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'Birmingham's benefits queen': I fear eviction after budget

channel4.com — Marie Buchan keeps me waiting for nearly two hours. When she turns up for our interview, she is flustered "I'm sorry," she says "There was an incident near the school, I was just shouted at by a man I've never met before."
Jul 10, 2015

"People assume my kids have different Dads." Why do people on benefits attract such judgement? bit.ly/1JYMrHm pic.twitter.com/wTCYwfxzvl

Jul 10, 2015

RT @Channel4News: 'Why didn't you take responsibility and stop having children?' @darshnasoni quizzes 'Birmingham's benefits queen' channel4.com/news/birmingha…

Luton family statement says they are in the 'Islamic State'

channel4.com — "We release this statement to confirm that, indeed we are in the Islamic State." Apparent confirmation, then, that three generations of one family from Luton have left their lives in the UK to go to Syria, writes Homes Affairs Correspondent Darshna Soni. The eldest, Muhammed Abdul Mannan, is 75 years old.

Missing Luton family 'stopped by police'

channel4.com — Our Home Affairs correspondent Darshna Soni has spoken exclusively to the brother who reported the family missing to the police. Police are now investigating one of the family's links to radicals who were once members of the now-banned al-Muhajiroun group. "I've been worried sick about my father, he's not in the best of health," Mohammed Akhtar Hussain told me.
Jul 02, 2015

Exclusive: Brother of Luton family feared to be in Syria tells me they were initially stopped & questioned at airport channel4.com/news/missing-l…

Jul 02, 2015

Bedfordshire police confirm #c4news report about family missing from Luton being stopped under schedule 7: channel4.com/news/missing-l…

Mo Farah: no comment on Salazar doping allegations

channel4.com — Some of the best athletes in the world are arriving in Birmingham, ahead of this Sunday's Grand Prix event in the city, writes Channel 4 News Home Affairs Correspondent Darshna Soni. The event has been promoted by organising body British Athletics with posters declaring "Mo's Coming to Birmingham!"

Election 2015: ethnic voters - disconnected or disregarded?

channel4.com — "It's called an election...you know, you go and vote for who will be Prime Minister?" He is surrounded by a large crowd of young people, trying to explain what's happening in May. Wherever we go in Handsworth, Apache Indian is mobbed by people wanting to talk to him.
Apr 09, 2015

Handsworth's original bhangra ragamuffin, @ApacheDONRAJAH on political complacency and the ethnic vote @darshnasoni bit.ly/1JpvRiY

Apr 09, 2015

RT @PGMcNamara: Best. Political. Interview. Ever. Must watch for kids of the 90s. Epic work by @darshnasoni #BOOMSHACKALAK bit.ly/1JpvRiY

Apr 09, 2015

RT @PGMcNamara: Best. Political. Interview. Ever. Must watch for kids of the 90s. Epic work by @darshnasoni #BOOMSHACKALAK bit.ly/1JpvRiY

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New video: Islamist who 'guarded hostages' with Jihadi John

channel4.com — Ellekhlifi, who was killed in Aleppo in 2013, went to the same London secondary school as Mohammed Emwazi (Jihadi John), who was the leader of the so-called "Beatles". Channel 4 News has obtained video footage showing Ellekhlifi preaching on an Islamic stall on a west london street before he went to Syria.

Mohammed Emwazi: MI5 tried to put words in my mouth

channel4.com — Emwazi tape transcript While we were interviewing after... right at the end, he [Nick, the MI5 agent] said: I would like to ask you some serious questions now, and while I'm packing my pack... This is while I'm packing some of my stuff... I said to him: "Yeah, go on, ask it."

Cleric: 'Banning legitimate debate will not stop terrorism'

channel4.com — Haitham Al-Haddad who was due to speak to the university's Islamic Society told Channel 4 News that he hoped his speech would still go ahead. The controversial speaker who has previously reportedly described homosexuality as a "scourge" and a "criminal act", was due to give a speech entitled "Who is Muhammad?"

'Jihadi John' and the security services: the background

channel4.com — It's been claimed that Mohammed Emwazi grew up in a well-to-do family from west London. He graduated from University with a computer science degree - but what set him on the path to radicalisation? According to the advocacy group Cage, in 2009 Emwazi tried to go on safari with two friends in Tanzania.

The trial of the absent jihadis - video

channel4.com — Please wait while this video loads. If it doesn't load after a few seconds you may need to have Adobe Flash installed. Brian De Mulder, a "sporty and outgoing" 21-year-old, is among 46 Islamist extremists sentenced in Belgium today. Like many of his co-defendants he was not there - presumed to be in Syria, or dead.
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Aug 30, 2015

RT @JFXM: "REFUGEES WELCOME". Banners draped across Germany's football stadiums this weekend. (@markito0171) pic.twitter.com/fJYq0xXrXe

Aug 29, 2015

RT @RizwaanSabir: The @BritishLibrary has refused to store primary documents on the Taliban because they fear prosecution for terrorism bbc.co.uk/news/uk-340886…

Aug 29, 2015

Every day, 100s of people trying to escape from Syria. And still some British mothers trying to get to Syria, taking their young children.

Aug 29, 2015

Police say a mother from London, Zahera Tariq, & her four children may be travelling to Syria: bbc.co.uk/news/uk-englan… pic.twitter.com/lyyKPXeaIK

Aug 29, 2015

RT @JaneKinneyC4: 3 Al Jaz journalists including @PeterGreste sentenced to 3 years in jail. Shocking but what does it mean for Mohamed Famy still in Cairo?

Aug 28, 2015

RT @Hil67: @darshnasoni This is so sad, I have worked with Eritrean children. They just want to be safe and happy. pic.twitter.com/t5nOUJgUox

Aug 28, 2015

RT @johnthejack: 'We didn't come here because we like the weather. We came here because we want to save our lives.' Eritrean on #c4news

Aug 28, 2015

RT @con_news: Eritrea: currently one of the worst dictatorial regimes on the planet, & accused of crimes against humanity. #UKDeportsEritre…

Aug 27, 2015

RT @amandahosking: “@AndyMerry_: YOU HAD 1 JOB 😂😂😂😂😂 can't stop watching this vine.co/v/ejQtVYOwvH2” cameraman trips up Bolt.

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