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War on Ebola can be won … with a big effort, says World Bank chief — World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, a medical doctor, said that the best way to stop Ebola is to rush people who can help to the African nations at the core of the outbreak. He hailed the New York doctor diagnosed with Ebola as a hero.

Can hero dogs Hurricane and Jordan help Secret Service regain mojo? — The Secret Service has been troubled by a series of scandals. So the work of its K-9 agents in bringing down the latest White House fence-jumper is a welcome development. Can K-9 agents Jordan and Hurricane help the US Secret Service regain its mojo? It's certainly possible.

New home sales inch up to a six-year high in September — New home sales increased just 0.2 percent in September, and a big increase for August was revised considerably downward. Despite the slow growth, September marked the highest level for new home sales in six years. After a huge showing in August, new home sales were probably due for a comedown.

First Ebola case in New York, but city was well-prepared for it — New York City has been rigorously preparing for a potential Ebola case, so the diagnosis Thursday of a doctor who recently returned from Africa does not appear to have caught the city off-guard.

'Citizenfour': Director Laura Poitras shares the rage of her subject Edward Snowden — The movie doesn't delve into the legalities of Snowden's actions or address the irony of Snowden being given political asylum in Moscow, but the film ably expresses that it is all too easy for democracies to cross lines when gathering information.

Attack on military post in Sinai kills 30 Egyptian troops — An attack on an army checkpoint in the Sinai Peninsula killed 30 Egyptian troops on Friday, making it the deadliest single attack in decades on military.
Oct 24, 2014

RT @SteveNegusMasr: Egypt reportedly considering evacuating Sinai villages considered militant bastions.…

In Israel, priest draws fire for preaching Christians are not Arabs — Father Gabriel Naddaf, a Greek Orthodox priest who urges Christians to serve in the Israeli army, has been branded a 'traitor' and a serious threat to the cohesion of Israel's Arab minority.
Oct 24, 2014

In Israel, priest draws fire for preaching Christians are not Arabs…

Europe pledges more money for Ebola fight as Mali confirms first case — Ebola has spread to Mali, which borders Guinea, one of three countries struggling to contain the disease. European officials have pledged more funding and named a coordinator to oversee aid efforts in West Africa.
Oct 24, 2014

#EU pledges more $ for #Ebola fight as #Mali becomes sixth West African nation affected

Why did the Queen sign her first tweet 'Elizabeth R'? — Most members of the royal family do not tweet personally - they are represented by official accounts managed by spokespeople. Queen Elizabeth II has sent her first tweet - and she's signed it "Elizabeth R." The 88-year-old monarch tried her hand at Twitter as she opened a new gallery in central London's Science Museum Friday.

Who 'likes' Mitch McConnell? Facebook unveils new tool for election 2014. — Facebook's new interactive map of Election 2014 races based on social media activity could have some predictive value. But Facebook is probably also looking for campaigns to spend ad money on the site. In the closely watched Senate race in Kentucky, Republican Sen.
Oct 24, 2014

RT @csmonitor: McConnell has more Facebook likes than Grimes. Does that mean he’ll win? Facebook introduces election tool: @kieferf

How women voters are scrambling Senate races - in both directions — In Colorado and New Hampshire, women voters are moving toward the Republican. In Georgia and Iowa, they're moving toward the Democrat. In Colorado, incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Udall now faces an uphill election battle, in part because his Republican opponent has gained some ground with women.

Egypt's Christians, attacked for supporting Sisi, patiently await payback (+video) — Egypt's Coptic Church threw its support to President Sisi after the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi. But the military has been slow to deliver on its pledge to repair churches damaged in Islamist reprisals. At the Amir Tadros Church in Minya, worshipers pray in what amounts to a building site.
Oct 24, 2014

"At church, worshippers pray in what amounts to a building site." @LELoveluck on the struggles of #Egypt's Christians…

Islamic State siege of Kobane: Did Turkey shoot itself in the foot? (+video) — The Iraqi Kurds have agreed to send fighters to help Kobane fend off the Islamic State. Critics say Turkey's foot-dragging on the siege alienated its allies. The decision by Iraq 's Kurdish regional government to send fighters with heavy weapons to reinforce the beleaguered Syrian-Kurdish town of Kobane is offering hope to its defenders, who have been holding off fighters from the self-declared Islamic State in a 37-day siege.
Oct 24, 2014

#Turkey is looking increasingly isolated and at odds with its Western allies in the #IS fight #Kobane #Kurds