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Connecticut's Copper Beech sells for a record $120 million

cnbc.com — A 51-acre Greenwich, Conn., estate known as Copper Beech Farm sold for an eye-popping $120 million, the Greenwich Time reported. Although the final price is shy of the original asking price of $190 million, the sale is still notable.

Malaysia Airlines flight makes emergency landing

cnbc.com — A Malaysia Airlines flight suffered a landing gear malfunction Sunday night as it left the international airport Kuala Lumpur, and is expected to make an emergency landing back at the airport around 2 a.m. local time. The Boeing 737 carrying 166 people was en route to Bangalore at the time of the incident.

Twitter accounts critical of Turkish officials blocked

cnbc.com — Ozan Kose | AFP | Getty Images Two anonymous Twitter accounts used to release secretly recorded conversations implicating family and associates of Turkey's prime minister and senior government officials in a corruption scandal appeared on Sunday to have been blocked.
RT @CNBCSocial: Twitter accounts that exposed alleged corruption in Turkey have been blocked cnb.cx/1fcm67P

Why bitcoin needs a marketing campaign

cnbc.com — George Frey | Getty Images Bitcoin has an image problem. A big one. And it's holding the virtual currency back from going mainstream, said Hank Lucas, a professor at the University of Maryland who focuses on disruptive technologies. "It's hard for me to say that bitcoin is going to be the dominant virtual currency of the future," Lucas said.

Pfizer considers $100B bid for AstraZeneca: report

cnbc.com — U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has approached British rival AstraZeneca to propose a $101 billion takeover, Britain's Sunday Times reported. The paper cited senior investment bankers and industry sources saying that informal conversations about a deal had taken place between the two but that no talks were currently under way after AstraZeneca resisted the approach.
Pharmaceutical giant @Pfizer considering $101B acquisition of British rival, @TheSundayTimes & @Reuters say: cnb.cx/1nANGkd

Initial grieving over, widows need to grow and fix finances

cnbc.com — When my husband died after a short illness seven years ago, I was brokenhearted. Back then, I couldn't imagine when the anguish would end. But slowly, over time, I moved forward. My husband wouldn't have wanted me to be stuck in that first stage of widowhood-grief-forever.

Sony sells more than 7 million Playstation 4 consoles

cnbc.com — Kiyoshi Ota | Bloomberg | Getty Images Sony sold more than 7 million PlayStation 4 units as of April 6 and is struggling to keep pace with demand for the video game console, the company said on Wednesday.
RT @CNBC: Sony has sold more than 7 million Playstation 4 consoles: cnb.cx/1gJ4RyN • $SNE

They're back: Luxury renters are on the rise in New York

cnbc.com — Read More Rent a home or buy? Depends where you live The two-bedroom units in the complex start around $5,000 a month. But the price tag didn't deter them. More renters like the Willetts are willing to pay several thousand dollars for apartments.

For $10,000, buy part of a Hard Rock hotel

cnbc.com — Chekitan Dev, an associate professor at Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration and author of Hospitality Branding,says it makes sense for the hospitality industry to embrace crowdfunding. "It's the natural evolution of the crowdfunding business into more mature industries," he says.

Am I a giver or a taker?

cnbc.com — Do playground politics determine your future career success? "Give and Take" author and Wharton School Professor Adam Grant argues that who you are at work may be determined long before your first day on the job.
RT @elerianm: After powerful @nytimes column on raising "a moral child,”here's a small segment of @AdamMGrant @BeckyQuick interview http://…

Cassettes are making a comeback

cnbc.com — Research from ICM has revealed that 57 percent of people in the U.K. bought a CD within the last year while 39 percent made an MP3 download. Meanwhile both vinyl and cassette purchases are on the rise, with 10 percent buying vinyl in the last month (double the figure from last year's survey) and 5 percent purchasing a cassette.
REWIND: Cassettes are making a comeback, @cnbc finds; "There's definitely a novelty value": cnb.cx/QrFZSf pic.twitter.com/vmaSWQ9H3k

Basement remodels risk flood insurance losses

cnbc.com — PM Images | Iconica | Getty Images Adding a man cave in your basement might be one of the more expensive financial liabilities of home ownership. Understanding why comes down to two figures and the details of your homeowners' insurance policy. Homeowners spend an average $62,834 on a basement remodel, according to Remodeling Magazine's 2014 Cost vs.

Stocks to own for the next 25 years

cnbc.com — What do Oracle, Microsoft, and Charles Schwab all have in common? If you bought and held any of these names on the day of CNBC's first broadcast, your investment would be up by more than ten thousand percent.

Summer travelers looking for bigger, longer vacations this year

cnbc.com — "Air ticket prices in general are up 3 percent over last summer," Gavin said. That calculation is based on all the searches for summer airfares made by people in the U.S. during the first three month of this year. Gavin said she couldn't provide actual booking numbers until Expedia reports its first-quarter earnings a few weeks from now.

Postage pays: Patient stamp collectors can earn big returns

cnbc.com — Geoff Mosher and his wife, Jessica, of Redlands, Calif., recently paid 10 cents for an old stamp at a local collectibles shop because it looked interesting. Not long after, they sold the stamp for $200, netting a 199,900 percent return.
Postage pays: Patient stamp collectors can earn big returns fw.to/W1X6hEE
Postage pays: Patient stamp collectors can earn big returns fw.to/W1X6hEE
interesting...Postage pays: Patient stamp collectors can earn big returns fw.to/W1X6hEE
Postage pays: Patient stamp collectors can earn big returns fw.to/W1X6hEE
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