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Covers:  Immigration, Nato, Nordic Region, Iceland, Media, Politics, Europe, Arctic Science, Indigenous Peoples, Business more ...

Scottish journalist, broadcaster and storyteller with a Nordic niche

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I'm a Helsinki-based journalist and broadcaster covering diverse stories that grab my attention across the Nordic region: politics, international relations, sport, lifestyle, crime, arts, environment, minorities, education and more.

I used to be a conflict zone journalist, now I'm a comfort zone journalist. I was based in Iraq for almost 6 years as a Fox News correspondent; and then spent two years in Islamabad with The Associated Press ...

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What advice can you offer to aspiring journalists?

Embrace social media, but don't ignore good old fashioned shoe leather, hand shaking & coffees to cultivate face-to-face contacts & sources.

Red-Eye Nightmares: The Nordic Solution To Help You Sleep Soundly In Coach

forbes.com — Whether you're flying long haul, cross country or just a short commuter hop, falling asleep in coach is never fun. Now a team of Nordic entrepreneurs have designed a solution to stop you jerking your neck around or getting muscle strain when you slump uncomfortably in 34C, wedged between two larger [...]

Finland backs Scottish minimum alcohol pricing

bbc.com — The Finnish government is set to give its support to the Scottish government in a controversial court case over minimum pricing levels for alcohol. BBC Scotland has learned that Finnish officials will present papers to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg this week.

Finland backs Scottish minimum alcohol pricing

bbc.co.uk — The Finnish government is set to give its support to the Scottish government in a controversial court case over minimum pricing levels for alcohol. BBC Scotland has learned that Finnish officials will present papers to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg this week.

Is Apple Ruining Finland's Economy? Don't Believe Everything You Read

forbes.com — The Prime Minister of Finland thinks Apple is ruining his country's economy. At least that's what some writers and bloggers would have you believe. "I guess one could say that the iPhone killed Nokia and the iPad killed the Finnish paper industry" Alex Stubb told CNBC in an interview this week.

Porn In The Post: You've Got Male

forbes.com — When the Finnish post office announced it would release a set of stamps commemorating a famous artist, the images set pulses racing for more than just hard core philatelists. Last month, the first stamps went on sale and became a runaway success, showcasing the work of Touko Laaksonen,whose homoerotic artwork is [...]

Helsinki Out Of Season: Fall In The Finnish Capital

forbes.com — Finland in the Fall can sometimes feel like an ugly step-sister, wedged between the twin beauties of glorious lazy sunny summer days and luminous bright winter snowscapes. It's true the vast tracts of forest, especially east in Karelia or north in Lapland, can be spectacular as the leaves turn russet, rivalling [...]

Viking Treasure: The Buzz About Liquid Gold

forbes.com — When Viking warriors returned home from raids, they brought with them chests of plundered gold. But when they celebrated, they did so with a golden treasure of their own: honey. In its most simple form, honey ale - or mead - is produced by fermenting water and honey with natural yeast.

The Silence Of The Lambs, The Roar Of The Volcano: Travel Inspiration In East Iceland

forbes.com — "Here I am in my brand new life" says Sigga Lund. The former radio star and her boyfriend live hundreds of miles from friends and family, with the bleating of their 300 sheep the only noise for miles around. During her career, Sigga's was a familiar voice to listeners in Iceland, [...]

Come Fry With Me: The Airline Turning Restaurant Grease Into Aviation Fuel

forbes.com — When Finnair flight AY5 touched down in New York this week, passengers might have thought they smelled the delicious aroma of bacon as the Airbus A330 wheels screeched on the tarmac at JFK. That's because the flight from Helsinki was powered by biofuel, part of which is made of grease and [...]

The Students From Norway Solving America's Campus Housing Crisis

forbes.com — The solution to America's current campus housing crisis may have already been solved by two students from Norway. Across America this Fall, universities are facing a chronic shortage of accommodation. At San José State, all incoming students were put on a waiting list, while upper classmen were moved to hotels.
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Oct 30, 2014

Talking of opinion polls (we were...) here's an @STVNews poll showing collapse in Labour support in #Scotland buff.ly/1zNo7X9

Oct 30, 2014

@Loukas_RS I spent almost 6 years covering the war in Iraq. Don't get me started!

Oct 30, 2014

Former #Denmark head of NATO says Iraq invasion could have been better planned. *cough* No shit Sherlock buff.ly/1wI69AB

Oct 30, 2014

@henkkuli I only posted it because a previous poll that put NCP 1% in the lead sent them into a frenzy of excitement!

Oct 30, 2014

Something for all the #Finland politics wonks: Keskusta surges above +25% while NCP slumps below 20% in new YLE poll buff.ly/1wJhPnM

Oct 30, 2014

Found another story that's so, so #Sweden. Now there's an official national font. And it's not Comic Sans buff.ly/1sKpw6S

Oct 30, 2014

Majority of people in #Sweden now in favour of joining NATO reports @rmilneNordic. buff.ly/1rCnfdU (in #Finland, majority against)

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