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QUIZ: Which big business boss is your management style most like? Are you more Mark Zuckerberg than Bob Diamond? Find out — Do you Lean In or would you rather have a Four-Hour Work Week? Is your management style more Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg or Burberry cool cat Christopher Bailey? Or would you rather just flash the cash like Bob Diamond?
Oct 31, 2014

My leadership idol is Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. Find out who yours is here… via @CityAM

Oct 31, 2014

My leadership idol is Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Find out who yours is here… via @CityAM

Spanish government puts off Aena IPO until at least next year — The heavily-trailed flotation of the world's largest airport operator has been postponed until at least the early part of next year, a source close to the deal has confirmed. Spanish government-owned Aena, which owns 46 airports including Luton, Madrid Cuartro-Vientos and Barcelona-El Prat, had been due to list 49 per cent of its shares on November 12, which had been expected to raise $10bn for the company.

"Amazon is like IS" terrorist group says David Wylie, literary agent of Martin Amis and Salman Rushdie — One of the most powerful people in the publishing world has compared Amazon to the Islamic terrorist group IS. Andrew Wylie, agent to literary stars such as Martin Amis and Salman Rushdie, called the online retailer a "sort of Isis-like distribution channel" in a speech at the International Festival of Authors on the future of the industry.

Barclays share price leaps and bank shares rise as Bank of England recommends raising leverage ratio for UK banks — The Bank of England has revealed proposals to increase the leverage ratio of UK banks to ensure banks have a larger safety net to fall back on in the event of another financial crisis. The tough new measures will force banks to keep capital of up to 4.95 pence for every £1 they lend by 2019.

Ash London's Amanda Ibgui and Sharon Elalouf bring the French interior design Touch to the City — Imagine how Sharon Elalouf and Amanda Ibgui felt arriving in London from their native Paris on a rainy day in 2006. Not only did they have to contend with English food and English weather, the pair also came up against English interior design.

Merchants Walk in east London: Affordable house prices, yet very commutable — As the fringes of the City soar in both popularity and price, first-time buyers and young professionals on modest incomes are looking to move a bit further afield. In this case "further afield" means 15 minutes away by Tube.

UK drug policy is decades out of date - it’s high time we faced up to the evidence — After months of delays and political squabbles, the Home Office yesterday released its survey of international approaches to drug control. Examining the policies of 13 countries around the world, it failed to find "any obvious relationship between the toughness of a country's enforcement against drug possession, and levels of drug use in that country".
Oct 31, 2014

UK drug policy is decades out of date – it’s high time we faced up to the evidence… via @CityAM

Free enterprise will crumble if we fail to make the moral case for capitalism — THE BIRTH of free enterprise more than 200 years ago fuelled the greatest advances in human prosperity and happiness the world has ever seen. Life before capitalism was, as Thomas Hobbes might have said, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. Today, people in capitalist countries live longer than those in Third World countries and twice as long as their ancestors.
Oct 31, 2014

Free enterprise will crumble if we fail to make the moral case for capitalism… via @CityAM

Fancy owning an 18th century Parisian palace? 140 Rue de Grenelle is up for sale — The 18th century palace you can actually buy at 140 Rue de Grenelle. A rare opportunity to own one of the grandest homes in central Paris. The Rue de Grenelle has over 300 years of Parisian style, architecture and history written into its walls and, after 18 months of restoration and refurbishment, it's back on the market.

Can London build enough homes for 9m people? And where should the new houses be built? — As our population has increased, housebuilding has become a major political issue. There's now a consensus that the capital needs to get building to accommodate a population that's expected to grow by 920,000 by 2024. But it's not an impossible task, according to residential and commercial estate agent Stirling Ackroyd, who released their "New Build Bible" report last week.

Helios penthouse atop Kew Bridge West’s Hyperion Tower is a whole new level of luxury — Flowers are not the only things sprouting up in Kew these days. A number of new housing developments are entering the market, enticing buyers to find better value for money in the greener, airier, more spacious suburbs of south west London.

London’s empire state of mind: New York warehouse conversion inspiration comes to Islington, Clapham, Stratford and Wapping — Globalisation, it seems, is not only changing our work, life and shopping habits, it's also changing our living arrangements. Industrial warehouse conversions, originally found in the meat-packing districts of New York, have crossed the Atlantic and found a new popularity on our shores.

Bow, Tower Hamlets: All you need to know about London's new eastern hotspot — Everyone knows how well Hackney is doing in the property stakes, with house price increases outstripping any other borough in London over the last 12 months. But how about its neighbour Tower Hamlets? As a borough, it's building more new homes than any other in the country.

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks out: I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me — APPLE CEO TIM COOK SPEAKS OUT IN COURAGEOUS STATEMENT APPLE chief executive Tim Cook made history yesterday when the 16-year veteran of the world's most valuable publicly-listed company announced he was proud to be gay.

Has this autumn been colder than normal? Turns out October 2014 has been colder than the 20-year average — Has this October really been "unseasonably warm"? Retailers are obsessed with weather, arguing not unreasonably that consumers will not refresh their wardrobes until the seasons change. But are their memories playing on tricks on them? Met Office data shows this October has not been the mildest in recent history.

Business is on the side of open minds - Editor’s Letter — IT IS great news that Tim Cook has chosen to declare that he is proud to be gay. Unfair discrimination is abhorrent, and such high-profile statements can only help to end any lingering sense that public homosexuality is incompatible with a senior position in business life.

Has Rand Paul's Silicon Valley charm offensive worked its magic on Peter Thiel? — "I remain committed to the faith of my teenage years: to authentic human freedom as a precondition for the highest good". So wrote Paypal founder and early Facebook investor Peter Thiel back in 2009.
Oct 30, 2014

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The science of scariness: Who should you be most afraid of this Halloween? — Make sure you steer clear of all evil clowns tomorrow - if pitted against six other scary characters in a Halloween battle, these villainous individuals would win, hands down. Mathematician Thomas E Woolley from the University of Oxford devised an empirical formula to calculate which of the seven characters would come out on top in a contest that boils down to survival of the fittest.

UK Vs Ireland: Where's the best place to do business? Here's how they compare on World Bank Doing Business measures — When it comes to doing business, which country is more favourable? Singapore has, once again, been named the best place to do business according to the Workld Bank's annual rankings. It's the ninth year in a row the Asian city has topped the league, but closer to home, the UK and Ireland have both become better places for business since last year.
Oct 30, 2014

I made some nice charts > UK Vs Ireland: Where's best to do business?… via @CityAM