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Genesis Lamp: A New Hope for Better Sleep — Our bodies evolved to rise with the sun and rest with the moon, and then the lightbulb ruined it all. Artificial light-emitted by everything from office fluorescents to phones-contains sun-replicating blue wavelengths that keep us up into the wee hours, which can potentially lead to obesity, depression, and other diseases, as well as what a doctor might describe as general crankiness.

The Most Immersive Virtual-Reality System Yet — Palmer Luckey built his first virtual-reality (VR) headset for a simple reason: Every attempt he'd seen, including his own collection of 46 pairs of goggles, failed in one way or another-too heavy, too slow, too limited a field of view. So he set out to invent the perfect pair himself.
Jan 05, 2016

Just realized the "a few years" timeline in my first Oculus story (c. 2013) actually turned out the be right.…

NASA and the U.S. Air Force Test a New Ground-Based GPS — Anyone who has struggled to pinpoint his or her location in a mall, airport or urban canyon amid skyscrapers has experienced a GPS gap firsthand. In fact, the global positioning network is filled with them: buildings, jammers and the landscape itself can block a signal's path between GPS satellites and receivers in a smartphone or other digital device.

How to Destroy a Hard Drive‑Permanently — This time last week FBI divers were searching Seccombe Lake, a freshwater lake about three kilometers from the Inland Regional Center, the site of December 2 shooting that left 14 dead and 22 injured.

This Tower Would Let City Dwellers Tour The Natural World — City dwellers are reportedly 40 percent more likely to develop mood disorders than people in rural areas. But walking for roughly 90 minutes in nature, according to a Stanford University study published in June, can calm the negative thoughts. The Essence Skyscraper is designed to provide urbanites with just such an experience.
Oct 19, 2015

This Tower Would Let City Dwellers Tour The Natural World via @PopSci

This Tilted Blender Makes Smoother Smoothies — When choosing a blender, most people focus on speed. The logic goes: The faster blades spin, the better they pulverize fruits and vegetables, and the better the resulting smoothie, soup, pesto, or cocktail. Not so, say the engineers at Electrolux. Too much force crushes seeds, which busts them open and releases enzymes that make for a bitter taste.

Advanced Robotics on a Dime — The toy company WowWee brings expensive university bots to store shelves The robotic butlers and sentries of sci-fi fantasies already roam our planet, but you can't have them-not yet. The fate of most would-be home robots breaks in one of two ways: Bots such as Honda's Asimo, a bipedal assistant, exist only as demonstrations from multimillion-dollar research and development laboratories.
Oct 05, 2015

RT @Breakout_Labs: In 2016, WowWee plans to introduce the first multifunction home-service robot under $600: via @CorinneIOZO #robotics

Startup Shift Labs wants to change how medical devices are made — In 2011, Beth Kolko had an epiphany. At the time, she'd been working with a team of researchers on a project that delivered basic ultrasound technology to midwives in Uganda and Kenya. The idea, one of many she worked on as a professor at the Department of Human-Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington, was simple: create an easier way to monitor an individual's health.

Forget football: How fantasy sports are helping kids learn — By his second semester on the job in 2009, Eric Nelson, a civics and history teacher at North Lakes Academy in the Minneapolis suburbs, was at a loss. No matter what tool he used -- gripping news articles, an interactive map of YouTube trending videos, a failed-state index -- he couldn't manage to keep his students interested in world events for any extended period of time.

Ecocapsule Provides A Hub Away From Home — An Airstream offers retro appeal, but it can't compare to the sustainable, high-tech glamping you could do in an Ecocapsule. Developed by Slovakian firm Nice Architects, the portable living space runs on sun, wind, and rain alone. Throw in a cache of canned food, and you'll be set to hunker down indefinitely.
Sep 03, 2015

RT @PopSci: The RV of the future: self-contained Ecocapsule egg runs on wind, sun, and rain alone…

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Jan 27, 2016

@jlendino @seth_fletcher sorry, what was that? I forgot my reading glasses, and I can't figure out how to make this Siri lady read to me.

Jan 27, 2016

RT @seth_fletcher: OH in Harvard Square: "It's an older-skewed tech company, most people there are in their late 20s or early 30s."

Jan 27, 2016

RT @Annaleen: If Shakespeare gets to play Michael Jackson, then I demand: black Spider-man, black James Bond, black Doctor Who, and black Harry Potter.

Jan 27, 2016

@LanceUlanoff does this count the people who, like me, log in and then forget for days on end?

Jan 13, 2016

RT @vulture: NBC hired a tech firm to find Netflix’s ratings, because it’s obsessed with them:

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