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Compensation shrinks for all income groups - except the very highest — American paychecks shrank last year, just-released data show, further eroding the public's purchasing power, which is so vital to economic growth. Average pay for 2013 was $43,041 - down $79 from the previous year when measured in 2013 dollars. Worse, average pay fell $508 below the 2007 level, my analysis of the new Social Security Administration data shows.
Oct 23, 2014

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Oct 23, 2014

Compensation shrinks for all income groups – except the very highest. @DavidCayJ takes a look at latest SSA data

Oct 23, 2014

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Al Jazeera to mark 300 days since arrests of journalists — 300 second montage to mark 300 days to be aired on Al Jazeera Parents of Peter Greste say the past 300 days has been stressful To mark 300 days since the arrest of Al Jazeera journalists Baher Mohamed, Mohamed Fahmy and Peter Greste, Al Jazeera will be airing a special 300 second montage live on TV and online on Friday 24th October to mark the key dates since the arrest and subsequent trial and sentencing.

Running with Charlie Hardy — After the debate, Hardy and his campaign headed back to Casper to fundraise at a low-slung house with a peace pole in its front yard. Inside, a crowd of mostly middle-aged women had gathered to hear him speak. They arranged themselves around a kitchen table filled with homemade baked goods.
Oct 23, 2014

Much enjoyed photographing a former priest as he runs for Senate in WY and the great visual display by @ajam

Colorado congressional candidates woo Hispanic swing vote — "Congress is not doing anything to reform our immigration system," congressional candidate Andrew Romanoff told a roomful of Hispanic constituents, who erupted into applause. His words were not exceptional, except that they were in Spanish. "It's very important to lower the cost of college education and to fortify our economy."

Police say hanging death of black US teen was 'suicide' — Family and friends of #LennonLacy initiate their own investigation.

Ignoring sexual violence in Nicaragua — Daniel Ortega's close relationship with Cardinal Miguel Obando has resulted in stringent laws against abortion [EPA] Dominique Strauss-Kahn would not have lost his job if he was President of Nicaragua. He would have been re-elected. At least, that is what happened to the former Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega.
Oct 23, 2014

Guerrilla-turned-politician damaged by sexual abuse allegations. (NOT a direct parallel, obvi. But worth reading.)

Fighting ISIL: The cost of war — The Pentagon estimates about $10 million is spent per day on airstrikes. Patricia Sabga breaks down the costs

Mexico orders mayor's arrest over students — Mexico has ordered the arrest of the mayor of the southern city of Iguala, along with his wife and an aide, charging they masterminded last month's attack that left six students dead and 43 missing.

Hazaras shot dead in attack on Pakistan bus — At least eight members of Pakistan's ethnic Hazara minority have been killed and two people wounded, when unknown gunmen opened fire at a bus in a market in the outskirts of Quetta in Balochistan. The men were returning from a vegetable market when four gunmen riding two motorcycles intercepted the bus and attacked it, the AP news agency reported.

Tunisia decides - Interactive - Al Jazeera English — Al Jazeera profiles what lies ahead for a country in transition that struggles to decide the democracy it should become.

Bring back the abortion underground railroad — On Oct. 14, the Supreme Court allowed 13 Texas abortion clinics to reopen, blocking parts of a state law that had imposed onerous requirements on abortion providers. Without this ruling, all but eight of the state's abortion clinics would have been forced to close and many women would have had to travel up to 600 miles for an abortion.

Hong Kong: Occupy Central — Filmmakers: James Leong and Lynn Lee A coalition of pro-democracy reformers want Hong Kong's next chief executive to be directly elected in 2017. The Chinese government insists that the leader must be chosen from a pre-approved list.

Searching for the next Ebola in the Congo basin — In the last five years, we have detected over 800 viruses globally. Five hundred and forty of these viruses have never been seen before. Jonna Mazet global director of USAID's PREDICT program Most of the global epidemics the world has faced in the past few decades have originated in forest ecosystems. The Congo basin alone has been the source of a remarkable number of pandemic threats.

Hijacking Nigeria's #BringBackOurGirls campaign — One evening in May, I visited a bar in Dumfries, a small Scottish town of 40,000 people. When my host - the Scottish poet I was visiting on an exchange programme - introduced me to the bar owner as a Nigerian, she said she had something to show me.