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This Brave Kitten And His Tiny Cast Will Melt Your Heart

buzzfeed.com — "I didn't think he was going to make it," Mariah Berini from the Edmonton Humane Society told the Edmonton Journal. "He was unresponsive when he was brought in. He was just hanging on. "I thought he was passing away. But then he didn't." 2. A GoFundMe campaign to pay for his care raised more than $8,000.

There's Now Endless Sun In Northern Canada And It's Quite Beautiful

How to create a culture and structure for innovation

americanpressinstitute.org — It's an old line, but David Skok said it bears repeating: Skok is digital advisor to the editor-in-chief of the Boston Globe, and a former Nieman Fellow. He spent his year at Harvard studying and collaborating with the creator of disruptive innovation theory, Clayton Christensen. They co-authored an article about disruption in the news industry.

The best practices for innovation within news organizations

americanpressinstitute.org — Innovation. It's a word thrown around at lot in journalism today. There are innovation editors, teams, vice presidents, programs, and chairs at journalism schools. The New York Times produced a widely dissected internal innovation report. At a time of massive disruption and transformation, innovation is an imperative for news organizations.

The Economist Called Vancouver Mind-Numbingly Boring And We Totally Agree

This Sweet Dog Adopted A Lamb After It Was Rejected By Its Mother

buzzfeed.com — 1. Stormy the lamb was born on a farm just outside of Winnipeg. She was unfortunately rejected by her mother after she was born. "I was outside working all day, and I'd turn around and they'd be (lying) under a tree sleeping, or just hanging out," Cathy Fleury, Stormy's owner, told CTV News.

People Can't Believe How Much The Maple Leafs Are Paying Their New Coach

A Comedian Says She Left The Stage In Tears After Being Sexually Harassed

buzzfeed.com — "Of course I was shocked to hear something like that at a squeaky clean corporate event IN A COUNTRY CLUB," Grant wrote in a post about the incident. "I was taken aback but as a 16 year comedy veteran, I took a breath and tried to push past it and do my best to ignore him."

A Politician Was Just Elected By A Coin Toss In Canada

buzzfeed.com — As the National Post reported, P.E.I. is the sole province that uses a coin toss to resolve a tie, but it's by no means the only one with a strange process. In the Yukon, they draw lots to see who gets elected. Nova Scotia puts the candidates names in a box, shakes it, and picks a winner.

A Newfoundland Jewelry Store Has An Anti-Gay Marriage Poster In Its Window

buzzfeed.com — 1. Today's Jewellers in St John's, Newfoundland recently placed a poster in its store window that reads, "The Sanctity of Marriage is Under Attack," with the line "Help Keep Marriage Between Man & Woman" underneath it. White and her fiance contacted store owner Esau Jardon to ask for a refund, since they no longer wanted to support his business.
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