey backgrounder reminds me of #Egypt guide I once did.… Wish #journalism did more things like this

Jun 04, 2013

RT @ckanal: The @antderosa #Turkey backgrounder reminds me of #Egypt guide I once did.… Wish #journalism did more thi…

This Is an Actual Walgreens Store in Chicago (PHOTOS) — GET UPDATES FROM Craig Kanalley When I went to Chicago this past weekend, mainly to see the Blackhawks play, HuffPost colleague Kim Bellware treated me to a tour of the most elaborate pharmacy store I've ever seen in my life. I'm sure you'll agree. Meet... a Walgreens in Chicago.
Jun 04, 2013

PHOTOS: This is an actual Walgreen's store in #Chicago (from my trip this weekend)

Jun 04, 2013

A tour of the most elaborate pharmacy I've ever been in in my life.

Jun 04, 2013

S/t is wrong with media landscape when this guy ( loses his job & we glorify writing like this

Jun 04, 2013

RT @mwecker: S/t is wrong with media landscape when this guy ( loses his job & we glorify writing like this http://t…

Dots Game Strategy: 7 Pro Tips to Improve Your High Score — Now that I have achieved a score of 700+ on Dots, I feel compelled to share some pro tips so everyone can get better at Dots. If you're not aware, Dots is the incredibly addicting iPhone game from Betaworks that is one of the most popular free apps since launching in May.
Jun 03, 2013

RT @PE_Feeds: #Dots / The man who kicked @playdots's butt, @ckanal, has a yoga-like strategy guide to Dots.…

Jun 03, 2013

@moneyries you get a shout + link in my #dots advanced strategy guide

Jun 03, 2013

#Dots #protips: "If you're having a terrible game, don't waste your life"

Jun 03, 2013

@mattlynley I know we're basically not friends anymore because of #Dots, but I want to help you, so, here

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