I'm a geologist and during my research on glaciers I became interested in history and the development of geological concepts in time.

The Geology of Star Trek: I. Minerals, Crystals and Alien Life Forms

historyofgeology.fieldofscience.com — „ But a geological oddity to say the least. Pure silicon! " „ A few trace elements, look, we didn't you call here so you could collect rocks! " Geologists get no respect, even if vital for entire civilizations, from the episode "The Devil in the Dark ".

La Geologia di Star Trek: II. Vita come Non la Conosciamo o Comprendiamo

storiadellageologia.blogspot.com — Può sorprendere che non esiste una definizione inequivocabile per il concetto di vita - una possibile definizione lo caratterizza come un sistema complesso, non in equilibrio termodinamico con l´ambiente circostante e perciò costretto a ricercare, incorporare e trasformare materia e energia per sostenersi e capace di creare copie di se stesso.

La Geologia di Star Trek: I. Minerali, Cristalli e Forme Aliene

storiadellageologia.blogspot.com — Star Trek é sicuramente una delle più conosciute serie fantascientifiche in assoluto, con una trama ottimistica, dove la conoscenza spesso prevale sopra la forza bruta; considerata anche dal punto strettamente scientifico una delle più intriganti produzioni televisive, anche grazie alle dettagliate analisi del scienziato-ufficiale dell´ USS Enterprise, il signor Spock, che era anche un po´ geologo...

It’s life, Charlie, but not as we know it - Charles Darwin and the search for Extraterrestrial Life

historyofgeology.fieldofscience.com — Actorfamous role as science-officer Leonard Nimoy Spock on board of the USS Enterprise I will share some space-geology-related posts: passed away today aged 83. So to remember his In August 1881 the short-lived popular " Science" magazine published an article with a letter exchange by two amateur geologists - British Charles R.

Frauds, Fakes and Fossils

A History of the Use of Illustrations in the Geosciences: I. Seeing is Believing...

historyofgeology.fieldofscience.com — The progress made in understanding realistic landscape-views and the rediscovery of ancient encyclopedias (like the works by Pliny the Elder ) inspired Renaissance naturalists to adopt an exact and systematic approach to describe the curiosities found in the natural world.

Storia della Geologia

storiadellageologia.blogspot.com — "REPTILICUS" é un film di coproduzione americana e danese (l´unico del suo genere) che esce il 25 febbraio 1961 in Danimarca, e in una versione pesantemente rimontato e tagliato nel 1962 negli Stati Uniti.La locandina del film, ritenuti da molti la parte migliore, é stata disegnata dall´artista Reynold Brown.

Charles Lyell´s fruitless Hunt for the Sea-Serpent

historyofgeology.fieldofscience.com — In October 1845 British geologist Charles Lyell was visiting Boston, when he noted an advertisement proclaiming that a "Dr." Albert C. Koch would exhibit the 114-foot-long skeleton of " that colossal and terrible reptile the sea serpent" to the paying public.

Die Geologische Eroberung der Alpen: I. - Weil er da ist...

geschichtedergeologie.blogspot.com — „ Ich dachte über den rastlosen Eifer nach, welcher Männer auch die schrecklichsten Widerstände aushalten lässt. Keine Gefahr kann sie abhalten ... denn ein Gipfel kann die gleiche unausweichliche Anziehung wie ein Abgrund ausüben." Théophile Gautier, 1868 Am 6.

Bailey Willis - The Man who made Mountains

historyofgeology.fieldofscience.com — U.S.G.S. engineer Bailey Willis († February 19, 1949) was known for his unorthodox approach to geological questions. Puzzled by the geological structures he discovered in mountain ranges, long before computer-models were available, he constructed a machine to simulate the mountain-forming process.
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Mar 02, 2015

RT @RBINSmuseum: In 1883, Gustave Lavalette drew our iguanodons and a crocodile in the position in which they were discovered. #SciArt pic.twitter.com/SsbEOSEed4

Mar 02, 2015

Astronauts Mike Fincke & Luca Parmitano mark Leonard Nimoy’s Passing youtube.com/watch?v=2AwUnk…

Mar 02, 2015

Termite World - Life in the Undergrowth - BBC Attenborough youtube.com/watch?v=xGaT0B…

Mar 02, 2015

"Richter-Scale" in Star Trek is used for civilizations or solar flares ... WTF? no quakes?

Mar 02, 2015

Spock & Rock... fascinating, Start Trek geology post almost ready, stay on red alert for it ! pic.twitter.com/FxI5OyWu2L

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