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Most Talked About Columbus Dispatch Stories

Kasich questions electricity deregulation at PUCO chief’s swearing-in

dispatch.com — Ohio's utility regulatory agency has a new leader for what Gov. John Kasich says is "a challenging time." The governor issued the oath of office yesterday to Thomas Johnson, the new chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, and made comments critical of electricity deregulation.
RT @DispatchEnergy: But Kasich also said this re: dereg: “But we are where we are, and we can’t go backwards now. So it’s onward" http://t.…
.@JohnKasich questions electricity deregulation. Says it's not the "smartest thing we’ve done in the state of Ohio" bit.ly/P82Ktm
Will he try to change it?: Kasich questions electricity deregulation at PUCO chief’s swearing-in shar.es/T6DV7
Ohio Gov #Kasich questions electricity deregulation at PUCO chief’s swearing-in... shar.es/T6DyT

Port Columbus statue honors Jerrie Mock

dispatch.com — A bronze statue unveiled this morning at Port Columbus will remind people or tell them for the first time - of the amazing feat by "flying housewife" Jerrie Mock and the role the airport played in her around-the-world flight.
Port Columbus unveils statue of Jerrie Mock on 50th anniversary of flight around the globe... shar.es/ThAWZ fb.me/2PNZSNJJo

Joe Blundo commentary: Turning 60 a chance to deny, deny, deny

dispatch.com — Five words come to mind when I contemplate turning 60 today: There must be some mistake. From time to time during the past few weeks, I've actually subtracted 1954 from 2014 just to double-check the math. True, I have some of the markers of 60: graying hair, grown children, instant recall of I Love Lucy episodes.
Do yourself a favor and read my always-delightful colleague @joeblundo on the "joy" of turning 60: bit.ly/1j6WFXx
Joe Blundo on seeing larger-than-life 60th birthday poster: "Now I have 4-foot wrinkles."... shar.es/ThnTY fb.me/1loyCDJJ3

Shelter beds for families to rise

dispatch.com — When the YWCA Family Center opened in 2005, some thought the homeless shelter's capacity seemed excessive. Would Columbus really have that many parents and children with no place to go? "Now, we're trying to serve 140 families at a time in a facility built for 50," YWCA spokeswoman Patti O'Toole said.
RT @amiller78: Sad commentary: Columbus creates more homeless-shelter beds for families... shar.es/T6O3n fb.me/14dGAH5YJ
Sad commentary: Columbus creates more homeless-shelter beds for families... shar.es/T6O3n fb.me/14dGAH5YJ

‘Dispatch’ photo staff sweeps ONPA awards

dispatch.com — The Ohio News Photographers Association named the Dispatch photography staff as the staff of the year for large-market newspapers in its annual contest. Above, you can watch the Dispatch-produced videos that won ONPA awards. Chris Russell's "Surprise Times Four" and "Rodeo Girl" won first and third places, respectively, in the Audio Slideshow category.
MT @FiveFootPhotog: Don't miss the videos & slideshow of photos by the Dispatch's award-winning photo staff...... fb.me/3boXFd7Tl
RT @FiveFootPhotog: Dispatch Photo staff wins top awards! (Don't miss the slideshow...) dispatch.com/content/topic/… @DispatchAlerts @dispatched…

OH-IU | Dispatch Politics

dispatchpolitics.dispatch.com — By: Joe Vardon Ed FitzGerald answers THE question here, the answer every candidate seeking executive office must give. Why do you want to be _______ (in this case, governor)? While the point of FitzGerald writing in the Port Clinton New Herald was to answer the question, it was a biographical nugget he used down in the piece that gave us pause.
In writing about why he wants to be governor, Fitz offers interesting account of his college days bit.ly/1r2R8nQ
FitzGerald writes he "worked way thru Ohio State." He wen there for 1 yr; Indiana U. for 3. #ohgov bit.ly/1r2R8nQ

Man charged in mother's fatal stabbing

dispatch.com — A 32-year-old man is charged with murder in the stabbing death of his mother at their Madison Township home last night. Gary A. Ritter called 911 about 6 p.m. to say that he'd stabbed Mary Jo Ritter, 58, Madison Township police said. Both lived at 3437 Burbank Rd., south of Refugee Road.
Son charged with murder in his mom's stabbing death: “My mom’s been riding me ... and I just flipped.” bit.ly/1hQcZiP
Son charged with murder in mom's stabbing death dispatch.com/content/storie… Cops say he called 911 and told dispatchers he did it.

Pickerington woman waits for word on missing son

dispatch.com — Trina Wiater's heart sank as she read the Facebook message last week. A body had been found in Athens County, it said. She called the Athens Police Department. "I heard that a body was found. Is it my son?" No, she was told, it was not.
Pickerington woman waits for word on missing son last seen near #OhioU campus... shar.es/T6Vdk fb.me/2K2Nfx0aj

Newark wants owner to help pay for demolition of downtown building

dispatch.com — NEWARK, Ohio - City officials say they plan to try to recoup some of the cost of demolishing a century-old building downtown from the building's owner. Manuel Vela, owner of the three-story brick building that was deemed unsafe and ordered demolished by the city, responded, "I'll see you in court."
Scofflaw building owner scoffs again at paying for razing unsafe downtown Newark building... bit.ly/1h6F3Zr

Study says casual pot use alters young brain

dispatch.com — Young, casual marijuana smokers experience potentially harmful changes to their brains, with the drug altering regions of the mind related to motivation and emotion, researchers found. The study, published yesterday in the Journal of Neuroscience, differs from pot-related research projects that are focused on chronic, heavy users of cannabis.
Note to pot smokers: Study says casual use alters young brain... shar.es/T6SYh


dispatch.com — In her darkest hour last fall, Kathleen Sebelius suffered one of the deepest cuts from an old family friend who accused her of "gross incompetence" over the rollout of the Affordable Care Act and demanded that she resign as secretary of health and human services. Now, she is weighing revenge.
Departing U.S. health secretary Kathleen Sebelius might run for Senate... shar.es/T6OMR

Woman stabbed to death; son calls 911 to say he did it, police say

dispatch.com — A Madison Township woman was stabbed to death yesterday evening, and police say her son called 911 to say he did it. Township police said the victim is Mary Jo Ritter, 58, of 3437 Burbank Rd. Police initially were called to the home, just south of Refugee Road, about 6 p.m.
Woman stabbed to death; son calls 911 to say he did it, police say... shar.es/T6DeW

Jerrie Mock’s historic flight ended 50 years ago today

dispatch.com — Just before the coast disappeared into sea and sky, Jerrie Mock switched on her airplane's long-range radio and found only silence. She tried again and again, leaning her ear to the speaker, and still heard nothing, not even static. When Mock departed from Columbus that morning, she had heard the tower controller's voice on a loudspeaker.
Good morning. Cbus celebrates the Spirit of Columbus through aviation pioneer Jerrie Mock. shar.es/T6EKO fb.me/43T8hA4xz