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Happy 10th to ARod-Varitek brawl at Fenway — By Mike Harrington Ten years ago today, I was in Fenway Park covering a Yankees-Red Sox game. Former executive sports editor Howard Smith had an out-of-left-field idea to cover the series and do another-will-the-Red-Sox-ever-win story. Neither he nor I ever imagined what I would see.
Jul 24, 2014

Inside Pitch: Happy 10th to ARod-Varitek brawl, with my articles from the BN archives. #Yankees #Redsox

Moreland interference report roils race for Cuomo — Alleged political interference by Andrew M. Cuomo's administration into the Moreland Commission that the governor created to investigate public corruption is now emerging as a major issue in a suddenly intensified statewide campaign. Republican opponent Rob Astorino demanded late Wednesday that Cuomo answer questions about his administration's role following a New York Times article outlining several accusations of interference with the Moreland Commission.