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David Dobbs writes features and essays for publications including The New York Times, National Geographic, Slate, Wired.com, The New York Times Magazine, and other publications. Several of his stories have been chosen for leading science anthologies; most recently, his much-discussed feature for the Atlantic, "The Orchid Children," was selected by Jerome Groopman for Ecco/HarperPerennial's Best American Science Writing 2010. He is now writing a book, working title ...

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They Froze for Science - But Got the Eggs

daviddobbs.net — Below find #8 in my Best of Neuron Culture Moving Party - a run of 10 of my favorite posts from the blog's stay at WIRED, posted on the eve of the blog's move to this site. (Details on my move are at bottom of the first post in this series).

The gassy dead. A million-genome march. How to do science.

daviddobbs.net — What to do with the dead? This timeless problem took extra urgency in Victorian London. Excerpted from the book Dirty Old London, by Lee Jackson, in the Guardian. The existence of such gases was undisputed - sextons and undertakers were often called up to "tap" coffins in church vaults, drilling a hole to prevent them breaking open with explosive force.

Alice Munro has some very bad news. Plus consciousness and Brits on the dole.

daviddobbs.net — Three of thefive reads from today's edition of my Read Two newsletter. You can get the other two here or sign up for more. Why can't the world's greatest minds solve the mystery of consciousness? They don't call it the hard problem for nothing. By Oliver Burkeman at The Guardian.

War on drugs, war in sound, Oregon found. Why we marry. A billionaire says downsize.

tinyletter.com — The War on Drugs started with Billie Holiday. By Johann Hari, POLITICO Jazz was the opposite of everything Harry Anslinger believed in. It is improvised, relaxed, free-form. It follows its own rhythm. Worst of all, it is a mongrel music made up of European, Caribbean and African echoes, all mating on American shores.

The war on Billie Holiday; happy marriages; racist Oregon

daviddobbs.net — The War on Drugs started with Billie Holiday. - Johann Hari, POLITICO Jazz was the opposite of everything Harry Anslinger believed in. It is improvised, relaxed, free-form. It follows its own rhythm. Worst of all, it is a mongrel music made up of European, Caribbean and African echoes, all mating on American shores.

Half the world’s wealth is now in the pockets of just 80 people

daviddobbs.net — You have to hand it to the rich: They get the job done. From my latest Read 2 roundup, a connection of pieces on wealth paints a dismal picture. (Unless you're one of those 80). First, from Michael M.

They Froze for Science - and Got the Eggs

daviddobbs.net — In winter I sometimes warm up by reading books with real cold. For a few years years I shuttled between Rick Bass's about his first winter in Montana in the 1980s, and R.M. Patterson's magnificent, shivering Dangerous River , of his days trapping the Yukon in the 1920s.

The Spy Who Wasn’t, or how a guy named Simons walked home with a vial of plutonium

daviddobbs.net — Being immersed lately in tales of deception, deceit, and betrayal lately - my voracious read of Ben Macintyre's magnificent A Spy Among Friends is only the tip of the iceberg - I was fascinated to read this morning P.D. Smith's story of a true innocent who was swept up in early Cold War paranoia.

My Mother’s Lover

atavist.com — A true story of romance, war, and two familiesâ search for the man who bound them. My Motherâs Lover by David Dobbs.

Why humans are viral. Suicidal expulsion. Rock rocks race. Mutual aid. Why swim with sharks?

tinyletter.com — Why do humans get so many viruses? The map answers all. By Rob Dunn at Your Wild Life. Ebola is just one of more than two thousand species that afflict humans. In this, humans are special. The average primate is afflicted by just fifty pathogens and parasite species.
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Jan 30, 2015

@alexheard Don’t do it! I tried the same, got lost, now have eat these lichens and thank god I found ‘em. pic.twitter.com/dBeJKnKhcF

Jan 30, 2015

For the 10&1/2-year-old, a half birthday cake (carrott) with half candles. pic.twitter.com/ywlGEECPVg

Jan 30, 2015

Snowflakes on the school's steel handrail. #Vermont #Snow #Winter @ Montpelier Historic District instagram.com/p/yesm1wTQ9m/

Jan 30, 2015

RT @leloveluck: Dozens dead and over 100 injured after ISIS loyalists mount one of the deadliest attacks on Egypt's army for decades: telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews…

Jan 30, 2015

RT @Eljarh: #Tripoli facing scary prospects as IS hits targets in heart of the city & threatens more attacks. Clashes/explosions all night …

Jan 30, 2015

RT @neilhimself: It may be possible for this obituary in The Australian to have a more offensive opening & tone. I can't imagine how. http:…

Jan 29, 2015

RT @vanbadham: Why feminism? Because you can sell 30 MILLION copies of a single book and when you die, The Australian prints this: pic.twitter.com/DAqkvphV35

Jan 29, 2015

@kejames Singles last week, v windy. One chair was especially slow and exposed. Had to go in at one point, couldn’t feel my fingers.

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