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Encryption tech could help corporate fraudsters. We still need to fight for it. — Early this week, James Clapper, the head of U.S. intelligence, complained to journalists that Edward Snowden's whistleblowing (my word, not Clapper's) had sped up wider use of encryption by seven years. That's great. Now let's speed it up even more. Not so fast, of course.

Journalists: Stop complaining about Facebook, and do something about it — (I'm on a panel at the International Journalism Festival later today, entitled "The capture of traditional media by Facebook." I'm planning to say some of what you see below.) On the cover of this week's Economist is a photo mashup of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as an emperor.

Andy Grove, who led Intel, has died. He was brilliant, paranoid, and prophetic. — When historians with more evidence, context, and distance from this era weigh the life and achievements of Andrew S. Grove, who died Monday at 79, one of their dilemmas will be deciding how great he was. But "great" will be a given. Andy Grove was the third employee of Intel and became its president, CEO, and chairman.

Help crowdfund better journalism on encryption — The "FBI-versus-Apple" story of recent weeks has brought a vital issue to the front burner: whether we will have secure technology in the future or not-or at least the chance to have secure technology. In reality, this isn't only about Apple or the FBI.

Netflix is blocking VPNs and undermining user security. — A few days ago, in a hotel room in Phoenix, I opened my laptop and decided to watch a few minutes of a film on Netflix. Nope. Instead of Groundhog Day, I was presented with a message from Netflix: "Whoops, something went wrong...You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy.

Google Is Going to Speed Up the Web. Is This Good? — To improve reading the news on mobile - and better compete with Facebook Instant Articles - Google today is launching AMP S tarting today, some users of mobile devices will get a happy surprise when they click on links to stories from some of their favorite blogs or news websites: The articles will show up in their browsers incredibly fast.

Even If Terrorists Do Use Strong Encryption, We Still Need It — Crypto back doors will not just weaken our own security; they also won't stop new attacks. It was a popular item, getting a bunch of retweets. But I realized later that I was wrong to post it, because I fell right into a trap the surveillance statists have been laying.

Tech reviews should assess gadget, app security and privacy. — Earlier this month, technology researchers revealed that wearable "fitness trackers"-including the popular Fitbit-could "expose their wearers to long-term tracking of their location," and several, such as the Garmin Connect, could be hacked outright. The news came as no surprise, given the tech industry's casual practices when it comes to privacy and security.

I Moved to Linux and It’s Even Better Than I Expected — Saying goodbye to Apple and Microsoft has never been easier, or so satisfying On a spring day in 2012, I shut down my MacBook Air for the last time. From then on, my primary computing environment - at least on a laptop computer - was GNU/ Linux.

T-Mobile's Simple Choice and Google's Project Fi are good mobile options for international travel. — It wasn't so long ago that heading on an international trip meant selecting among suboptimal choices for mobile communications. I could use my U.S. carrier's roaming mode, paying extortionate prices for calls and especially for data. I could find and buy a local SIM card, offering much lower prices but making it inconvenient for people back home to contact me.
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Apr 30, 2016

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Apr 30, 2016

RT @EFF: EFF is proud to present The Crime of Speech, @ousfourita's study of laws restricting free speech in the Arab world.…2tccwflj

Apr 30, 2016

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Apr 30, 2016

RT @jackshafer: Follow @RalstonReports for the latest on the step-by-step destruction of the Las Vegas Review-Journal by its owner, Sheldon Adelson.

Apr 30, 2016

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Apr 30, 2016

RT @stevenf: Ah yes, the old “no refunds, unless you ask for a refund at some point in the indeterminate future” non-policy.

Apr 30, 2016

The "Justice" Department's foul treatment of former Alabama governor gets even worse…

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