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Marketing @l00tapp. Cofounder @StartupsSpeak. Founder @NotDickinaBox. Former CEO of Wahooly. AngelPad '13. Writer @Inc and @PandoDaily

The One Thing I Had Totally Wrong About Success

inc.com — When I was 13 years old, I was confirmed as a Lutheran and completely lost my religion from that point forward. I would classify myself as a card carrying agnostic. I love the idea of Heaven, a higher power, and life after death, but ...

How We Used Media Hype to Raise $750k Before We Even Had a Product

inc.com — In my recent interview on Mixergy with Andrew Warner, I was asked how Wahooly managed to raise our first round of capital. My answer: Hype The complete answer is a bit more complicated than that, but, in simple terms, that is the honest truth.
Jul 07, 2015

New @Inc: How We Used Media Hype to Raise $750k Before We Even Had a Product bit.ly/1flPDTC

Why Age Doesn’t Matter in Startups

inc.com — When I started Wahooly back in 2011, I had just spent the last 5 years as an Advertising Director at a hobbyist publication who's core demographic were males who were nearing the age of retirement. Myself, I was 35, and felt like a pup.

I’ve Become a Chubby Entrepreneur (and it Doesn’t Work)

inc.com — That picture you see of me in my profile, the one I use as my brand image, is from 2011--4 years and 40 pounds ago. Thank God that's the photo that stuck. The main reason I haven't updated my photo is because it has become my brand. My logo so-to-speak.

Are You a Broke Entrepreneur Like Me? Here Are 5 Options to Consider

inc.com — This is the stark reality that many entrepreneurs often face. This is the reality that I face today. It's not that earth-shattering of a confession really. After all, depending on which statics you read, somewhere between 70 - 90% of entrepreneurs fail. But, what if you're not failing?

17 Things to Know Before Becoming an Entrepreneur

inc.com — You've got a big idea and you can't stop dreaming about what it's going to become. You're so excited that it actually keeps you up at night. You've always felt like you should be doing something else.

My Advice For Companies That Suck At Customer Service

inc.com — I've often wondered how it was that, companies who are consistently, year after year, rated as the "Worst Companies in America" continue to stay in operation. I mean, there are literally hundreds of companies and products that people love that shut down on a daily basis, while crappy ones still remain.
Jun 06, 2015

New @Inc: My Advice For Companies That Suck At Customer Service bit.ly/1HdbkQj

The 5 Most Endearing Behaviors of Exceptional Entrepreneurs

inc.com — If you've been following my stories here, you'll probably know that I started a company company called, Stick in a Box, which is a gourmet beef jerky subscription service. Not too long ago, I shared the story of how I started with only $100, and built a $100k business in six months.

Mark Zuckerberg Might Be a Fraud

inc.com — Alright, the headline was a bit extreme, but I've got a theory. I propose that one of the most successful entrepreneurs today, Mark Zuckerberg, isn't even an actual entrepreneur. That explosion you just heard was your mind being blown. Alright, probably not, because I haven't convinced you yet. But, hear me out.

This is the Most Important Site For Entrepreneurs Today

inc.com — If you're an entrepreneur and haven't heard of Product Hunt yet, it's time you get out from behind your desk and take notice of what's happening in the world. I'd argue that Product Hunt is one of the most impactful sites for entrepreneurs today, granted it's suited for online entrepreneurs vs.
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