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A hot mess, but blessed.

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After training to be an Intellectual Property lawyer, Dan abandoned a promising career in financial services to sit at home and play with gadgets. He lives in Norwich with his wife, his books and far too many opinions on British TV comedy. One day, if he's very, very lucky, he'll live out his dream to become the Executive Producer of Doctor Who, finish that novel and retire to ...

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Fitter, Happier: an eight-week exercise in using technology to help lose weight

Fitter, Happier: an eight-week exercise in using technology to help lose weight

InterDigital's Bill Merritt on patent trolls, standards development and disputes with the big boy...

InterDigital's Bill Merritt on patent trolls, standards development and disputes with the big boy...

Have you ever used a typewriter?

Only as a kid.

How is social media changing news?

In every way possible, from delivery all the way through to receipt. For instance, a Reddit user who worked for Oculus (unwittingly) revealed the merger deal months before the announcement. Most breaking news stories now are shared first on Twitter before a verified story is published, and while that means that there are a lot of hoaxes and misinformation at the beginning of an event, it’s also far more immediate than we’ve ever been used to.

How do you prefer to be pitched on stories?

Email, always.

Time's up for Snapchat's original content

engadget.com — A service built on the two pillars of ephemerality and genitals was always going to be an unlikely destination for entertainment content. That's why it comes as little surprise that Snapchat is closing down Snap Channel, its portal for homegrown "TV" shows.

Microsoft shows off first Windows preview since release

engadget.com — Windows is transitioning from something that you buy once every few years to a service that's updated on a regular basis. Windows 10 has only been out for a few weeks but already Microsoft's got the follow-up ready for selected users to test.

NASA's studying how zero gravity affects the brain

engadget.com — Because there's no up or down in zero gravity, the way our brains calculate 3D space stops working. As it turns out, that can be problematic, with astronauts finding it hard to complete basic tasks.

The US government won't force backdoor access, but still wants it

engadget.com — Here's some good news: the government has decided not to push for a law that would force tech companies to include backdoors in their software. The move means that your encrypted communications from services like WhatsApp and iMessage, will remain unreadable to law enforcement officials.

Illustrated 'Harry Potter' novels come to iBooks

engadget.com — Apple fans are used to getting the latest and greatest before others, from apps all the way through to, uh, U2's latest album. But, they've also had to learn how to be patient, for instance, when it took several years before the Beatles released their back-catalog onto iTunes.
Oct 08, 2015

We just started the "Harry Potter" books with my kids and this is really tempting.. but I may stick w/ my print ones engt.co/1VHzJ91

Mozilla proposes three golden rules for ad blockers

engadget.com — Users and advertisers are about to get involved in a dust-up over the role of content blockers, with much of the internet caught in the crossfire. Mozilla is hoping to play peacemaker by proposing a set of three golden rules that will create a "healthy, open web."

Sony buys a company that makes Kinect-like depth sensors

engadget.com — Sony has purchased SoftKinetic, a Belgian startup that's most famous for creating image sensors that can digitally capture objects in 3D. The firm specializes in time of flight, a camera technology that you'll be familiar with if you've ever used the Xbox's Kinect camera.

Volkswagen will recall its super-polluting cars in 2016

engadget.com — Matthias Mueller, the man that Volkswagen hopes will save the company after Emissions-gate, has revealed the first stage in his rescue plan. According to , the executive told German media that the firm will begin recalling its emissions-cheating vehicles in January, with the program running until the end of 2016.

Thailand's gamers fight to save the open internet

engadget.com — Thailand's military junta has already banned Facebook, Bitcoin and the game , but that's not enough for the censor-happy dictatorship. The nation is now kicking around the idea of a single gateway -- effectively one internet connection between Thailand and the rest of the world.

Lumo's running shorts fix your form to avoid injury

engadget.com — Lumo is a wearable company that's already conquered the world of bad posture, so now it's moving on to helping runners avoid injury. The company is launching the Lumo Run, a pair of shorts with a small plastic doodad on the waistband that can monitor your biomechanics as you sprint around the block.
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Oct 13, 2015

Was reliably informed that Royal Mail returned £500 million to the treasury in profit the year before it was sold off. £500 million.

Oct 13, 2015

@SBedwell @m4tt We're getting one, but economics made it such that we won't be doing it until 2016.

Oct 13, 2015

@m4tt Yeah, 17 degrees here is the level, and the house is dipping below 16.5 now so, on it goes.

Oct 13, 2015

RT @JackofKent: It won't be. But that doesn't actually matter. The bid is dropped; that is what matters. twitter.com/JohnHyde1982/s…

Oct 13, 2015

@m4tt I switched mine back on this lunchtime for a 20-min blast. Sad, even with all of this mega-insulation.

Oct 13, 2015

#GiveTwitterASlogan Screaming into the void, except the void screams back, and it turns out that the void is full of twats.

Oct 13, 2015

Someone make me a plugin that swaps out the phrase "repeal Obamacare" with "make poor people die of easily-curable conditions"

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