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Eat your greens | SimpliCity | Colorado Springs Independent — Celebrity chef Mario Batali is pitching hard for the Green Restaurant Association in a YouTube clip, slinging stats and leading by example. He's certified all of his eatery empire via the Boston-based nonprofit advocacy group, and he's not shy about sharing the sustainability efforts behind his salami.

Charles and Collin Parson go big at the FAC — It's a few weeks before the opening of Continuance at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, and Charles and Collin Parson are assembling their site-specific installations. I meet Charles, who goes by Chuck, in the freight elevator. This is the first full day he's been able to spend in the gallery.
Oct 29, 2014

I went behind the scenes at @FineArtsCenter for Continuance with Chuck and Collin Parson.

Brother Luck employs black lights to confuse the senses — Somewhere among the atmospheric realms of cosmic bowling, laser tag and creative haute cuisine, there is Brother Luck Street Eats' Black Light tasting menu in his newly opened Signature Room. It's a small space directly off a dry-storage area at the kitchen's rear; guests are escorted from the front reception area by Luck and ushered in the back door, like secret treehouse-club stowaways.

Gotcha covered | Local News | Colorado Springs Independent — As evidence grows that eyewitness accounts of crimes aren't always reliable, Colorado Springs police say they're comfortable with one fool-proof witness: the video camera. Two years after cameras were installed downtown, the program is humming along at little cost to taxpayers and with a big payoff to visitors and business owners, police say.

Design Matters | Cover Story | Colorado Springs Independent — Some of the answers to Colorado Springs' seemingly everlasting identity crisis - who we are, what we care about - can be found at architect Ryan Lloyd's house on Echo Lane in Pleasant Valley. It was originally a moderately decrepit two-story foreclosure wrapped in brick and beige paneling.