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Marketing @l00tapp. Cofounder @StartupsSpeak. Founder @NotDickinaBox. Former CEO of Wahooly. AngelPad '13. Writer @Inc and @PandoDaily

Don’t Let The Germanwings Crash Stigmatize Mental Illness

inc.com — I looked at the clock and it was 3 AM. For the previous three hours I had been laying in bed with my eyes shut, nowhere near my REM state, just hoping to fall asleep. In just four short hours, I needed to be up, checked out of my hotel, and on my way to the airport for my morning flight back to the US.

How I Built a $100k Jerky Business in Six Months for Less Than $100

inc.com — About a year ago, I was walking the floor of a trade show in Chicago and came across a booth that was handing out beef jerky samples. This wasn't your average, run-of-the-mill, 7-Eleven jerky. This was the BEST. JERKY. EVER. It's what I now refer to as the Filet Mignon of beef jerky.

The Time a 14-year Old Invested $50k in my Startup

inc.com — Several years back, while raising money for one of my previous companies, we had a fair amount of inbound interest from investors. It's without saying, but I'll say it anyway, if you're going to raise money, having inbound interest is the way to go.

Stop Living Each Day Like it’s Your Last

inc.com — I was talking to someone recently at the airport while we were waiting to board our flight. In talking, she mentioned she was in town for the funeral of her aunt who had recently passed. She spoke very highly of her and mentioned that her passing was anything but tragic.

The 8 Happiest Moments for Any Entrepreneur

inc.com — We're entrepreneurs for a reason. First and foremost, because it's the only thing we can imagine ourselves doing. There is really no other option on the planet that could make us happier than creating our own path. But also, we're in it for the rewards--and I don't just mean financial.

38 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know

inc.com — I read a great post a couple of months ago, written by a friend of mine, for females, that really inspired me (even as a male). As we get older, we begin to see things more clearly. Things we once thought were important become secondary.

Founders Salary: How Much Should You Take?

inc.com — There seems to be a lot of discussion recently around the topic of founder salaries. Mainly, what is the right amount to pay yourself, as a funded company, without appearing too greedy? I'll say this up front, I don't believe there is a right or wrong answer, there are way two many variables at play to accommodate a standardized rate.

An Important Reminder to Stay Humble

inc.com — With the amount of chaos in the startup culture, it's easy to lose perspective of the world around us. From time to time, no matter if you're an entrepreneur or a 9-5′er, we all need a little reminder in humility. And, that's why the message below, submitted anonymously on StartupsAnonymous.com, is so important: We are all a bunch of primates.

WhatsApp Sold for $19 Billion and All I Got Was Jealous

inc.com — I saw a post on Mashable last week that took me back to something I wrote last year when I had heard the news that Facebook had purchased Whatsapp for $19 Billion. At the time that I wrote it, I spoke anonymously.

18 Things You Wish You Could Tell an Investor … But Never Will

inc.com — Many entrepreneurs tend to find the whole fundraising process to be a necessary evil. It always takes twice as long than expected and often seems to be a game of who can bullshit who better. Personally speaking, if I never had to raise money again, I'd be one happy entrepreneur.
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