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WATCH: Aurora Police release video of red light runners in effort to oppose camera ban

thedenverchannel.com — AURORA, Colo. - In support of efforts to oppose a red light camera ban in Colorado, the Aurora Police Department released a video Tuesday that shows motorists running red lights and causing crashes. A bill is moving through the Colorado legislature that aims to ban red light and speeding cameras in Colorado.
RT @DenverChannel: WATCH: #Aurora Police release video of red light runners in effort to oppose camera ban ch7ne.ws/1hJFChN http://t.…

Video: Southwest flight attendant brings comic relief to monotonous safety briefing

thedenverchannel.com — We've all been there. You finally get settled into your airline seat, anxious to reach your destination. But before you can go anywhere you have to sit through the drone of the pre-flight safety briefing from the flight attendants. Many of us have heard the speech so often that we don't pay any attention.
#smile. Check out the video of a Southwest Airlines flight attendant's safety briefing. The one-liners are so... fb.me/1LYxNAOhx
Need a laugh? You gotta see this video of a @SouthwestAir flight attendant's safety briefing: ch7ne.ws/1t5VWN3

Bloodhound named Pa Kettle elected mayor of Divide

thedenverchannel.com — DIVIDE, Colo. - A soulful-eyed bloodhound named Pa Kettle has been elected mayor of the Colorado mountain town of Divide. He beat a cat, a wolf, a hedgehog, a horse and several other dogs. The town doesn't have a human mayor.
"The bloodhound will replace Walter the three-legged cat as mayor." bit.ly/1hFg8RG h/t @jbendery
A bloodhound beat a hedgehog for mayor in Colorado? Unbelievable. I'd demand a recount bit.ly/1hHNvEj (h/t @BDayspring)

Week 5: Training for the BolderBOULDER

thedenverchannel.com — Coming up on the halfway point of training, runners of all levels will do nearly twice as many miles during this week as they did during the first week. Beginners will focus on building their base while more experienced runners start to add distance during the second week of training for the 2014 BolderBOULDER.

Toddler runs away, found inside Bear Claw stuffed animal game machine at Nebraska bowling alley

thedenverchannel.com — LINCOLN, Ne. - Bowlers in Lincoln, Nebraska got a surprise Monday night when they spotted a little boy sitting inside a game machine. KETV said the 3-year-old boy somehow escaped his mom's apartment, got across the street, walked into a bowling alley and crawled into the machine.

First women move to Army platoon artillery jobs_

thedenverchannel.com — FORT BRAGG, N.C. (AP) - Under a canopy of trees on the edge of a large field, soldiers from Bravo Battery are lying in a circle as they pore over targeting charts. Nearby, others are preparing the howitzer cannons as helicopters swoop overhead.

Castle Rock council approves open carry election

thedenverchannel.com — CASTLE ROCK, Colo. - The Castle Rock Town Council has agreed to let voters decide whether or not to repeal the town's ban on openly carrying firearms in town-owned buildings and parks. The approval came Monday after a successful petition against council's vote to repeal the ban in January.
Voters in Castle Rock will get to decide if the town should allow open carry: ch7ne.ws/1t5WBhw

Senate approves Colorado college tuition cap

thedenverchannel.com — DENVER - Colorado's public colleges and universities would get a tuition cap and funding boost under a bill approved Tuesday by the state Senate. The Senate voted 34-1 for a bill to lower maximum annual tuition hikes from 9 percent to 6 percent. The bill also adds about $100 million to higher education funding.
Colorado Senate approved tuition cap: ch7ne.ws/1t5Wanu Bill now goes to the House.

Injured moose calf improving_

thedenverchannel.com — SILVERTHORNE, Colo. - A moose calf with an injured leg is continuing to improve after Colorado wildlife officials asked people in Silverthorne to leave the animal alone. According to the Summit Daily, the calf and cow moose have been seen venturing at increasingly greater distances to the north through Silverthorne, but continue to return to a protective sanctuary along the banks of the Blue River.

Man's body found behind Target in Boulder

thedenverchannel.com — BOULDER, Colo. - Boulder Police are investigating the death of a person near a Target store. The body was found Tuesday morning behind the Target near Pearl Street and 30th. Boulder Police spokeswoman Kim Kobel told our partners at the Boulder Daily Camera newspaper that the victim is a man.

Jeanne Hagio sentenced to probation, community service in death of mother

thedenverchannel.com — COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A 66-year-old woman has been given a four-year deferred jail sentence, unsupervised probation and 100 hours of community service after pleading guilty to charges of neglecting her mother and harming an at-risk adult. Jeanne Hagio was arrested after her mother, 98-year-old Yuta Hagio, was found dead on the floor of the bathroom at her home in January.
Woman gets probation and community service in the death of her 98-year-old mother: ch7ne.ws/1ktzmKh

2 people stabbed in Aurora during fight between roommates

thedenverchannel.com — AURORA, Colo. - Two people were stabbed at a home in Aurora Tuesday morning. It happened at 669 S. Oswego St. shortly after 6:30 a.m., according to Sergeant Chris Amsler with the Aurora Police Department. That is near S. Peoria St. and E. Exposition Ave.

13 post offices in Denver metro area accepting returns until midnight

thedenverchannel.com — DENVER - Thirteen post offices in the Denver metro area will be accepting returns until midnight for last minute tax filers. Twelve of those locations will have self-service kiosks for customers needing stamps. Only one post office will be staffed until midnight.
RT @DenverChannel: #TaxDay: 13 post offices in #Denver metro open to postmark your tax return before midnight ch7ne.ws/1ktuq8e http:/…
#TaxDay: Have you done yours yet?? 13 local post offices accepting returns until midnight: ch7ne.ws/1ktuq8e pic.twitter.com/6ff2ys1a2x
#TaxDay: 13 post offices in the Denver metro area will take #tax returns until midnight. But only 1 will be staffed: ch7ne.ws/1ktuq8e
13 post offices in Denver metro area will take #tax returns until midnight. BUT only 1 will be staffed: ch7ne.ws/1ktuq8e

Poisoned meatballs found in park in Boulder County; at least 1 dog treated by veterinarian

thedenverchannel.com — GUNBARREL, Colo. - Poisoned meatballs were found in a park in Gunbarrel Monday evening. The raw meatballs found in a neighborhood park located at 5150 Buckingham Rd. contained green chunks of rat poison, according to the Boulder County Sheriff's Office. The meatballs are slightly smaller than the average car key.
RT @DenverChannel: This is Amos, who is recovering after eating one of the poisoned meatballs found in Boulder ch7ne.ws/1ilBHXb http…
RT @DenverChannel: PLEASE RETWEET! 2 more poisoned meatballs found in park in @bouldercounty; 1 dog treated. ch7ne.ws/1ilBHXb http:/…
RT @DenverChannel: PLEASE RETWEET! 2 more poisoned meatballs found in park in @bouldercounty; 1 dog treated. ch7ne.ws/1ilBHXb http:/…
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