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Michael Cohen's Morning Buzz: Comparing Bo Wallace's start to Eli Manning's senior season — If you can shake the image of the first half against Boise State from your head, Wallace has played better than one of the best quarterbacks in school history -- in a first-three-games comparison, at least.
Sep 16, 2014

Is Bo Wallace off to a better senior-year start than Eli Manning at Ole Miss? Funny you should ask. via @memphisnews

Memphis City Council member Fullilove circulates proposal to adjust health care cuts — Memphis City Council chairman Jim Strickland and council member Shea Flinn plan to propose a resolution that would partially reverse retiree health care cuts they voted for earlier this year. Their proposal would provide health insurance subsidies to retirees younger than 65 who cannot currently get health coverage through their employer or their spouse's employer.
Sep 16, 2014

First, it was Janis Fullilove. Now, Shea Flinn and Jim Strickland have a health care proposal. From @DanielConnolly:

Peppermint pickles big talker at food conference — I wish every one of you could have been part of last week's Association of Food Journalists' conference that was held in Memphis. You would have loved to hear the food writers from all over talk about how we manage to put these sections together every week, despite dwindling resources.

Fans hungry for ‘Hungry Girl’ event at Temple Israel

What to Watch: Captain America, Godzilla and Leatherface walk into a bar ...

Sep 16, 2014

"A grisly work of art." The narration in TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE describes the movie itself. Today is its Blu debut:

Sep 16, 2014

Captain America, Godzilla and Leatherface walk into a bar...

As Ball amps up campaign against Alexander, he stakes out moderate positions — In his room at The Peabody on Friday afternoon, Gordon Ball didn't sound much like a Democrat. Here he was stating his opposition to Common Core, and there he was comparing amnesty for undocumented immigrants to someone breaking into your house and "expecting to get a cookie" in return.