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Harper's infrastructure plan to cost $300M next year, will trim surplus to $1.6B — OTTAWA - And now it's $1.6 billion. That's Ottawa's new projection for next year's budgetary surplus following Prime Minister Stephen Harper's $5.8-billion infrastructure announcement. Canada's surplus forecast for 2015-16 is now $300 million lower than the $1.9-billion projection the Finance Department published two weeks ago in its fall fiscal update.
Nov 25, 2014

Update: Harper's infrastructure plan to trim next year's surplus by $300M, down to $1.6B… #cdnpoli

When top performers get away with misconduct, whole companies suffer — Years ago, in a downtown Vancouver Denny's, Cameron Herold's mentor asked him a simple question: whether any of his employees weren't really working out. Looking across the table to the advisor he respected so greatly, Herold, a veteran leader of some of Canada's most successful companies, who now works as an executive coach, had to be truthful.
Nov 24, 2014

This @cdnbiz piece on the misconduct of high performers is great, but I really don't think much will change:…

Nov 24, 2014

When top performers get away with misconduct, whole companies suffer… via @cdnbiz

Meghan Trainor’s “Lips are Movin” and the art of corporate patronage — Back in 1924, Italian artist Fortunato Depero launched a 13-year-long partnership with Campari, the drink manufacturer. During the course of the company's patronage, Depero designed labels, advertisements and even a bottle for them. He argued-in a 1931 treatise called "Campari Futurist Single Edition-that advertising did not need to directly show a product to attract consumers.
Nov 24, 2014

Meghan Trainor's Lips Are Moving and the art of corporate patronage…

Nov 22, 2014

I spent Friday writing about Megan Trainor, Neil Gaiman and corporate patronage. No, really:…

Nov 21, 2014

Meghan Trainor’s “Lips are Movin” and the art of corporate patronage… via @cdnbiz

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Canada’s Best Employers 2015: The Top 50 Large Companies — This list of Canada's Best Employers, compiled by Aon Hewitt, a global HR consulting firm, is determined in large part by surveying employees. Their engagement is measured by their views on areas such as leadership excellence, manager effectiveness, supporting productivity, career development and recognition.