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The First 10 Apple Employees

businessinsider.com — Apple, unlike any other company in the world, has its identity tied to one individual: Steve Jobs.And without question, Jobs was the driving force that turned Apple into the world's most valuable tech company. But, Jobs didn't do it alone.

Anthony Weiner On Uber And The Taxi Industry

businessinsider.com — There's a fierce fight between ridesharing app startups and the taxi companies currently raging around the country and I think I know a way to make peace, let both sides walk away with a win, and most importantly, give the riding public the best of all worlds.
"I'm not just saying that because I have a soft spot for overbearing big city politicians with Clinton ties." businessinsider.com/anthony-weiner…
To compete w.@uber the taxi industry should develop its own cab hailing apps, says @anthonyweiner. businessinsider.com/anthony-weiner…
too much stop "overbearing big city politicians with Clinton ties" businessinsider.com/anthony-weiner…
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People Confess To Worst Mistakes Made During Tech Interviews

businessinsider.com — There are lots of best practices and tips out there for how to get a job at places like Google and Facebook. Be humble, care about the company, demonstrate leadership, fake it 'til you make it. Whatever it may be.
These Guys Confess To Their Worst Mistakes Made During Tech Job Interviews businessinsider.com/worst-mistakes… via @sai

Tech Workers Want To Use Steve Jobs Evidence Against Apple In Salaries Lawsuit

businessinsider.com — SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Four large technology companies should not be allowed to limit evidence about Apple Inc co-founder Steve Jobs at an upcoming trial over no-hire agreements in Silicon Valley, according to a court document filed late on Thursday by employees suing the firms.Tech workers brought a class action lawsuit against Apple, Google Inc, Intel Inc and Adobe Systems Inc in 2011, alleging they conspired to avoid competing for each other's employees in order to avert a salary war.
Tech Workers Want To Use Steve Jobs Evidence Against Apple In Salaries Lawsuit businessinsider.com/r-tech-workers… via @

Weibo Investors Celebrate IPO While Weibo User Celebrates Getting Out Of Chinese Prison

businessinsider.com — SAN FRANCISCO/HONG KONG (Reuters) - Weibo Corp executives on Thursday toasted the Chinese social media firm's debut at Nasdaq's New York headquarters.Hours earlier in Beijing, Charles Xue, a Chinese-American venture capitalist and prominent Weibo user, celebrated a different kind of coming-out: his release after eight months in jail.
Weibo Investors Celebrate IPO While Weibo User Celebrates Getting Out Of Chinese Prison businessinsider.com/r-weibo-debut-… via @

Here Are The Weirdest Things You Can Buy On Alibaba's English Site

businessinsider.com — Alibaba, the enormous Chinese e-commerce company, is about to file for an IPO in the U.S.The two most popular Alibaba websites - Taobao and Tmall - are Chinese marketplaces and rather inaccessible if you don't know the language, but there's also Alibaba.com, an English site for sales between importers and exporters in more than 240 countries.
Here Are The Weirdest Things You Can Buy On Alibaba's English Site businessinsider.com/here-are-the-w… via @sai

Nike Fires FuelBand Team

businessinsider.com — There have been rumors that Nike will stop making its FuelBand wearable device, and now it looks like the rumors have come true.A person familiar with Nike's plans confirmed to CNET that the company will get out of the fitness band business and will stick with software, such as the Nike+ app for the iPhone.

Why Google Isn't Growing

businessinsider.com — Google CEO Larry Page can be forgiven for being in a bad mood this weekend. On his company's Q1 2014 earnings call, his people delivered what he thought would be good news: revenues of $15.4 billion, up 19%.Very, very few business can deliver 20% growth on billions in revenues.

SeaWorld Attendance Tumbling - Business Insider

businessinsider.com — Something disquieting happened at SeaWorld marine parks this year. Numbers attending the group's popular US centres between January and March dropped, from 3.5 million in 2013 to 3.05 million this year, a decline of 13%.Nor is it hard to guess the cause, say wildlife campaigners.

White House Comment On Petition To Deport Justin Bieber

businessinsider.com — Troubled pop star Justin Bieber has had high-profile run-ins with the law recently but the White House doesn't appear set to add to his growing catalogue of woes.Just under 275,000 people have added their names to a petition on the White House website calling for the Canadian's deportation from the US, easily surpassing the threshold of 100,000 signatures required for presidential consideration.
RT @bi_politics: White House Refuses To Comment On Petition To Deport Justin Bieber read.bi/QucXl1

Soldatov And The Global Internet Debate

businessinsider.com — On Thursday, Edward Snowden asked Russian president Vladimir Putin whether the Kremlin conducts mass surveillance.Snowden's question is a positive development, according to Russian security expert Andrei Soldatov, because it provides an opportunity to finally discuss surveillance by countries besides the U.S.
RT @MichaelKelleyBI: Re-up of my piece detailing @AndreiSoldatov's argument of why Snowden's Q needed to be asked, in any context. http://t…

Here's How To Opt Out Of Those Annoying Targeted Ads In Your Gmail

businessinsider.com — Targeted ads can be extremely distracting, not least of which because it's a reminder that the big G is scanning your email. You can't stop it from doing that, and you can't stop it from serving up ads altogether, but you can stop it from giving you targeted ads in your email.

Pat Kiernan Day In The Life

businessinsider.com — gets up at 3 am every day and his workday doesn't end until 6 pm. Pat Kiernan is a legendary anchor who's been the face of New York City news since 1997. He How does he do it? We followed him around for a day to figure out just that.
RT @MeetTheRegulars: Glad we only did dinner ow.ly/vVYb0 MT @businessinsider We followed @patkiernan thru his 15-hour workday ht…
RT @colinjones: Here's a day in the life of @patkiernan. It seems a bit exhausting: read.bi/1kIrCV8
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Startup: From Craigslist To Amazon Killer

businessinsider.com — Remember last December, when Beyoncé caused a music industry firestorm by releasing her new album via her website and iTunes a full week before retailers like Amazon and Target could sell it?Well, unbeknownst to them, these three guys were part of the controversy. Their company, DigitalOcean, runs the cloud service that hosts Beyoncé's website.
These Guys Met On Craigslist And 2 Years Later Their Startup Raised $37 Million And Is Threatening Amazon read.bi/QlDQYu

Airbnb Petition San Francisco

businessinsider.com — An Airbnb host started a petition challenging San Francisco lawmakers in light of Airbnb hosts getting in evicted or fined in the city.The petition, which currently has over 22,000 signatures, calls on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to change the law so that it protects people who share their homes.
RT @businessinsider: People are getting evicted in San Francisco for renting their apartments with Airbnb read.bi/1r4VMBP
People are getting evicted in San Francisco for renting their apartments with Airbnb read.bi/1r4VMBP
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