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Marketing @Promoter_io Cofounder @StartupsSpeak. Founder @NotDickinaBox. Former CEO of Wahooly (acquired). AngelPad '13. Writer @Inc and previously @PandoDaily

What a Real Brand Advocate Looks Like

inc.com — According to research by McKinsey and Company, anywhere between 20% to 50% of a company's revenue is driven by referrals and/or word of mouth. In some industries it may even be as high as 80%, according to Jason Lemkin of SaaStr fame.

How to Profit from NPS

inc.com — Managing cash-flow in today's world can be a difficult thing to do. It seems like there are a thousand products/platforms/services that everybody "needs" to be using and the budget for these tools is getting increasingly squeezed. You might be using Buffer and BuzzSumo for social, Intercom and Groove for support, Attribution and KISSmetrics for analytics, LeadPages and VWO for marketing.

The 5 Best (And Worst) Things You Can Do With NPS

inc.com — The worst thing you can do with Net Promoter Score (the best measurement of customer sentiment out there) is also the most common thing that most people do. Before I tell you the mistakes, let me paint you a picture... You hear about NPS from somewhere, most likely from seeing another company running a campaign, so you get curious.

This Startup May Have Just Growth Hacked the Powerball

inc.com — By definition, all startups are scrappy. The good ones are scrappy and clever. The great ones are scrappy, clever and successful. Take Airbnb, the short-term peer-to-peer lodging site, for example. Many people today see Airbnb as somewhat of an overnight success.

The Secret to Predicting Startup Success in 2016

inc.com — What's the best way to measure a startup? Profit is non-existent for most startups. Even revenue can be elusive at the early stages. And what's the magic number for users or customers? 100? 10,000? 100,000?

17 Absurd Tech(ish) Predictions for 2016

inc.com — I'm a sucker for annual predictions. It's an opportunity to suggest preposterous theories grounded in absolutely zero fact or logic. It's a time to look ahead with unquestionable positivity and make some bold bets on what the future has in store. If nothing comes true ... no harm done.

The Secret Tool Used by the Most Successful Blogs

inc.com — Have you ever started a blog, been really dedicated to it for a few months, then give up when it didn't seem to have any traction? Nobody was reading it and you poured hours and hours into it. It's easy to feel like what's the point of it.

Why My Fart App is No Longer Fundable

inc.com — As the family and I were sitting around the table a few weekends back, we came up with an idea for a new app--The Farater (Fart + Rater). As the name implies, you would essentially fart into your phone and the app would give you a score.

The 6 Best Ways To Leverage Your Biggest Promoters

inc.com — The Net Promoter Score basically has just one simple question: How likely are you to recommend our product/service to friends and colleagues? But most people miss out on a huge opportunity. Most people just collect the score, track it in a spreadsheet, report it to their boss and move on.

This Company Just Made $71k Doing Something Evil (and Brilliant)

inc.com — If you're not familiar with " Cards Against Humanity", it's a game that's designed to bring out the worst in human behavior and it's a hoot. Known for their unconventional marketing tactics, the Chicago-based team came up with a unique idea for Black Friday this year.
Dec 05, 2015

This Company Just Made $71k Doing Something Evil (and Brilliant): bit.ly/1lwjo6u

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