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Senior Producer, Documentary Film Unit, Al Jazeera America — Al Jazeera

Senior Producer, Documentaries, Al Jazeera America

How to communicate like a Buddhist - mindfully and without judgment — There's a lot that used to frustrate me about communicating. Well, if I'm honest, it was that I didn't know how to do it. I knew how to speak and string words together, but no one ever sat me down and taught me the purpose of communication or how to effectively express myself so I was heard and how to listen so I could understand.

Bad Ass and Owning It — I will not blame myself or any other woman for giving into the fear. But I am going to celebrate every Serena, Bree, Malala, Janelle, Joanna and the countless other women who manage to point the way to out of the fear of being feminine while being who we are.

Red, White, Black and Blue: Toward a More Truthful National Narrative — A fabulous sense of joy came out at Pride celebrations across the nation last week, following SCOTUS's ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges that individual states can't legally deny same-sex couples the right to marry. Writing for the majority, Justice Stevens said the right to marry was a fundamental one, part of the very fabric of individual liberty.

On Men, Male, and Masculinity — Military and ministry: two of the most male-dominated professions. But it's not only my professional life that forces me to confront issues of masculinity on a daily basis, since I'm also the mother of two sons.

Peru’s other lost city — The trek to the lost Incan city of Choquequirao is one of the most difficult in Peru. From the town of Cachora, located 161km west of Cusco, it's an 18km walk to Capuliyoc Mountain, then down to Playa Rosalinas, where travellers camp for the night.

'80s, 90s Workout Videos — I'm 34 and have, up to this point, belonged to at least 15 gyms. I join. I sweat. I debate going to a class. I try swimming in an infinity pool and try again. I quit. Then, after a couple months of sloth, I decide it's time to join again.
Aug 23, 2015

RT @Kartemquin: "Loaded with moments of heartbreak and wonder" "Humane & compelling" "Kartemquin at its best"… http:…

Aug 09, 2015

I just backed Prodigal Daughter - A Personal Documentary on Reconciliation on @Kickstarter

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