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Man wanted for attempted murder escapes, posts on Facebook — On Friday around 4 p.m. Deqwon Mykel Blackmon escaped from deputies outside Lancaster's jail. He was last seen running into nearby woods a few yards from the barbed wire fence. Eight hours later, he posted on Facebook: "Just had to kiss my kids before I go so. Keep calm."

Randy Travis’ name no longer on ‘Welcome to Marshville’ signs — MARSHVILLE Something's missing from the new "Welcome to Marshville" signs - they no longer say "Home of Randy Travis." Marshville replaced its two welcome signs this summer because the old ones were falling apart, Town Manager Fern Shubert said. The signs stand on U.S. 74 at both ends of the tiny eastern Union County town.

Former Charlottean David Snepp helps Afghans resettle — David Snepp knows that sooner or later thousands of Americans will be coming home from the war in Afghanistan. But he worries about the thousands of Afghans who won't be able to go home themselves. Those are people he worked with at the U.S.
Sep 01, 2014

These Afghans helped us. Now, ex-Charlottean wants to help them flee retaliation before U.S. pulls out.…

Debate could shape Kay Hagan, Thom Tillis Senate race — They're like two prize fighters, bruised and battered by months of pounding, but still standing. Now Democrat Kay Hagan and Republican Thom Tillis head into the ring at 7 p.m.Wednesday9/3 for their first debate (UNC TV), a head-to-head matchup that could shape the final nine weeks of the campaign.
Sep 01, 2014

As debate approaches, polls show NC voters evenly split between Hagan, Tillis. #charobs…

One worker’s story: A layoff, a lesser job, a long wait for training — Eric Bussey says the world he once knew - the one centered on his job as a loan specialist with Wells Fargo - vanished in March 2013 when the bank laid him off. Unable to find full-time work, he drives a limousine part time for Alexander Funeral Home in Charlotte.