Morgan Fogarty leaves Al Jazeera America

Morgan Fogarty leaves Al Jazeera America

Only three weeks after Al Jazeera America's launch, AJAM anchor Morgan Fogarty has left her new job for her old one: Fogarty has packed up and departed New York City, and is already prepping to return to her anchor desk at WCCB Charlotte. She was mostly mum about her reasons, offering only this explanation on Twitter: "CLT had a stronger hold on my heart than I knew. So happy to be home. Thank you for the support!" WCCB's Mike Thomas shared this twitpic, adding, "Oh, what a wild going away party that was ! What, She's coming back ? Welcome back @MorganFogarty." Meanwhile, conservative TV/radio talk show host Joe Pagliarulo of WOAI tweeted her, "Good for you for making a decision many wouldn't. There aren't many do-overs. You just got one."


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