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A free vote is the only option on gay marriage

m.switzer.com.au — By David Speers The same sex marriage debate has been simmering for a long time, but after Sky News this week revealed a cross-party push to bring on a vote in the spring session of parliament, tensions escalated quickly. Liberal conservatives came out all guns blazing, led by no less than the Government's Senate leader Eric Abetz.
Jul 02, 2015

"most serious & challenging internal split Tony Abbott has faced during his five and a half years as Liberal leader" latika.me/1GS51O9

Jul 02, 2015

Top story: A free vote is the only option on gay marriage - The Experts | Swit… m.switzer.com.au/the-experts/da…, see more tweetedtimes.com/peterfra?s=tnp

Make or break time for Bill

m.switzer.com.au — By David Speers I remember listening to Bill Shorten's interview with Neil Mitchell back on June 21, 2013. At the time we were all focused on Bill Shorten. A bunch of Labor heavy hitters had already drifted to Kevin Rudd. If Bill finally moved away from Julia Gillard, it was all over.

All’s not fair in love, war, politics or sport

m.switzer.com.au — By David Speers It was another depressing week on the domestic political front. Joe Hockey again demonstrated his lack of political finesse with his blunder on the Sydney housing market. While Bill Shorten pretended his union past wasn't a problem amid growing questions about how he ran the Australian Workers Union WU in Victoria.

In election gear but no election this year

m.switzer.com.au — Let's clear one thing up. There will be no election this year. There is no mood for a 2015 election within senior ranks of the Liberal Party. Despite a strong reception for last week's Budget, the plan is still to run a full term and continue on the path to recovery.

Both parties wave white flag on Budget repair

m.switzer.com.au — By David Speers When it comes to Budget repair and reducing the size of government, a big white flag was hoisted over Parliament House this week. Joe Hockey began the process on Tuesday night. Bill Shorten finished it off with gusto last night. The Government made a strategic shift this week from spending restraint to stimulus.
May 14, 2015

Speers: "The Govt is still proposing some spending restraint. Bill Shorten, by contrast, has abandoned the field" latika.me/1L4JDIA

What's happened to lower taxes? Costello has a point

m.switzer.com.au — By David Speers Peter Costello delivered a well-targeted kick to the government's backside this week. It hit the mark and some raw nerves as well. The nation's longest serving Treasurer served it up to both sides of politics, but his main target was the Abbott Government.

This Budget needs to be so much better than the last

switzer.com.au — By David Speers Joe Hockey is due to hand down his second budget in just a month and there is still deep confusion within the government over what it is trying to achieve. If the problem with the first budget was a failure to adequately prepare the ground, this isn't a good sign.

Abbott backs down on Budget fight

switzer.com.au — By David Speers He's been the master of the three-word slogan. "Stop the boats", "end the waste", "scrap the tax". Tony Abbott has thrived in black and white political messaging. This week, however, the Prime Minister found himself delving into shades of grey, trying to deliver a nuanced message about his new softer approach to budget repair.

Support Slipping for PM

switzer.com.au — A growing number of Tony Abbott's own ministers have now come to the conclusion he is all but finished as Prime Minister. The only question remaining in their minds is the timing and method of his removal. In the leadership ballot earlier this month, 39 MPs voted in favour of a spill.

A glimpse into the future of coal

switzer.com.au — By David Speers in Japan An hour from the city of Hiroshima, across the calm waters of the Seto Inland Sea, lies the island of Osakikamijima. It's beauty once inspired famous Japanese haiku poems, but now the island is home to a huge construction project aimed at keeping the coal industry alive.
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Aug 05, 2015

Allan Fels: I wouldn't favour MPs using entitlement to travel to party fundraisers #pmagenda @SkyNewsAust

Aug 05, 2015

Allan Fels: MPs should have details on their website of all expenses within a month of spending #pmagenda @David_Speers

Aug 05, 2015

RT @SkyNewsAust: .@cpyne says he won't rule out that Aust Submarine Corp may be sold under a winning submarine bid #ASC #pmagenda

Aug 04, 2015

Prof Allan Fells tells Press Club mental health reform will deliver greater economic benefit than tax reform. He joins me on #pmagenda

Aug 04, 2015

Why is school performance stagnating in Australia? My guest on #pmagenda is Education Minister Christopher Pyne @SkyNewsAust

Aug 04, 2015

Essential Report on Labor leader: Don't know (36%), Someone Else (18%) Shorten (16%), Plibersek (13%), Albanese (12%) #pmagenda

Aug 04, 2015

Sorry wrong numbers..Essential Report on Lib leader: Turnbull (24%), Don't know (22%), Abbott (18%), Bishop (17%)

Aug 04, 2015

Essential Report best leader of Libs: Don't Know (24%), Turnbull (24%), JBishop (21%), Someone Else (13%), Abbott (11%) #pmagenda

Aug 04, 2015

Essential Report...no change in 2PP. 53%(Labor) 47%(Coalition) #pmagenda

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