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Senegal Puts 20 People on Watch for Ebola After First Case — Bloomberg News Senegal placed 20 people who were exposed to the nation's first Ebola case under surveillance, including the patient's family and medical workers, Minister of Health Awa Marie Coll Seck said. The 21-year-old college student from Guinea came in a six-passenger vehicle across a land border about three weeks ago, Seck said by phone from Dakar, Senegal's capital, yesterday.

Lapid Sees Brief ‘Small’ Drop in Israel Growth Due to Gaza Fight — Bloomberg News Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid said he expects a "small" decrease in economic growth as a result of the 50-day conflict with Gaza Strip militants that ended last week. The tourism industry has been affected most, Lapid said at a Jerusalem press conference yesterday.
Aug 31, 2014

#Israeli Finance Minister Lapid says he expects a “small” decrease in economic growth as a result of 50-day #Gaza war…

Thai Junta Leader Names Military Men to Key Cabinet Posts — Bloomberg News Thailand's king endorsed junta leader Prayuth Chan-Ocha's new cabinet, which puts military men in charge of almost every key ministry. Prayuth, who took power in a May 22 coup, placed 11 military officers in the 32-member cabinet, including as defense minister, foreign minister, interior minister, commerce minister, education minister and justice minister.
Aug 31, 2014

RT @RobinsonBKK: Thailand's new junta-appointed cabinet makes Myanmar look like a beacon of democracy. How times change.…

Fighting Ebola With Rap Music — Bloomberg View Illustration by Bloomberg View; Photographs by Getty Images In an effort to control the outbreak of Ebola in Africa, public officials are turning into music producers. The Ebola Rap is performed by famous Liberian hip-hop singers and underwritten by the country's health ministry, along with Unicef and other groups.

Protect Your Reputation by Controlling the Stories People Tell — Photograph by SuperStock via Getty Images We all have good stories to tell about our fortes and foibles. You know, the one about the time you spilled coffee on the chief executive officer's lap during your lunch interview and still got the job.
Aug 31, 2014

Communicate RT @BW A simple strategy for controlling colleagues' gossip about you:

What to Wear to the Office This Fall — Fifty style upgrades for every budget and workplace dress code

Clinton Would Benefit From Primary, AFL-CIO's Trumka Says — Bloomberg News A "coronation" of Hillary Clinton's potential presidential campaign by Democrats would hurt her chances of winning a race for the White House, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said. "Anytime anybody believes there's going to be a coronation, that's dangerous for the candidate," Trumka told reporters during a breakfast in Washington hosted today by the Christian Science Monitor.
Aug 29, 2014

RT @blakehounshell: Huh. RT @greenhousenyt: AFL-CIO President Trumka says it would be good if Hillary has a primary challenger.…

Aug 29, 2014

Huh. RT @greenhousenyt: AFL-CIO President Trumka says it would be good if Hillary has a primary challenger.…

Aug 29, 2014

Whoa ---> "@greenhousenyt: AFL-CIO President Trumka says it would be good if Hillary has a primary challenger.…

Aug 29, 2014

AFL-CIO President Trumka says it would be good if Hillary has a primary challenger.…

When Does a $5 Toll Cost $30? When You're Driving a Rental Car — Photograph by Peter Titmuss/Alamy With the rise of "cashless" turnpikes, where tolls are collected via devices like EZ-Pass rather than at tollbooths, rental car companies have found two ways to pass those costs on to their customers, both fairly unpopular: Customers can choose to rent a pass for as much as $20 a day, which they'll pay whether or not they pass through a toll plaza, or they can pay the fines for going through the lanes without a pass, plus a hefty processing fee tacked on by the rental company.
Aug 30, 2014

RT @BW: When does a $5 toll cost $30? When you're driving a rental car:

At the U.S. Open, Andy Murray Is Playing for a Title-and a Raise — Sports Business Photograph by Julian Finney/Getty Images Andy Murray squeaked out a first round victory in the U.S. Open on Monday, despite cramps all over his body. The performance saved Murray, ranked 9th in the world in men's tennis, from an embarrassing upset in the final major tournament of year.

In India, Slum Dwellers Move Into High Rises — Real Estate Photograph by Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg Indian developer Babulal Varma's job requires the human touch. The company he co-founded, Omkar Realtors & Developers, specializes in coaxing Mumbai's slum dwellers from their hovels, then bulldozing the slum and erecting a mix of luxury condominium towers and free new homes for the slum dwellers on the cleared land.
Aug 29, 2014

RT @BW: Mumbai developers want slum dwellers to let luxury towers be built on their land in exchange for a free apartment:

Bonds or Banks? Doubling Your Money in a Low-Interest-Rate World — One easy measure of an investment is how long it takes to double your money. As interest rates have plunged around the world, that's taking longer and longer. The only investments that double quickly are risky.
Aug 29, 2014

Double your money in just 7,000 years! My story with Dorothy Gambrell of @bizweekgraphics @BW