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Art Fair Energizes Economy of Region — If you're looking to invigorate a community's economy and social life, bringing in tens of thousands of well-to-do, art-loving out-of-towners for a long weekend isn't a bad way to start. That, more or less, happens each year at Art Basel in Miami Beach, and the results have been impressive.

Bearish sentiment gives gold bugs glimmer of hope — Sentiment toward gold is at such a bearish extreme, it seems as if every market seer is saying it's time to buy because nearly everyone else has been selling. Various sources, such as a blog for the financial advice firm HighTower and the investment newsletter Elliott Wave Financial Forecast, have highlighted data from Daily Sentiment Index showing the lack of love for gold.

Junk Bonds Flourish Amid Low Interest Rates, but So Do Default Worries — A big wave of defaults in the junk bond market may be on the way. But some say there may be no reason for investors in the sector to worry. Extremely low interest rates and a thirst for speculation have made the high-yield debt market - as it is known formally - bigger than ever.

Here’s yet another reason to sell a mutual fund — When superstar bond-fund manager Bill Gross left Pimco for Janus in late September, it was the job change heard 'round the world, blamed for disrupting bond markets as money exited the Pimco funds he handled. Manager departures aren't usually as earth-shaking, but they can cause changes in fund performance and must be factored into investors' thinking.

Making Sure Retirement Savings Don’t Run Out — We are living longer, but the life expectancy of our money may have trouble keeping pace. The combination of longer retirements and more exaggerated cycles in financial markets heightens what financial advisers call longevity risk, the possibility of running out of money before running out of time.

Companies Seeing the Advantages in Spinoffs — As corporate deal makers set a record pace for mergers, some boards have been heading in the other direction. EBay and Hewlett-Packard are two recent examples of prominent companies that announced plans to spin off chunks of their businesses into separate entities.

A Loss of Altitude at the Quarter’s Close — BLACK swans - those rare, disastrous events that can derail bull markets - were thought to be lurking everywhere during the third quarter, from China to Ukraine to the Middle East - even Scotland. Yet stock indexes rose for nearly the entire period, continually setting record highs.

These mutual funds give hedge funds a run for their money — Usually you get what you pay for, but sometimes you get a lot less. A common raw deal for common investors is the so-called closet index tracker - a fund that's supposed to be actively managed and charges fees accordingly, yet has a portfolio that varies hardly at all from its benchmark index.

One Key to Exports: Liquid Gas — New methods of producing natural gas are expected to turn the United States from an importer into a large exporter in less than a decade, assuming that the gas can be exported in sufficient quantities cheaply enough to compete on world markets.

These ‘diversified’ stock funds spread your money too thin — Some funds are doomed before they invest a single dollar. Franklin Double Tax-Free Income (FPRTX) , highlighted here last month, was designed in a way that forced the managers to own a limited number of securities whose price movements were bound to be highly correlated: municipal bonds issued in Puerto Rico and a few other overseas American territories that are nice places to visit, but you wouldn't want to invest there.
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