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This Is the Average Man's Body — George Maat, a professor emeritus of anthropology at Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands, has said that within another 50 years, the Dutch Todd could be six-foot-three. Several years ago the Netherlands was compelled to increase building code standards for door frames.

Mormon Underwear, Revealed — Mormonism has long been a source of cultural fascination-and sometimes suspicion-in America. From Big Love, a TV series about a man and his many wives in Utah, to Sister Wives, which is basically a reality-television version of the same show, depictions of the faith have often focused on sex.

One-Fifth of Detroit's Population Could Lose Their Homes — Evone Brown, a 55-year-old former machine operator, survives on $850 a month from retirement and disability checks, which wasn't enough to cover the roughly $8,000 she owed in property taxes on her home on the east side of Detroit.
Oct 23, 2014

a whiter, wealthier new Detroit is been wooed by tax breaks & incentives, which gives evictions a racial subtext.…

Oct 23, 2014

Detroit's construction of new light rail & hockey arena could also see eviction of 142,000 poor residents.…

The Teenage Fans of ISIS — Last week, three teenage girls from America were picked up in Germany as they attempted to travel halfway around the world in order to join ISIS. A father of one of the girls, Assad Ibrahim, had been in touch with his daughter on Friday, after her school called to tell him she never made it to class that day.