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Brain-Training Companies Get Advice From Some Academics, Criticism From Others — Your brain is a tree. Or, perhaps more fittingly, a bank account. With metaphors like these, brain-game companies entice people to buy subscriptions to their online training programs, many of which promise to increase customers' "neuroplasticity," "fluid intelligence," and working memory capacity. They even claim to help stave off the effects of aging.
Oct 22, 2014

Brain-training games promise to raise customers’ fluid intelligence. True? Scientists are both advisers and critics:

The Chronicle Review — Matthew Holst for The Chronicle Review Some might consider it a high honor to have their livelihood ridiculed on the right-wing talk-show circuit. Benjamin Kline Hunnicutt did not. In February he published an article in Politico celebrating a projection that the Affordable Care Act might result in millions of workers' scaling back from full-time to part-time jobs.