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Google Street View takes you back in time

smartplanet.com — Google already has images of the world from just about every angle. Now it's letting users go back in time to see how streets, buildings and landmarks have changed over the years. The new "historical" Street View images more than doubles the imagery now available on Google Maps, according to the company.
SmartPlanet: Google Street View takes you back in time - Google Maps has launched a new feature in Street View tha... ow.ly/2FXE6n

GM seeks to stem lawsuits caused by 2.8m vehicle recall

smartplanet.com — General Motors is in damage control mode for two reasons -- to repair a reputation tarnished by the recall of millions of cars, and to prevent as much financial damage as possible. The automaker has filed a motion in U.S.
SmartPlanet: GM seeks to stem lawsuits caused by 2.8m vehicle recall ow.ly/2FWjXU

Eggs require as much energy to produce as beef. Can we make them from plants?

smartplanet.com — The first thing to greet you when you enter Hampton Creek Foods' headquarters in San Francisco's SOMA neighborhood is Jake, the founder's Golden Retriever. When you pull yourself away from his persistent pleas for love, you'll look up and wonder if you've strolled into a coffee shop.

Q&A: How to perform 68% better than your coworker

smartplanet.com — In his book, Give and Take, Wharton professor Adam Grant explains how givers (who help others without selfish motivation), takers (who take without giving in return) and matchers (who strive for equal trades) can affect our success - both as individuals and at the corporate level.