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Williamsburg fire: FDNY still fighting 7-alarm blaze — Watch the Williamsburg blaze unfold PHOTOS: Firefighters battle raging blaze in Williamsburg A seven-alarm fire that started near the Brooklyn waterfront Saturday was still raging Sunday morning, after city firefighters struggled for more than 24 hours to douse the flames. The massive blaze enveloped the CitiStorage building at 5 North 11th St.
Feb 01, 2015

RT @GarySchlesinger: The @FDNY is still fighting the 7-alarm Williamsburg CitiStorage fire more than 24 hours later

Super Bowl teaser ads: The 2015 commercials we most want to see — With an increasing number of companies scaling back the number of full Super Bowl commercials they release before the Big Game, we're left to chomp on mere scraps. Let's see which teasers are the tastiest and have us craving more, and which we wish would go the way of the yanked GoDaddy ad.

L train shutdowns between Brooklyn and Manhattan this spring: MTA — Bad news for Brooklynites, lower Manhattan residents and BK weekenders: The MTA has confirmed major L train shutdowns due to track work this spring. As first reported by Thursday, L train service between 8th Avenue and Bedford Avenue will be shut down for nine straight weeks, March 24 through May 22, Tuesdays through Fridays from 12:01 a.m.
Jan 31, 2015

RT @bcolbyhamilton: Cause no other people ride the L… MT @amNewYork: Sorry, hipsters of the L line -- there'll be 9 weeks of track work

Jan 31, 2015

RT @bcolbyhamilton: Cause no other people ride the L… MT @amNewYork: Sorry, hipsters of the L line -- there'll be 9 weeks of track work

Jan 31, 2015

Cause no other people ride the L… MT @amNewYork: Sorry, hipsters of the L line -- there'll be 9 weeks of track work

FDNY: 200-plus firefighters battling massive blaze at Brooklyn storage facility — LIVE: Firefighters battle 7-alarm blaze amid freezing temperatures PHOTOS: Firefighters battle raging blaze in Williamsburg A six-alarm fire raged near the Brooklyn waterfront Saturday, with city firefighters struggling for hours to douse the flames, authorities said. The massive blaze -- -- enveloped the CitiStorage building at 5 North 11th St.

NYPD officials clarify duties of new counterterrorism unit

Jan 31, 2015

RT @nynewsn: NYPD officials say new counterterror unit won't patrol protests #newyork #nyc

NYC murder cases: Etan Patz to Malcolm X — There's nothing like a shocking murder to focus the attention of New Yorkers. Extreme, bizarre, outrageous killings send the tabloids and blogs into a frenzy of sordid headlines and each new revelation in a murder case is scrutinized like plot points in a living crime novel.

Free Shake Shack breakfast sandwiches & burgers today — Shake Shack debuted on the New York Stock Exchange today (trading name is SHAK) and to celebrate, everyone's favorite quality fast-casual concept is giving away FREE food. From 9-11 a.m. grab a breakfast sandwich from a Shack truck outside the NYSE (11 Wall St.) From 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

LaGuardia AirTrain could cost more than $450M estimate: MTA chief — The cost of building a transit link to LaGuardia Airport could be nearly twice what the governor estimated. MTA chief Tom Prendergast told lawmakers in Albany on Thursday that linking LaGuardia Airport to the No. 7 line at Willets Point with an AirTrain that Gov.

E-hail program in NYC expanded — Taxi riders will have more opportunities to hail a cab with a touch of a button instead of a frantic wave of a hand. The Taxi and Limousine Commission on Thursday expanded its e-hail program, opening opportunities for companies to make new apps that will get the attention of yellow and green taxi drivers, even if they're around a corner.

'Timbuktu' movie review: A potent portrait of brutal terror — 'Timbuktu' a potent portrait of brutal terror ROBERT LEVIN "Timbuktu" is an urgent docudrama of the here and now, in which Malian-French filmmaker Abderrahmane Sissako chronicles the occupation of the eponymous city by the Ansar Dine terror group.
Jan 29, 2015

RT @amNewYork: Oscar-nominated 'Timbuktu' is 'about real people sinking into an abyss,' writers @Rlevin85

MTA shutdown for snow storm under review — The MTA is looking into its last-minute decision late Monday afternoon to shut down mass transit in anticipation of the snow storm that fizzled in the city. MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz said that the review of its storm procedures could include plans for running only underground subways during blizzards.
Jan 29, 2015

MTA reviewing snow storm plans after Monday night's full transit shutdown…

PBA prez calls for boycott of video that depicts violence against cops — The president of the Patrolman's Benevolent Association called for an investigation Sunday into a music video released last month called "Hands Up" that depicts violence against the NYPD and features a Bronx legal aid group. The video, which appeared on the website Worldstar Hip Hop on Dec.

UFC fighters with NYC ties — Of the more than 500 fighters on the UFC's active roster as of January 2015, these are the mixed martial artists with connections to New York City and its five boroughs. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISE HERE RAFAEL NATAL Rafael "Sapo" Natal was born and raised in Brazil, but now lives and trains in New York City.
Jan 29, 2015

#UFC has 7 active fighters either born in, fight out of or were raised for a time in #NYC