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Moses Malone: 1955-2015 — NBA Photos/NBAE Moses Malone died at the age of 60. This is sad and odd for lots of reasons, one being that Moses Malone already looked 60 when he was only 33. He was preternaturally mature, both in appearance and demeanor.

The Pitfalls of Indie Fame — The album w h o k i l l by tUnE-yArDs was just named record of the year by voters in the 2011 Pazz & Jop poll. I'm guessing this doesn't mean much to more than (maybe) 10,000 people in the entire country.

Page 2 : Be like Bode — You think you hate Bode Miller because he doesn't care about winning. But maybe you hate him because he's just like you, writes Chuck Klosterman.

Eddie Van Halen Talks About 'Brown Sound,' Synesthesia Rumors | Billboard — For years, it's been rumored that Eddie Van Halen has synesthesia, a neurological condition in which senses are entwined. In the guitarist's case, his description years ago of his guitar's "brown sound" led to the idea that he was able visualize colors when he heard certain tones of music.
Jun 19, 2015

Van Halen completists might actually be more interested in this sidebar ...…

Eddie Van Halen on Surviving Addiction, Making New Music and David Lee Roth | Billboard — This is not a fake-out or a misdirection, nor is it a seemingly straightforward statement that actually means its opposite. Eddie Van Halen does not listen to music. "I don't listen to anything," he tells me from a greenish couch inside 5150, the expansive home recording studio built on his seven-acre residence in Studio City, Calif.
Jun 19, 2015

@chuckklosterman wrote a fantastic story on Eddie Van Halen for @Billboard. And we're really psyched about it.…

Jun 19, 2015

Always good to have @CKlosterman on the music beat, here w/his profile of Eddie Van Halen for @billboard:…

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Human Resources: Work Friendship and the Hidden Legacy of ‘Mad Men’ — AMC The last episode of Mad Men is over a day old, which means - in Internet time - it aired during the Korean War. All of the recaps have been filed and all the "Shakermaker" jokes have been logged, and the predictable question of "What did it all mean?"
May 19, 2015

I'm not saying @CKlosterman is wrong about work relationships, but maybe his observations don't apply to academia.…

The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories — The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan: In 2012, Marina Keegan wrote a commencement essay for her college newspaper called "The Opposite of Loneliness." A few days after graduating magna cum laude from Yale, she died in a car accident. This deeply moving posthumous collection contains that hopeful essay along with...

The Hazards of Other Planets — The company Mars One is trying to establish colonies on Mars by offering one-way trips there within the next 10 years. I've gotten into heated debates about the ethical implications of sending people on these trips.
Feb 06, 2015

RT @nytimes: Is it ethical to let explorers travel to Mars without any possibility of returning to Earth?

Feb 06, 2015

RT @nytimes: Is it ethical to let explorers travel to Mars without any possibility of returning to Earth?

Feb 07, 2015

RT @theethicist: This week: Is it unethical to send a (potentially) ill-informed person to Mars?

Feb 07, 2015

RT @theethicist: This week: Is it unethical to send a (potentially) ill-informed person to Mars?

Feb 07, 2015

We asked them. MT @nytimes Ethical to let explorers travel to Mars without returning?

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His Qualifications - and Mine — While volunteering at a local charity, I became friends with a fellow worker. I considered recommending him for membership to a local service club. The club requires vetting, so I checked him out and discovered that he had been convicted of tax fraud, disbarred from practicing law and sentenced to three years in prison.
Jan 31, 2015

NPR listeners who don't pledge: "You can call them cheapskates, but you can’t question their morals." @cklosterman…

Feb 05, 2015

Interesting #publicradio question, though I don’t agree with @CKlosterman’s answer. Reference to my @wbez colleague?

Two Cents, Too Late — On public transportation, a young man entered my train car and made an announcement requesting money to pay for medication he needed. Three college-age men teamed up to contribute around $20. After the man left the car, a person sitting next to the trio told them that the man was actually a scammer who had used that pitch on a regular basis for a long time.
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Oct 01, 2015

RT @RossRaihala: I'm working @monawilliamsmn today until 7 and tomorrow 1-7 p.m. Stop in & I'll give you a copy of my old band's tape https…

Sep 23, 2015

@GoBlue0 This is not a situation where you want to contradict tradition.

Sep 21, 2015

RT @KBAndersen: The writer William T. Vollmann always fascinated me. So I asked him on @studio360show to talk about his wild life:…

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