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Marketing @l00tapp Cofounder - t.co/TfNUOOpjE2 (@StartupsSpeak). Founder @NotDickinaBox. Former CEO of Wahooly. AngelPad '13.

What it Feels Like When Your Startup Has Massive Traction

inc.com — When what you're doing is validated by new signups, social endorsement, enthusiasm, press and massive interest, it's incredible. You begin to truly believe what you've been telling yourself--that this is going to be a wild success. It's almost surreal when it's happening. You feel unstoppable to some degree.

Founder Depression, a Suicide Note and the Importance of Anonymity

inc.com — Awhile back, we ( Startups Anonymous) received an alarming submission from an fellow entrepreneur/founder--it was a suicide note. For many reasons, we chose not to publish the submission on the site, however here is an excerpt: "I am about to make my company a co-beneficiary of my life insurance.

The Greatest Lesson I Never Learned -- Don’t Go Into Business with a Friend

The Three Types of Entrepreneurs -- Which One Are You?

Questions I’ve Been Too Embarrassed to Ask as a Founder

inc.com — Just because you've been told there is no such thing as a stupid question, doesn't mean you still don't feel stupid for asking it. Here are 25 questions I've hesitated asking for that exact reason. As a long-time founder/entrepreneur, I feel I should have most of the answers.

Here’s To You, Startup Founder

inc.com — For those of you that wake up each morning and do whatever it takes to survive as a founder -- this goes out to you. Here's to you, Mr. and Ms. Founder. Your commitment to all-nighters, until you realize that you get more done when you sleep eight hours--when it's dark outside.

An Open Letter to Serial Entrepreneurs

inc.com — Do successful entrepreneurs have a responsibility to serve a higher purpose by building companies that solve real world problems? A next-generation entrepreneur thinks so. The following letter was submitted anonymously and originally appeared on Startups Anonymous.

12 Questions Every Founder Should Ask an Accelerator

inc.com — With hundreds of accelerators now available, choosing the right one for your company is absolutely critical. Here are some key questions to ask before handing over your equity. Advertisement There are lots of articles out there on whether an accelerator is right for you or how to maximize your time at an accelerator.

Don’t Let Your Partner BullSh*t You -- A Cheat Sheet to Understanding Your Technical Cofounder

inc.com — Cofounder relationships can be hard, especially when you're a naive non-technical entrepreneur. Here's how your technical partner might be trying to deceive you. I'm a technical founder with two non-technical founders. We have worked together for over 15 years, but our current business has been around for five (this is our first company).

Racists, Convicts, and Narcissistic A-holes--The True Tales of Nightmare Customers

inc.com — The customer IS NOT always right. Here are four horrifying stories that prove that you don't need to please everyone. For most companies, customers are considered the life-blood of their business, and as such, entrepreneurs will do just about anything to please them. After all, without customers or clients, a business would just be an expensive hobby.
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