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Green Mountain’s attempt to use digital rights management on Keurig coffee makers fails.

slate.com — When Green Mountain Coffee Roasters announced its quarterly financial results last week, the news was bad for the company-but good for people who believe that when they buy something, they should decide how to use it. Here's what happened. A year ago, Green Mountain announced it would be selling a...

United should thank, not ban, researcher who pointed out a security flaw.

slate.com — I'm about to board a United Airlines 747 in Frankfurt, on my way to San Francisco. Last night, the airline sent me an email saying that the flight would be equipped with Wi-Fi. Until last week I'd have been glad for that, as I have a lot of work to...

Why journalists should sometimes be activists

dangillmor.com — At the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy, this week, I gave a talk entitled "Why Journalists Should be Activists," and apart from a few departures from the text below, here's what I said: Two months ago, a New York Times journalist, investigative reporter James Risen, went on Twitter to denounce the Obama administration's attitude toward the press.

The public deserves to know what's in the free-trade treaty.

slate.com — In the next few weeks, Congress may give special status to a massive "free trade" treaty that you are not allowed to read. Based on leaks of portions of the deal, however, the Trans-Pacific Partnership appears to be at least partly a grab bag of special favors for corporate interests-among...

Lawrence Krauss has an amazing office…

dangillmor.com — Lawrence Krauss is a brilliant theoretical physicist and author of many popular books on science, and teaches at Arizona State University. I stopped by his office the other day to record a video conversation for a project I'm working on, and grabbed a quick video of the surroundings.

The Right Time for Tidal?

medium.com — Tidal may not win the battle to become music's next business model. But it's a welcome competitor. Hip-hop superstar and entrepreneur Jay Z is relaunching Tidal, the streaming-music service he recently bought. He calls it the future of online music, because the service will stream tunes at high fidelity - and because, as he told the New York Times, the service will be majority-owned by musicians.

Why can't we read the Scientology book Going Clear in the UK?

theguardian.com — Good news for those who were disappointed that Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master turned out to be a vague parable of Scientology rather than a penetrating exposé of it: a new book promises to do the job instead. Just the title of Lawrence Wright's Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief tells you more than The Master did.

Why Apple insiders are pushing this book over Walter Isaacson’s biography.

slate.com — Someday, someone will write the definitive book about how Steve Jobs led Apple out of the wilderness, saving a near-dead company that ultimately became one of the world's most valuable and beloved enterprises. It will combine a genuine understanding of technology with a full, nuanced, and unblinkered view of Jobs,...

Claims of satanic cult and child sacrifices in London are baseless, judge rules

theguardian.com — A high court judge has dismissed claims that children in north London have been abused by paedophiles in a satanic cult. Mrs Justice Pauffley said details of the claims had been circulating on the internet. She said she had been asked to investigate by social services bosses, and had conducted a fact-finding exercise, at a family court hearing in London.

Patterico puts his trust solely in markets; I put mine in wider checks and balances

dangillmor.com — Patrick Frey, aka Patterico, and I appear to agree on several things when it comes to government's role, if any, in assuring freedom of speech by promoting an open Internet. This is progress. (If you're spending your valuable time following any of this, here's his first attack post; then my reply; and now his further response.)
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May 23, 2015

@fmbutt patent system is totally out of control; feel free to have last word. @pmarca @RyanBethencourt

May 23, 2015

@fmbutt they aren't controlled, via patents, by giant companies that prohibit weaving/building by others @pmarca @RyanBethencourt

May 23, 2015

@ramez you're missing the point; this stuff shouldn't get patents in thefirst place. @pmarca @RyanBethencourt

May 23, 2015

See Frontline's CIA/torture show for a look at completely immoral govt officials who flout the law. pbs.org/wgbh/pages/fro…

May 23, 2015

@pmarca if ever there was something govts/taxpayers should do, this is it. (and we pay for a lot of the research anyway) @RyanBethencourt

May 23, 2015

@pmarca All of which are possible without a few corporations owning the world's food crops. @RyanBethencourt

May 23, 2015

@pmarca Don't see how a tradeoff like that could ever be worth it... @RyanBethencourt

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