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Stars React on Social Media to iCloud Photo Leaks, Apple Denies Breach — A leak of personal and nude photographs hacked from celebrities' phones that began Sunday night could become the largest invasion of privacy of its kind. Many of the stars targeted by this hack are reacting on social media as the number of pictures and victims continue to grow.
Sep 02, 2014

Apple: "Don't blame us." > Stars React on Social Media to #iCloud Leaks, Apple Denies Breach… @mattkapko @CIOonline

11 Steps Attackers Took to Crack Target — Despite the massive scale of the theft of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and credit card and debit card data resulting from last year's data breach of retail titan Target, the company's PCI compliance program may have significantly reduced the scope of the damage, according to new research by security firm Aorato, which specializes in Active Directory monitoring and protection.