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Marketing @l00tapp Cofounder - t.co/TfNUOOpjE2 (@StartupsSpeak). Founder @NotDickinaBox. Former CEO of Wahooly. AngelPad '13.

WhatsApp Sold for $19 Billion and All I Got Was Jealous

inc.com — I saw a post on Mashable last week that took me back to something I wrote last year when I had heard the news that Facebook had purchased Whatsapp for $19 Billion. At the time that I wrote it, I spoke anonymously.

18 Things You Wish You Could Tell an Investor … But Never Will

inc.com — Many entrepreneurs tend to find the whole fundraising process to be a necessary evil. It always takes twice as long than expected and often seems to be a game of who can bullshit who better. Personally speaking, if I never had to raise money again, I'd be one happy entrepreneur.

Fear of Flying -- Inside the Mind of a Business Traveler with Anxiety.

inc.com — In less than one month I fly from the US to Norway and ... I'm scared sh*tless. Normally I would be nervous about the speech I'm giving while I'm there, but that seems to be secondary to the fear I have for just getting there. I'm afraid of flying.

You Need To Be Bold and Disruptive To Win

inc.com — About a month ago, a friend of mine shared an idea with me. In a nutshell, he has a dream of creating the best sandwich on the planet and making it accessible to everyone through an app--one city at a time.

The Power of ‘Taking Action’ -- How I Got Unstuck and Started Living My Dream

inc.com — I read an interview last week about an online friend of mine by the name of Pieter Levels. Sometime last year he decided to commit to launching 12 startups in the span of 12 months. The project is still underway, but so far, he is on track to accomplish his goal.

Serial Entrepreneurs Have a Shiny Ball Problem

inc.com — Ask most people if you should spread yourself thin or focus, almost 100% of the time they'll tell you to focus. More over, they'll tell you that if you want to succeed, you need to eliminate all distractions and give 110% of your energy on a single effort.

The Secret Fears of an Entrepreneur

inc.com — We entrepreneurs keep a lot of things bottled up inside. We tend to want people to think that we're on top of our business and everything is going exactly as planned. The truth is, we often have very rational concerns about what we're doing and how we're doing it.

What Entreprenuerial Fear and Failure Look Like

inc.com — Almost one year ago today, I wrote an anonymous post titled, We're Shutting Down and I'm Scared. It was a raw and unedited glimpse into my fear and failure at the exact moment I was feeling it. Until recently, nobody knew it was written by me.

How an Entrepreneur Should Handle Haters

inc.com — "Your track record is HORRIBLE!! It's like you are trying to harvest everyone's data. I wish you luck but you've become a massive joke among everyone. Next you will be selling male thongs. Be sure to post a picture of yourself in it! You could make it a Christmas card with the sausage in your hands too."

Entrepreneurs Suck at Relationships

inc.com — It took me almost 40 years to figure out who I was and what drove my behaviors. Why did it take so long? Because I never took the time to figure it out sooner. But, this year, there was a moment. An event.
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