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Study Links Ibuprofen To Extended Life Span — Because who doesn't want to live for an extra decade? A study shows that taking regular doses of ibuprofen could add a dozen healthy years to your life. The secret to a longer life might be hiding in plain sight (or at least behind the door of your medicine cabinet).
Dec 19, 2014

That's my hand @AskMenDispatch Stunning research shows ibuprofen extends lifespan by 12 years

Top 10 GoPro Videos — Notorious for their ubiquitous use in extreme action sports photography, GoPro cameras have quickly become a must for anyone looking to capture high-quality action stills and videos.

North Korea Facts — You may not have thought it at the time, but if you were one of the few to see a pre-release screening of the Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy The Interview, you're one of the luckiest people in the world. Or at least, you're in a very select group. Why?
Dec 18, 2014

My colleagues say I shouldn't put my name on this top 10 shocking facts about North Korea.... :\ #TheInterview

Chef Qualifications — These days everyone considers themselves a chef. Maybe not every night after work but each and every one of us has a signature dish that secretly -- or perhaps not so secretly -- they think they could serve in a restaurant.
Dec 18, 2014

Lovely interview w/ the one & only @tonyflem:8 things only chefs know about working in a top kitchen @southplacehotel

Men Who Like Spicy Foods Are Alpha Males — Because you have one more excuse to out-eat your buddies with that butt-burning vindaloo. A French study has found that men with higher levels of testosterone tend to love spicy food. Good news, chili jocks: a French study published in the journal Physiology and Behaviour has illustrated that men with higher levels of testosterone tend to love spicy food.