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The reign in Spain... is in trouble - video

channel4.com — But things are rosy for the Spanish royal family. The country's economic troubles, allied to a series of unflattering royal revelations has boosted republican sentiment. Matt Frei reports.
RT @Channel4News: The reign in Spain... is in trouble. @mattfrei looks at how the Spanish royal family is under fire from all sides. http:/…

Ukraine gun battle shatters Easter truce - but who did it?

channel4.com — "People jumped out of Jeeps and started shooting at us. They threw stun grenades. Our people started running in various directions when somebody shouted 'down'," said one pro-Russian witness. The activist Vladimir added: "A sniper was shooting those who tried to run into the village.

Families' frustration at South Korean ferry recovery process

channel4.com — The confirmed death toll rose to 56, with 246 still missing overnight. The authorities say they want to hold the three crew members arrested on charges of negligence for a further 10 days in order to determine the cause of the accident. Clashes between the increasingly anguished relatives of the missing and the police were reported overnight.