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Abbott backs down on Budget fight

switzer.com.au — By David Speers He's been the master of the three-word slogan. "Stop the boats", "end the waste", "scrap the tax". Tony Abbott has thrived in black and white political messaging. This week, however, the Prime Minister found himself delving into shades of grey, trying to deliver a nuanced message about his new softer approach to budget repair.

Support Slipping for PM

switzer.com.au — A growing number of Tony Abbott's own ministers have now come to the conclusion he is all but finished as Prime Minister. The only question remaining in their minds is the timing and method of his removal. In the leadership ballot earlier this month, 39 MPs voted in favour of a spill.

A glimpse into the future of coal

switzer.com.au — By David Speers in Japan An hour from the city of Hiroshima, across the calm waters of the Seto Inland Sea, lies the island of Osakikamijima. It's beauty once inspired famous Japanese haiku poems, but now the island is home to a huge construction project aimed at keeping the coal industry alive.

Time to get off the ropes Tony

switzer.com.au — By David Speers Immediately after surviving what he called a "near death experience" in Monday's leadership ballot, a shaken Tony Abbott promised to change his ways and urged his divided troops to unite behind him. "I'm terrible at fighting Liberals", he acknowledged with sleeves rolled up, "but fantastic at fighting Labor".

All trains lead to Turnbull

switzer.com.au — By David Speers There may not be a declared candidate yet, but make no mistake, a leadership contest is underway. Malcolm Turnbull has emerged as the only serious alternative to Tony Abbott and the partyroom knows it.

The leadership genie is out of the bottle

switzer.com.au — By David Speers Tony Abbott may well hang onto his job through to next year's election, but he won't be able to escape damaging speculation from now on. Everything he does will be scrutinised through the leadership prism, as will every move made by Julie Bishop and Malcolm Turnbull.

A difficult end to a difficult year

switzer.com.au — By David Speers The past week has provided a perfect illustration of 2014 in politics: a disaster for the government on the Budget, coupled with a strong response on national security. The Prime Minister's calm and confident handling of the siege in Sydney has impressed his critics both within the government and on the Labor side.

In defence of Joe

switzer.com.au — By David Speers Some of the conversations going on in the corridors of parliament this week have been frankly ridiculous. Yes, the government is in trouble. It's made big mistakes. The suggestion from some, however, that Joe Hockey should be replaced is simply bizarre. The Treasurer is far from blame-free for the government's troubles.

The week from hell

switzer.com.au — By David Speers By any measure this was the Abbott Government's worst week in office. A week mired in a broken promise, a spectacular ministerial gaffe and the appearance, at least, of the Prime Minister being rolled on a key policy.
Apr 01, 2015

RT @jmodoh: Sinodinos: We should look at the equity of (superannuation) tax concessions and the circumstances in which they occur #pmagenda @SkyNewsAust

Apr 01, 2015

McDevitt: in other countries there is a single sports tribunal for all sports...ultimately a matter for govt. #pmagenda @SkyNewsAust

Apr 01, 2015

McDevitt: it's been a frustration for ASADA and tribunal itself that it hasn't been able to compel witnesses...including Dank #pmagenda

Apr 01, 2015

McDevitt: It's up to the players, but I'm very comfortable with it being released (tribunal findings and evidence). #pmagenda @SkyNewsAust

Apr 01, 2015

McDevitt: we believe weighting of that evidence should have satisfied the tribunal #pmagenda @SkyNewsAust

Apr 01, 2015

ASADA CEO Ben McDevitt: "I'm not going to go into that level of detail (evidence), but I think it's a strong circumstantial case" #pmagenda

Mar 31, 2015

RT @tomwconnell: The 'blackest day in Australian sport' was certainly said by Ings - then former ASADA chief - but did anyone in officialdom say it?

Mar 31, 2015

ASADA CEO Ben McDevitt discusses the decision on Essendon & the case for a new tribunal system #pmagenda @SkyNewsAust pic.twitter.com/oQNiffCFj0

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