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Where's the justice? In Japan's legal terminology, it's almost nowhere to be seen — 'Where's the justice?!" That's the common refrain of people who lose in court. In Japan, the answer may be "nowhere," at least as far as terminology goes. The Japanese word for "justice," seigi (正義), is rarely used as a legal term the way it is in the West.

Remembering World War II in Asia: Dishonest Visions of History? — From the moment World War II ended, its legacy posed urgent questions to those who survived it. The brutality of the preceding years cast doubt on fundamental assumptions about politics, progress, and human nature. What misapprehensions-what unacknowledged evils-inhered in our societies, our sciences, and ourselves?
Aug 16, 2015

Remembering WorldWarII in Asia: Dishonest Visions of History?

The LDP's comic appeal for constitutional change falls flat — I hadn't planned on reading the Liberal Democratic Party's propaganda comic on constitutional change for the same reason I don't watch NHK, listen to AKB48 or use my underpants as an ashtray. Yet, as a piece of Japanese legal cultural history, perhaps it merits comment.

Too much 'ganbaru' could push anyone over the edge — Some of my favorite Japanese people share a common trait: They hate the word ganbaru (頑張る). In fact, they resent being offered encouragement with phrases like ganbatte ne, ganbare, ganbatte kudasai or any of the other imperative iterations of the usually mindless exhortation directed at people experiencing adversity.

Perfect storm of factors conspires to empty Japan — When I was still new to living in Kyoto, a couple of times other foreign residents asked me if I was interested in living in a Taisho Era machiya, meaning one of the traditional wooden houses in the ancient capital, the abundance of which helps make the city special.
Sep 29, 2015

RT @CityRenaissance: Japan, with its #shrinking #population & love of new houses, will have 10 million abandoned homes by 2020|Japan Times …

Why robots will be granted a license to kill, in Japan and everywhere else — A while back I attended a robot expo in Tokyo. It was actually kind of depressing. Robots are supposed to be sexy, but much of the technology on display was for old people - you know, intelligent dolls that sense when a dementia patient is trying to get out of bed, engaging them in simple conversation long enough for a human helper to arrive - that sort of thing.
Mar 21, 2015

Why robots will be granted a license to kill, in Japan and everywhere else | The Japan Times…

Badges of honor: what Japan's legal lapel pins really mean — I finally have a lapel badge. After almost two decades of working in Japan-related law jobs, this is a big deal. You have probably noticed a lot of Japanese men (and, increasingly, women) in suits with pin badges in their lapels. Some may even bear familiar logos: JR, Aeon, Mizuho and so on.

Beyond the Bell: — By Colin A. Jones, Beyond the Bell The promise of a high-quality education leading to opportunity and shared prosperity for all children is a deeply held value in Massachusetts. Despite a record of prominent successes, however, our Commonwealth has struggled to provide students from all backgrounds the supports necessary for long-term life success.
Nov 13, 2014

RT @readingby3rd: Can increased learning time expand opportunity for children from low-income families? Results from MA:

Lost Paris: The Cimetière des Innocents — There are lost parts of Paris that grab at your heartstrings. You yearn to rediscover them, to experience what it would have been like be there for a stolen evening. There are parts of lost Paris that should never have been allowed to die, whose absence, whether anyone still feels it or not, is a hole in the fabric of the city.
Oct 13, 2014

@pameladruck Kinda the real reason I wish to visit your fair city. Besides the food, of course.…

The Smile Revolution — The story of how we learned to smile. A unique and untold story about a facial expression at the heart of modern western civilization.
Oct 07, 2014

Old smiles on my mind: This book traces their rise…; these photos prove Victorians did it too…

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Nov 24, 2015

This presser is quite weird. The tone

Nov 24, 2015

RT @samueloakford: Syrian government claims that Russian aircraft have destroyed 500 ISIS petrol "tanks" that were "on the way to be smuggled out of Syria."

Nov 24, 2015

RT @dodgerman: Dash cam video of #JasonVanDyke shooting #LaquanMcDonald to be released after 4:30 p.m. news conference with Emanuel, McCarthy

Nov 24, 2015

and then we started talking about trump and syria and isis and the gop and refugees. just eat your food.

Nov 24, 2015

RT @AntDeRosa: I love that @mattymatheson puts maple syrup in EVERYTHING. Go check his Thanksgiving recipes on the @VICE Snapchat Discover channel.

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