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Rampell: Passing the buck and hurting the poor

sltrib.com — But one Christie proposal is less a brave innovation than a craven gimmick to pass the buck to other politicians, a strategy Christie has honed over the years. I'm referring to his proposal to cap federal spending on Medicaid - which Christie condemned as "the fastest-growing federal entitlement" - and leave it to the states to figure out how to reduce spending.

Passing the buck and hurting the poor

washingtonpost.com — Not "It." That's the message of Chris Christie's - and Congress's - allegedly bold but deceptively cowardly proposals to tamp down government spending. Catherine Rampell is an opinion columnist at The Washington Post. View Archive The issue came up this week when Christie, New Jersey's Republican governor and an expected presidential candidate, gave a speech in New Hampshire on entitlement reform.

Rampell: Equal pay is important for fairness

indystar.com — WASHINGTON Happy Equal Pay Day! Today brings us a divisive political holiday of sorts, representing how far past Dec. 31 women must work to earn as much as men did the previous calendar year.

Rampell: The importance of equal pay

sltrib.com — Yet this popular statistical exercise sort of misses the point. As evidenced by myriad think pieces about "having it all" and "second shifts," women remain quite unhappy with the choices and sacrifices they have to make, even if the very act of choosing them suggests these are the best alternatives available.

Why we still need Equal Pay Day

washingtonpost.com — Happy Equal Pay Day! This Tuesday brings us a divisive political holiday of sorts, representing how far past Dec. 31 women must work to earn as much as men did the previous calendar year.

The robots and your job

jsonline.com — The Great Robot Freakout of 2015 has begun, and it looks a lot like the robot freakouts that came before it. In a new survey by CNBC, Americans were asked how concerned they were, if at all, that their jobs could be replaced by technology in the next five years.

Rampell: The robots and your job - Richmond.com: Guest-columnists

The Robots Aren’t Threatening Your Job

yaleglobal.yale.edu — Robotic technology with ever-improving artificial intelligence, sensors and other capabilities inspires awe, yet many workers fear a mass loss of jobs. Society should be optimistic though if policymakers plan ahead, argues Catherine Rampell for the Washington Post.

Rampell: The robots and your job

sltrib.com — Droid dread is nothing new. It goes back hundreds, arguably thousands, of years. Sometimes it has manifested itself in science fiction and other narrative lore, such as Kurt Vonnegut's dystopian 1952 novel "Player Piano" or the 16th-century legend of the Golem of Prague. Often it has been voiced by workers and their intellectual champions.

Compared with Democrats, Republicans are more likely to vote with their wallets

washingtonpost.com — After the great success of the #BoycottIndiana rallying cry, I've seen some liberals speculate that a similar consumer-oriented scheme might be useful for other progressive causes, such as climate change. But the strategy seems unlikely to succeed. That's because liberals - or at least, those who self-identify as Democrats - rarely make purchasing decisions based on political principle.
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