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11 Big Data Certifications That Will Pay Off — Data scientists and data analysts as well as engineers and developers with the skills to work with big data technologies are sought after and well-compensated. Want an extra edge looking for your next job? Get big data certified.

CIOs and CMOs Suffer From Failure to Communicate — At the heart of any good relationship is communication, yet a new study shows that CIOs and CMOs are terrible at it. They're not speaking the same language, bicker about the tech budget and argue over who should take ownership of mobile apps.

New Executive Skill Sets Emerge in CIO 100 Award Winners

Jul 31, 2014

IDG CEO @mfriedenberg spots 3 top #CIO skills: marketing, market knowledge, communication.… #CIO100

Architectural Firm Puts Giant Data Files in the Cloud — Perkins and Will, like many other global architectural firms, is struggling to manage ever-growing volumes of information. Data-intensive applications such as building information modeling (BIM) produce enormous files on a regular basis. The firm, which operates in six countries, has about 150 terabytes of critical data-80 percent of which is in BIM files of up to 300 megabytes each.

How to Get Started With GitHub — If you've ever wanted to learn Git, but didn't want to configure a server, GitHub may be the place to do it. That thought isn't mine alone. During a recent site visit, Groupon's lead talent scout told me the company searches for candidates not on a resume site but, rather, by searching through recent GitHub commits.

10 Biggest CIO-CMO Relationship Hurdles — To reach digital customers, CIOs and CMOs have to get a lot of things right. They need to work together with speed and precision. Unfortunately, at many companies the partnership between these two executives is still a work in progress.

For Top CIOs, Success Breeds Success — Wildly successful IT projects make great stories. They spin out profitable new lines of business. They help business partners whomp the competition. They send customer satisfaction skyrocketing. Yet they can also sound like the IT version of Lake Wobegon, where all the project support is strong, all the leaders are good-looking, and all the business results are above average.
Jul 31, 2014

"Fail fast, learn early, change strategy when it's not working," says one #CIO100 winner. For more on the winners:…

CIO 100 Winners Turn Analytics Into Money-Making New Products — This year's CIO 100 honorees collectively spent more than $502 million on their technology projects, and many of the winning efforts focus on using advanced analytics to create new sources of revenue, improve customer experience and increase competitive advantage.
Jul 31, 2014

This year's CIO 100 winners used analytics to create revenue-generating new products #CIO100…

Jul 30, 2014

(Our August cover story -- don't miss it!) CIO 100 Winners Turn Analytics Into Money-Making New Products… @CIOonline

Tips for Measuring and Improving Employee Engagement — Full-time employees spend a large part of their day and the majority of their lives in the workplace, and how they feel about their work is important to them. In a recent Gallup survey, 63 percent of American workers are not engaged in their work, while another 24 percent are "actively disengaged."
Jul 31, 2014

With 63% of American workers not engaged in their work, here's some tips to measure & improve employee engagement…

Full-time Health IT Workers Aren't As Happy As Consultants — It's a busy time in healthcare IT, and full-time employees seem to be feeling the ill effects of all this work more than consultants. A recent survey of nearly 450 health IT workers by the consultancy and recruiting firm Healthcare IT Leaders reveals that consultants are more than twice as likely as full-time employees to be "very satisfied" with their jobs (43 percent vs.