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Epic Electric American Roadtrip [PHOTOS]

smartplanet.com — PlugInsights Managing Director, Norman Hajjar, is on a 12,000-mile roadtrip in a Tesla Model S. Check out some of the snapshots he's shared along the way. 1/13
SmartPlanet: Epic Electric American Roadtrip [PHOTOS] - PlugInsights Managing Director, Norman Hajjar, is on a 12,... ow.ly/2FMFe8

How Jane Goodall’s legacy is alleviating poverty

smartplanet.com — HOIMA, UGANDA -- Many know Jane Goodall as the daring British secretary who lived with wild chimpanzees in Tanzania's Gombe Stream National Park, but her legacy includes much more. Goodall, who turned 80 this week, spreads her trademark message of hope for people and wildlife around the globe, yet fewer realize her legacy continues in Africa under the able leadership of locals.

Scientists clone embryonic stem cells from a man's skin

smartplanet.com — Two years ago, scientists conducted a tiny study of the first of embryonic stem cell treatment in humans. The results were promising, but were generally considered a first step because they used infants. Now, in a new experiment, scientists have made another breakthrough, one that's especially promising for treating maladies that tend to affect older people such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
SmartPlanet: Scientists clone embryonic stem cells from a man's skin ow.ly/2FM6GH

15 most rewarding jobs of 2013

smartplanet.com — Given a choice, would you rather be a newspaper reporter or an actuary? One is the best job to have, the other is the worst. Those are the findings of CareerCast's Kyle Kensing, who recently compiled the firm's annual list of the 200 best and worst jobs of the year.
15 most rewarding jobs -- my top 5, and 10 more from CareerCast. Nominees: sys. analyst, actuary, sci. fiction author smrt.io/17NQjWZ