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Make Your Home Smarter, Step 5

Make Your Home Smarter, Step 3 — All smart thermostats share a common goal: save money while staying comfortable. An Internet connection allows them to adjust the indoor temperature based on outdoor conditions--some even factor in humidity. But the best way for a home to adapt to its residents is still up for debate.

Make Your Home Smarter, Step 1 — Different products can cause chaos when they don't communicate. So choose a platform that uses a networking hub or an app (or both) to marry disparate devices and give your house a centralized brain from the get go. Most WeMo devices can connect to an app right out of the box, no tinkering required.

The Hacker's Guide To Smart Homes — Sure, we've heard a lot about smart homes and how they're the wave of the future. Yet that future has always seemed just over the horizon. But now several home-automation platforms have emerged that give Internet-connected devices--gizmos like lightbulbs, outlets, thermostats, and motion sensors--something they lacked: the ability to communicate with one another.

Make Your Home Smarter, Step 2 — The core of a smart home is the ability to monitor and remotely control power, lighting, and security. That means replacing--or upgrading--everyday household fixtures, such as outlets and bulbs, and installing environmental sensors that will let you monitor what happens around the house.

Make Your Home Smarter, Step 4: Automate — After setup, you can teach the smart home to think for itself, freeing you from using an app every time you want to change the temperature or turn on the lights. That means creating automated actions; because each platform can talk to all the gadgets you have online, they can suggest scenarios and guide you through the setup process.

3 Things You Probably Didn't Know A Printer Could Do — Printing on paper is so last millennium. To give inkjet and 3D printers new purpose, makers swap out components like extruders and motors, program them with modified code, or both. The hacked machines can do just about anything.

4 Driverless Car Features Going Standard — Today's safety features foreshadow the robotic cars of tomorrow In the world of self-driving cars, all eyes are on Google. But major automakers are making moves toward autonomous driving, too. Although their advanced-safety and driver-assistance features may seem incremental in comparison, many are proofs of concept for technologies that could one day control driverless cars.

This Sleeve Will Help Save PItchers' Arms — Hurtling fastball, after curveball, after slider puts incredible strain on a pitcher's arm, which, over time, can cause painful tears in the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL). To make matters worse, pitching coaches can do little to predict the injury.

LED Lights Are The Future Of Urban Farming-At Least If Philips Has Anything To Say About It — Forty-five minutes outside Chicago, there is a warehouse. From the outside, this warehouse is like any other. Inside, however, instead of crates and boxes, it contains stacks and stacks of fresh herbs, greens, and lettuce, growing under the carefully tuned glow of 7,000 Philips LED-powered grow strips.
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Mar 24, 2015

@UselessDuck would love to feature one of your projects in a story I'm working on for an issue of Popular Science. DM me ASAP for more info

Feb 13, 2015

Maimi cops trying to spoof @waze is just the latest in a series of failed attempts to trick users. #cantfootthecrowd…

Aug 12, 2014

I picked quite the day to read last month's @TheAtlantic cover story on genius and mental illness http://www.the…

Aug 04, 2014

@lanewinfield working on a story about clever digital privacy tools, and would love to feature Cloak. Hit me back, and let's chat!

Jul 24, 2014

@ftarnogol would love to talk VR with you for a story. you can contact me through

Jun 20, 2014

IMAX isn't done pushing the limits of big-screen spectacle. (my first @FastCo contribution)

Jun 17, 2014

@susannahlocke @TatesBakeShop I'll bring down a month's supply when I visit. Let's hope they survive the train ride :)

Jun 16, 2014

Procrastinating starting my next task with a pile of @TatesBakeShop chocolate chip cookies & missing @susannahlocke

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