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Kevin Martin advances to Players' Championship final — Martin led his Edmonton rink to a 6-5 victory over Winnipeg's Mike McEwen on Saturday in the semifinal of the Grand Slam of Curling's Players' Championship in Summerside, P.E.I. Martin shot 99 per cent and scored a point in the extra end a day after announcing his retirement from competitive curling.

Cuban Twitter controversy: What spurred the U.S. to create ZunZuneo? — Reports that the U. S. government tried to set up a Twitter-style service in Cuba to stir dissent have added a new layer to the complex relationship between the two nations. The news has also spotlighted the real challenges of bringing the internet revolution to the island nation. CBC News: U.
RT @CBCRadioQ: "It's incredibly difficult to be a blogger in Cuba" @emilydparker argues #CubanTwitter fiasco tainted local bloggers http://…

Developer still vague on James Street Baptist plans — The developer who's spearheading a project to demolish two thirds of the old James Street Baptist Church says he still can't give specific details on the renewal plan for downtown relic, but insists the site won't become a "parking lot" under his watch.

Nigel Wright won't face charges, what's next in the Senate-PMO scandal? — This week on The House, Evan Solomon looks into the ramifications of the RCMP's decision to not pursue charges against Nigel Wright. What does that mean for the Prime Minister's former chief of staff, for Mike Duffy, and for Stephen Harper? Paul Calandra, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister,

Raptors drop playoff opener to Nets — Deron Williams and Joe Johnson both scored 24 points as the Brooklyn Nets beat the Toronto Raptors 94-87 in the opening game of their NBA playoff series Saturday. Toronto, which won a club-record 48 games this season, erased a five-point deficit in the fourth to lead 76-75 with about five minutes remaining.

Looking for First Nations love: Indigenous dating life 'complex' — For the last eight years, I've given a lot of careful thought to my dating life, and not just in just the typical way that you would expect of a millennial. I'm a First Nations woman, and the issues of dating and marriage are complex for me.
Looking for First Nations love: Indigenous dating life 'complex' - Aboriginal - CBC

CBC Dying For a Drink | Part 2: Blood and Water — Pedro Barreto remembers the moment he felt he had to do something. He was at a meeting with villagers in La Oroya who were worried about 75 years of pollution from a smelter and refinery in the town. At that time, the air was choked with emissions from processing metals like copper and lead.
Know what I'm doing today! "@CBCEdmonton: See @Warnicam's feature on water crisis facing Peru & how it affects Canada…

Quirks & Quarks for April 19, 2014 — This week, we discover the most Earthlike planet; how male black widow spiders choose females least likely to eat them; how vertebrates went green and became herbivores; how a NASA probe sniffed air on the Moon; how ancient farmers became couch potatoes; and how a GMO tree might produce greener fuel.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 will be found, expert says — An expert on underwater searches says he is sure that search teams will succeed in finding a Malaysian jetliner that has been missing since March 8, and is believed to be at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. "I have absolute confidence it will be found.

News Ottawa (Late Night) - April 17, 2014 — Late Night CBC TV News from Ottawa
@belcourt43 @JaimeJiggs must not have uploaded properly. You can find the story at 4:05 of the original broadcast:…