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AWKWARD: Obama creates tempest by saluting US Marines with styrofoam tea cup in his hand — President was exiting his Marine One helicopter after landing in New York City for speeches about global warming and fighting ISIS in Syria Commander-in-chief is a military title that entitles Obama to a salute, and he's expected to return the gesture On Tuesday he saluted two uniformed US Marines while

U.S. strikes to avert another 9/11: America deploys its awesome arsenal - including its new F-22 Raptor stealth fighter over fears Jihadis were about to launch attacks on passenger planes | Daily Mail Online — Fanatics' de facto capital Raqqa hit by wave after wave of missiles and bombs during the first U.S. airstrikes in Syria Group of fighter jets from the Royal Bahrain Air Force also took part in coordinated attacks on Islamic State targets 20 militants reported dead already, with images released by U.S.

Obama makes light of New York traffic chaos he causes by saying 'it's actually pretty smooth for me' — By Francesca Chambers for MailOnline President Barack Obama joked today during a New York speech that he doesn't seem to have the traffic problems that city's residents are always complaining about. 'It's actually pretty smooth for me during the week,' Obama said, after playfully arguing that everyone in New York 'hypes' the traffic.
Sep 23, 2014

RT @fran_chambers: Obama: I told Bill that Chelsea could use my motorcade to escape traffic if she goes into labor during my speech

Test Match Special finds that Australians have their uses — By Ephraim Hardcastle Cricket commentator Henry Blofeld, who celebrated his 75th birthday yesterday, is currently performing to packed theatre audiences with his Test Match Special producer Peter Baxter. He recalls a special visit from the Queen to the TMS commentary box at Lord's in July 2001.

German builders accidentally install swastika in new shopping centre — Builders accidentally lay bricks in the shape of a swastika in German town Unfortunate shape was spotted by shoppers in the newly-laid pavement Any use of Nazi symbols is banned in Germany under criminal law By Sara Malm for MailOnline A German construction company has come under fire after fitting a supposedly random set of bricks in the shape of a swastika in a public walkway.

'The Queen purred down the line when I told her Scotland had voted No': Cameron caught on mic making extraordinary comments about the Monarch — By Matt Chorley, Political Editor for MailOnline The Queen 'purred' down the telephone when David Cameron called her to say the Scottish people had voted against independence, the Prime Minister revealed today. Mr Cameron's indiscreet comments were picked up on a microphone as he went on a walkabout with former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Ed MIliband fluffs his lines (and a kiss) as he leaves out the deficit — Ed Miliband failed to mention the budget deficit, immigration and welfare It came in his final party conference speech before the General Election Aides said the speech 'changed' as it was being delivered by Labour leader By James Chapman, Daily Mail Political Editor Ed Miliband yesterday dropped any mention of Britain's vast budget deficit, immigration and welfare from his final party conference speech before the General Election.
Sep 23, 2014

Wonder if Ed Miliband had a Nicola Murray moment and left a page of his big speech on the printer.…

ISIS supporters hand out leaflets on Oxford Street encouraging move to Islamic State — Central London shoppers were encouraged to 'resettle' in Syria and Iraq Scotland Yard is investigating whether men have breached terror laws By Martin Robinson For Mailonline ISIS supporters have been handing out leaflets to Oxford Street shoppers encouraging them to leave Britain for its new Islamic state.
Sep 23, 2014

Ugh, Londonistan RT @gaberivera: OK, 'mericans, we're taking care of Syria. Now what do we do about the UK?…

Swarovski crystal encrusted Mercedes CLS 350 outdoes Arab playboys — Daria Radionova covered her £25,000 Mercedes CLS 350 in thousands of pounds worth of Swarovski crystals The Russian native parked the sparkling vehicle outside the Levin Hotel in Knightsbridge this afternoon Dazzling vehicle courted attention from onlookers with many stopping for their own photos of the bespoke car Business student spent £20,000 adding one million crystals to the car and said she enjoys driving it around By Jennifer Smith for MailOnline Nestled in the buzzing streets of west London, Knightsbridge has long been considered a playground for the rich and famous.
Sep 23, 2014

RT @BBCDanielS: 21-year-old Russian has crystal-encrusted Mercedes that took two months to decorate

Sep 23, 2014

21-year-old Russian has crystal-encrusted Mercedes that took two months to decorate

Kim Kardashian displays her tiny waist in figure hugging white dress while husband Kanye West shows off quirky haircut on dinner date in London — By Colette Fahy for MailOnline They had only touched down in London a few hours earlier following a transatlantic flight from Chicago but Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West showed no sign of jet lag as they enjoyed a romantic date night on Tuesday.
Sep 23, 2014

Kanye looks like his head was run over by a Firestone tire. via @DailyMailCeleb

Transgender woman who spent £60k on surgery admits working as escort — Tatiana Williams also worked as showgirl to pay for work on black market 42-year-old now lives as 'lady of leisure' through generous male friends She has had breast enhancements, chin implants and facial fillers Each bum cheek was injected with 8lb of silicone, through 100 injections By Caroline Mcguire for MailOnline and Stephanie Linning for MailOnline A transgender woman has had more than 100 black-market injections to achieve her 60-inch bum has admitted to funding the procedures through escort work.

Cosmetic surgeon struck off after botched ops can operate again WITHOUT restriction — Dr Olufemi Adeyinka Adeogba was struck off in December 2013 Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service panel deemed him unfit to practise Heard one patient left with a dented breast and nipples that were too high Another patient's nipple turned black after Dr Adeogba failed to warn her of the dangers of

Checking work email at home can cause heart problems anxiety and headaches warn experts — German study of 57,000 people found more than half worked out of hours Researchers found they were more prone to headaches, insomnia, heart problems, fatigue, anxiety and muscular complaints Calls for stricter rules to stop work invading valuable home life By Ben Spencer for the Daily Mail Checking your work email at home or taking a call from the boss at weekends could be damaging your health, experts have warned.

Mother, 48, discovers tumours in BOTH her breasts after being randomly selected to take part in an early screening programme — Patsy Coleman wasn't due for a cancer screening until her 50th birthday 48-year-old was called up randomly as part of an early pilot scheme A mammogram revealed she had a cancerous tumour in her right breast She had a double mastectomy operation to remove both her breasts But doctors found
Sep 23, 2014

Woman finds cancer in BOTH breasts after being selected for an early screening pilot via @MailOnline

Ed Balls does 'Gangnam Style' dance with wife Yvette Cooper at Keith Vaz's 'diversity night' — Shadow chancellor joined other Labour big wigs at 'diversity night' party He danced with his wife Yvette Cooper and Labour showman Keith Vaz It came just hours after he was booed by activists for child benefit cut plan Mr Balls already made headlines after nasty tackle at 'friendly' football match Shadow minister left journalist Rob Merrick needed hospital treatment By Tom McTague, Deputy Political Editor for MailOnline Under fire Ed Balls put personal criticism to one side last night - by dancing Gangnan Style with other Labour big wigs at the party's annual celebration of multiculturalism.
Sep 23, 2014

Want a good puke? Vaz belly dancing, Ed Balls gangnam styling and making crass jokes about migrants…

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