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A Guy Lost His Wallet In 1976, And It Just Made Its Way Back To Him

buzzfeed.com — Clark runs an antique shop in West Chezzetcook, N.S., and it was recently visited by Cpl. Aaron Glode of the RCMP. When he heard that Cpl. Glode was from P.E.I., he saw a chance to reunite the wallet with its owner. "He held on to the wallet...
Feb 11, 2016

A Guy From P.E.I. Was Just Reunited With A Wallet He Lost Almost 40 Years Ago buzzfeed.com/craigsilverman… via @CraigSilverman @BuzzFeedCanada

This Bank Machine Is The Only NBA All-Star Weekend Ad You Need To See

buzzfeed.com — The ATM sits just outside of a BMO branch at First Canadian Place. Danielle O'Hanley / Getty Images Alas, we're told by BMO that the machine does not actually dispense money. Check out more articles on BuzzFeed.com! Tagged: nba all, all-star weekend, bank machine, bmo

A Guy Found A Vibrator In The Infant Section At Value Village

buzzfeed.com — 1. Brennan Conroy was out shopping with his wife at his local Value Village in Nanaimo, British Columbia. They headed to the infants section to look for clothes or toys for their daughter. 2. Hey, maybe this rubber ducky would be cute at bath time OH WAIT NO it's a vibrator.
Feb 10, 2016

RT @BuzzFeedRU: Канадец нашел среди детских товаров вибратор. Розового утенка, рекомендованного Playboy buzzfeed.com/craigsilverman… pic.twitter.com/coPpnqHuTT

5 common, old school Election Day errors and how to avoid them

poynter.org — Election night is a big stage for journalists, whether they're on the political beat or have been drafted into duty. The evening brews a potent mix of anticipation, prognostication, projections, rumor and results. One certainty: mistakes will be made. Here are five of the most common election night errors, along with tips for how to avoid them.
Nov 06, 2012

Yay twins being journalism majors@AngelaHensel1 RT @Poynter 5 common Election Day errors & how to avoid them: journ.us/PTGPX1 #jrm331

The Blue Jays Super Bowl Party Included Onesies And A Disturbing Lack Of Coasters

buzzfeed.com — 2. Here's Stroman earlier in the night on his way to the party at Bautista's. @MStrooo6 @BlueJays shout out to the chef in the back!!! You guys look full. #SuperBowlSunday @RealVern19 check these guys out. - Joe Tomaro (@QuattroJoeyT) 7.

An Intern Fell Asleep At His Desk So People Photoshopped Him Into Hilarious Scenes

buzzfeed.com — "By the way, we're recruiting other interns..." the post said. Paraschivescu told CBC he has slight anemia, which contributed to his sleepiness. 4. In Game of Thrones. 9. Paraschivescu was also made into the (deceased) star of Weekend at Bernie's. NOPE. Check out more articles on BuzzFeed.com!
Feb 07, 2016

RT @BuzzFeedCanada: A Montreal intern fell asleep at his desk so people Photoshopped him into hilarious scenes: buzzfeed.com/craigsilverman… pic.twitter.com/y3b2O0chub

Feb 08, 2016

RT @BuzzFeed: An intern fell asleep at his desk so people photoshopped him into hilarious scenes bzfd.it/1PxTrfg pic.twitter.com/GGoKcmmHWn

Feb 09, 2016

An intern fell asleep at his desk so people photoshopped him into hilarious scenes buzzfeed.com/craigsilverman… pic.twitter.com/xTTrPWJp2b

Calgary Thieves Stole $1.5 Million Worth Of Stuff, And They Organized It Beautifully

buzzfeed.com — "As a result of this investigation, Cody William Scott, 28, of Calgary, has been charged with several counts of possession of stolen property over $5,000," according to police. They expect to make more arrests. "The goods are usually taken through planned, systematic shoplifting and then are sold to the public through classified ads, online sales, flea markets or on the black market."
Feb 05, 2016

“Calgary Thieves Stole $1.5 Million Worth Of Stuff, And They Organized It Beautifully” buff.ly/23OeCmU pic.twitter.com/p7pu7yIDJo

This Hilarious Pic Of A Burglary Suspect Was Taken The Moment He Realized He Was On Camera

buzzfeed.com — Calgary Police Serivce / Via cbc.ca Police say the suspect broke into a Calgary construction site and stole more than $11,000 in tools. The cameras caught him in the act, as well as at the very moment he realized he was on camera.

The Only Way To Save America Is To Elect Canada In 2016

buzzfeed.com — 1. "Hello America it's us, Canada," begins a new campaign video from the Canada Party. Its goal is to have America elect Canada as its next president. They have a strong pitch. Listen up, America! "Your country is on fire, and your leaders are whittling sticks for their marshmallows."

26 Canadian Dads Who Have It All Figured Out

buzzfeed.com — It's our duty. 7. This dad, who turns his son's drawings into tattoos. 11. This dad, who built an increcible backyard rink. 17. This dad, who helped invent skis for a stroller to make Canadian dadding more winter-friendly. Way to go, Paul. Check out more articles on BuzzFeed.com!
Jan 27, 2016

RT @BuzzFeedCanada: oh god, Canadian dads are dad af 😂😂 26 Canadian dads who have it all figured out bzfd.it/1WOB1Mn pic.twitter.com/tNmV7JAU27

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Feb 12, 2016

@scottdeveau @josh_wingrove @Scaachi By d’s you mean deals, right? You are the king of deals. Deals don’t exist unless you terminal them.

Feb 12, 2016

@scottdeveau @josh_wingrove @scaachi She filed 4,000 words yesterday, don’t fuck with the queen.

Feb 10, 2016

@fostersarah It’s weird that they don’t want to correct the error.

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