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An App That Knows Why You Cough — Smartphone apps in development will help diagnose and manage diseases-including cough causes, sleep apnea and bipolar disorder Celebrities and professional athletes are among the few Americans with doctors and other health care workers at their beck and call.

Would you buy this UV-sensing pen that stops sunburn? — We all know we should wear sunscreen to protect ourselves from burns and help prevent skin cancer. Trouble is, putting on that protective layer of lotion, and keeping it up, isn't an exact science. Package instructions, and even the FDA, suggest reapplying sunscreen at least every two hours.

How one startup plans to end the EpiPen Monopoly — Kleenex has tissues. Band-Aid has bandages. Dunkin has doughnuts. And EpiPen has automatic epinephrine injectors. To the millions of Americans with food allergies (dairy, peanuts, soy, shellfish, and so on), a shot of epinephrine can be the difference between life and death.

The Hacker's Guide To Smart Yards [Interactive] — Smart energy is about more than what device you use; it's about how you use it. Soon, you'll be able to program your home to draw from personal solar and wind systems whenever they're producing electricity. The dark side of a yard is the upkeep. These tools will help you take back your weekends.

These Absurd Robots Do Pointless Jobs — One day, robots will most likely take on many of our most mundane chores. No more folding of laundry or washing of dishes. But until that day comes, we'll have to settle for ones that take on less-necessary duties. These three ridiculous machines are masters of their utterly odd jobs.

How Mountain View-Based Startup Veniam Is Putting Wi-fi On Wheels — The reasons to love public Wi-Fi are many: downloads go faster than on cellular networks, it's cheap to set up, and it's free to use. Too often, however, it's also spotty: strong in one place, weak in another.

Make Your Home Smarter, Step 5

Make Your Home Smarter, Step 3 — All smart thermostats share a common goal: save money while staying comfortable. An Internet connection allows them to adjust the indoor temperature based on outdoor conditions--some even factor in humidity. But the best way for a home to adapt to its residents is still up for debate.

Make Your Home Smarter, Step 1 — Different products can cause chaos when they don't communicate. So choose a platform that uses a networking hub or an app (or both) to marry disparate devices and give your house a centralized brain from the get go. Most WeMo devices can connect to an app right out of the box, no tinkering required.

The Hacker's Guide To Smart Homes — Sure, we've heard a lot about smart homes and how they're the wave of the future. Yet that future has always seemed just over the horizon. But now several home-automation platforms have emerged that give Internet-connected devices--gizmos like lightbulbs, outlets, thermostats, and motion sensors--something they lacked: the ability to communicate with one another.
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Aug 13, 2015

@kellyreeves @mikebarish this is neither the first nor the last time I'll trick @darrenmurph into writing for me

Jul 20, 2015

Hey tech freelancers, any of you left-handed and looking for work? #itpaystobesinister

May 20, 2015

The 12/10 issue of @PopSci was on Bin Laden's shelf. Only other #BOWN editors will get the jokes in my head right now…

Mar 24, 2015

@UselessDuck would love to feature one of your projects in a story I'm working on for an issue of Popular Science. DM me ASAP for more info

Feb 13, 2015

Maimi cops trying to spoof @waze is just the latest in a series of failed attempts to trick users. #cantfootthecrowd…

Aug 12, 2014

I picked quite the day to read last month's @TheAtlantic cover story on genius and mental illness http://www.the…

Aug 04, 2014

@lanewinfield working on a story about clever digital privacy tools, and would love to feature Cloak. Hit me back, and let's chat!

Jul 24, 2014

@ftarnogol would love to talk VR with you for a story. you can contact me through

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