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Demolition delayed for historic aviator's house

ctpost.com — First Selectman Michael Tetreau has granted protestors a delay on the demolition of a house built and owned by Wright brothers' rival Gustave Whitehead. The documents in question were discovered by Melanie Marks, founder and president of Connecticut House Histories, who did a title search on the property this week.
Do you think they'll save it? Demolition delayed for Gustave Whitehead's house - Connecticut Post ctpost.com/local/article/… via @ConnPost

Report: Pro-Russian militants order Jews in Ukraine to 'register'

ctpost.com — In what sounds like an eerie return to the 1930s, Israeli news website YNetNews.com reports pro-Russian militants in the east Ukrainian city of Donetsk are ordering Jewish residents to "register" with them. Masked men passed along leaflets to Jews leaving a synagogue, ordering them to pay a $50 registration fee and provide a list of property they currently own.
Report: Pro-Russian militants order Jews in Ukraine to 'register' - Connecticut Post ctpost.com/news/nation-wo… via @ConnPost

Cops, with kids, train for school crises

ctpost.com — With beads of sweat forming on his forehead, James Spodnik, a school security officer, held a gun in one hand and the belt of another officer in the other, as he inched backward down a darkened second-floor corridor Wednesday at Cesar Batalla School.

Bridgeport gets $200K to clean up ex-Remington site for redevelopment

ctpost.com — as Park City residents well know, it can take some time before developers' and elected officials' dreams for the next big project are translated into actual bricks-and-mortar buildings. [...] David Kooris, Bridgeport's head of economic development, said his office "restarted conversations" with the owners about six months ago, and they have been breaking the 2007 vision for the 13 acres into more manageable pieces.
Bridgeport gets $200K to clean up ex-Remington site for redevelopment - Connecticut Post ctpost.com/business/artic… via @ConnPost