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Kiev protesters hold mirrors to police - literally - as new confrontation looms — Dozens of women stand shoulder to shoulder in silence, inches away from Kiev 's violent riot police. Some are grandmothers in headscarves, others are fashionable young women with bright lipstick. All of them are holding up mirrors to the armed officers' faces. "It was tense at first; I was a little scared," says Kateryna Maksym.

The timing of elections matters (Ferguson edition) — Brian Schaffner, Wouter Van Erve and Ray LaRaja writing at The Monkey Cage note the following: The conflict in Ferguson, Mo., has captured the nation's attention and once again put race front and center in American politics. This piece, for instance, notes that while Ferguson is 67 percent black, five of the six council members and the mayor are all white.
Aug 20, 2014

RT@csmonitor: #Ferguson is 2/3 black, but its local government is white. One reason is how elections are structured