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GMOs make November's ballot; water, air and energy make news, too — This week in SimpliCity, we're looking at issues unfolding within various levels of government. You'll soon be asked to vote on one, and can take action on another immediately. GMOs, OMG Last Wednesday, the Colorado Secretary of State verified the signatures to place Initiative 48, regarding the labeling of genetically modified food, on November's ballot.

Lance Armstrong is yelling at the Gazette — click to enlarge Today, Gazette sports columnist David Ramsey ran a piece talking to a former colleague of cyclist Lance Armstrong on the topic of post-truth relief for those who spoke out about Armstrong's history of doping. Listen, I find no joy in watching Armstrong free-fall in the public's regard, but there is solace to be found in his troubles.
Aug 27, 2014

The Twitter-derived news cycle is complete: My tweet about my blog about @lancearmstrong tweeting @davidlukeramsey.

See him run | Local News | Colorado Springs Independent — Last weekend, when he wasn't signing books in Colorado Springs on Saturday and speaking at two local church services on Sunday, Dr. Ben Carson debated Rev. Jesse Jackson on FOX News about racial issues in Ferguson, Mo., and won an important straw poll at a Polk County Republican Party dinner in Des Moines, Iowa, crushing U.S.