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Marketing @l00tapp. Cofounder @StartupsSpeak. Founder @NotDickinaBox. Former CEO of Wahooly. AngelPad '13. Writer @Inc and @PandoDaily

The Power of Partnering Up … Instead of Down

inc.com — If you want to improve as a human being, most people would advise you to surround yourself with human beings that are better than you. Basically, if you want to improve at any human skill, the same advice applies.Entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, once stated that, "you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with."

9 Reasons Why it Sucks Working for a Startup

inc.com — Between free gourmet lunches, relaxed dress code and the chance to become rich and famous at a very young age, startups have a certain sexiness that drives a massive amount of interest in working for one. Startup founders have become the new age rock stars. They've become fashionable and idolized by the outside world.

The Power of Being Vulnerable: 24 Things Nobody Knows About Me

inc.com — Over the past six months, there hasn't been much that I haven't shared about myself: My anxiety. My reservations on religion. My lack of money. My struggle with getting older. My failures. My weight gain ... Really, nothing has been "off the table". This was a conscience decision.

When Founders Fall Off Their Unicorn

inc.com — It's been almost two years since I confessed, " We didn't leave enough money in the bank to pay off our debt, so now we need to tell people we can't pay. Are they going to come after me, or my house and my car? I'm broke and I'm scared."

Google, Now Brought To You By The Letters, WTF

inc.com — That silence you hear is the from tech journalists across the world wondering, "WTF just happened?" In case you haven't heard, Google just announced a massive corporate restructuring which will mean that, Google and assumptively, every company within, now belongs to a bigger Google named after the sign in our Kindergarten room, Alphabet.

Why I Retired As An Entrepreneur When I Was 26-Years Old

inc.com — When I was 25 years old, my father and I purchased a bar/restaurant. At that age, it was a dream come true. I mean, what 20-something doesn't want to own a bar? At least, that's what I thought at the time. It turned out to be a total grind and not nearly as fun as I hoped.

The One Thing I Had Totally Wrong About Success

inc.com — When I was 13 years old, I was confirmed as a Lutheran and completely lost my religion from that point forward. I would classify myself as a card carrying agnostic. I love the idea of Heaven, a higher power, and life after death, but ...

How We Used Media Hype to Raise $750k Before We Even Had a Product

inc.com — In my recent interview on Mixergy with Andrew Warner, I was asked how Wahooly managed to raise our first round of capital. My answer: Hype The complete answer is a bit more complicated than that, but, in simple terms, that is the honest truth.
Jul 07, 2015

New @Inc: How We Used Media Hype to Raise $750k Before We Even Had a Product bit.ly/1flPDTC

Why Age Doesn’t Matter in Startups

inc.com — When I started Wahooly back in 2011, I had just spent the last 5 years as an Advertising Director at a hobbyist publication who's core demographic were males who were nearing the age of retirement. Myself, I was 35, and felt like a pup.

I’ve Become a Chubby Entrepreneur (and it Doesn’t Work)

inc.com — That picture you see of me in my profile, the one I use as my brand image, is from 2011--4 years and 40 pounds ago. Thank God that's the photo that stuck. The main reason I haven't updated my photo is because it has become my brand. My logo so-to-speak.
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