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France to stop citizens joining Syria war

aljazeera.com — France has unveiled steps to stop its citizens from joining the Syrian civil war and prevent young French Muslims from posing a threat to their home country. France, which has been a staunch opponent of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, estimates the number of its nationals directly involved in the Syrian conflict is about 500, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said in a radio interview.
RT @patrickgjackson: Loss of citizenship? #France unveils plans to deter people from going to #Syria to fight - @AjEnglish aje.me/1nFyH8B
RT @DavidKenner: France will establish a hotline to call if you suspect your child is about to run off to become a jihadist in Syria. aljazeera.com/news/europe/20…
RT @DavidKenner: France will establish a hotline to call if you suspect your child is about to run off to become a jihadist in Syria. aljazeera.com/news/europe/20…
RT @DavidKenner: France will establish a hotline to call if you suspect your child is about to run off to become a jihadist in Syria. aljazeera.com/news/europe/20…
France will establish a hotline to call if you suspect your child is about to run off to become a jihadist in Syria. aljazeera.com/news/europe/20…

US to deliver Apache helicopters to Egypt

aljazeera.com — The US is to deliver 10 Apache attack helicopters to Egypt, relaxing a suspension of aid imposed after the military removed Mohamed Morsi from the presidency last year. News of the decision, which comes despite no evidence of an Egyptian transition towards democracy, was conveyed by Chuck Hagel, the US defence secretary, to his Egyptian counterpart Sedki Sobhi on Tuesday.

Pirates plunder oil tanker off Malaysia coast

aljazeera.com — Armed pirates have raided a Singapore-owned oil tanker off the coast of Malaysia, taking three crew members and pumping millions of litres of diesel fuel over several hours. Six pirates in a speedboat boarded the Naninwa Maru early on Wednesday off the coast of west Malaysia, Maritime Police Commander Abdul Aziz Yusof told the Reuters news agency.

'Paradigm shift': Palestinians join treaties

aljazeera.com — Ramallah, Occupied West Bank - On April 1, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas signed applications to join 15 international treaties and conventions, including the Geneva Conventions, which articulate the laws of war. The move came after Israel decided not to release a final batch of 26 Palestinian prisoners, a key part of an agreement made between the Palestinians, Israel and the United States to re-start peace talks last year.
Good primer by @DaliaHatuqa on what the PA's decision to sign all those international treaties actually means: aljazeera.com/news/middleeas…

US condemns S Sudan massacre as 'abomination'

aljazeera.com — The US has called the massacre of hundreds of civilians in South Sudan an "abomination" and appealed to rebel and government leaders to condemn those responsible and bring them to justice. The statement from the White House on Tuesday came after Al Jazeera released images from Bentiu showing masses of bodies littering the streets and in a mosque, where at least 200 people were reported murdered.

Al Jazeera journalists' trial adjourned again

aljazeera.com — The trial in Egypt of three Al Jazeera English journalists, accused of spreading news and belonging to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, has been adjourned until May 3. Correspondent Peter Greste and producers Mohammed Fahmy and Barher Mohamed, who have been imprisoned in Cairo for 115 days, were not granted bail at Tuesday's hearing and are to remain in prison until the next hearing.

Qatar failing to protect household workers

aljazeera.com — Human rights group Amnesty International has condemned the Gulf state of Qatar for failing to protect migrant domestic workers, claiming they are exposed to a greater extent of abuse than construction workers and are trapped by employers. A report published on Wednesday called "My sleep is my break: Exploitation of migrant domestic workers in Qatar" features instances of physical and sexual assault.

Egyptian doctor to face nation's first trial over female genital cutting

america.aljazeera.com — A doctor in Egypt is set to stand trial on Thursday in relation to the female genital mutilation (FGM) of a child who died of complications. It is the first attempt to prosecute over a procedure banned in Egypt since 2008.

Is football still the beautiful game?

aljazeera.com — David Moyes lasted only 10 months at Manchester United - taking charge of 51 games. Like other top football clubs, the English Premier League champions have become a global brand worth billions of dollars. More than $3 billion in fact, according to Forbes Magazine.

Q&A: Linking climate change and human rights

aljazeera.com — In the struggle against environmental destruction and climate change, Greenpeace stands out for challenging powerful forces it sees as a threat. Last September, as it prepared to protest the first ever Arctic drilling for oil at the Prirazlomnaya platform, Greenpeace's icebreaker MV Arctic Sunrise was boarded by armed Russian security forces where it was forcibly towed to the Russian port of Murmansk.
RT @kuminaidoo: Q&A with Kumi Naidoo : Linking climate change and human rights aje.me/1cySSxz via @AJEnglish @greenpeace #climatech…
RT @UNU_TKI: Q&A: Linking climate change and human rights - Human Rights - Al Jazeera English aje.me/19xl17E
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