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Royal Tour 2014: Highlights from Prince William and Kate Middleton's trip to Australia and New Zealand

mirror.co.uk — It's been a whirlwind three weeks for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and all who have followed them. Here Victoria Murphy gives her selection of the best bits It's been a whirlwind three weeks.
RT @MirrorRoyal: William and Kate's tour: Our royal correspondent's highlights of their trip to Australia and Ne... mirr.im/1lMMWaG #katemiddleton

Human survival: 11 incredible stories of staying alive against all the odds

mirror.co.uk — A 16-year-old stowaway miraculously survived flying across the Pacific in the wheel well of a plane - despite temperatures of -62C. The teen hitched a ride on a flight from California to Hawaii and was discovered on the tarmac at Maui airport. He told the police he had run away from home after an argument with his parents.
Against all the odds: 11 incredible stories of human survival bit.ly/1f9BZl0

Connor Wickham leading Sunderland's Premier League survival 'miracle' after three goals in last two games

mirror.co.uk — Wickham has finally come to the party after being told he was a "model playboy" in the need of "a slap in the face" by Paolo Di Canio Connor Wickham has scored as many league goals as he has had managers at Sunderland.
Saviour (?) Connor Wickham, 4 Sunderland lg goals, 4 #safc managers and how his case illustrates the club's struggle bit.ly/1rrGg5g

Jodie Marsh giant boobs nuzzled by her puppy before her friend smells them too

mirror.co.uk — We have got used to seeing Jodie's impressive cleavage, well, pretty much everywhere, but according to the model, (and her dog), they smell really good too Jodie Marsh has proved she does absolutely everything with as much boob out as possible - including giving her puppy a cuddle.
Mirror runs important poll for its readers today - “Do You Think Jodie Marsh’s Boobs Would Smell Nice?” | mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-… @JodieMarsh

Royal Tour 2014: Nine things we learned about Prince George during the visit to Australia and New Zealand

mirror.co.uk — It's all about Prince George. Despite the fact he's been mostly out of sight behind closed doors with his nanny, the little prince has still managed to steal the show on his first tour down under.
RT @MirrorRoyal: Nine things we learned about Prince George during the Royal tour of Australia and New Zealand mirr.im/1tINJia

Royal tour 2014: Prince George's best GIFs from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's tour Down Under

mirror.co.uk — William and Kate's tour Down Under saw the newest royal make his first public engagements, and he certainly made his feelings known The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been wowing their adoring public Down Under for the last fortnight. But one man, albeit a little man, has thoroughly stolen the show - Prince George.
RT @MirrorRoyal: Royal tour 2014: The best of Prince George's great and grumpy faces - in GIFs mirr.im/1faOnky #royal

Chelsea's John Terry in line to face Atletico Madrid on Wednesday after shaking off injury

mirror.co.uk — Mourinho said Blues would need to get to the Champions League final for his captain to play again this season, but he's now on course for semi's second leg John Terry is set to give Chelsea a massive Champions League boost by being fit for next week's semi-final second leg against Atletico Madrid.
RT @MirrorFootball: John Terry expects to face Atletico Madrid next week, days after Mourinho ruled him out for a month with ankle knack mirr.im/RPAZrK

Atletico Madrid 0-0 Chelsea match report: Blues frustrate hosts but injuries and suspensions could bite in second leg

mirror.co.uk — Ugly, brutal, horrible to watch. But beauty, in football, is in the eye of the beholder. Last night, Jose Mourinho and Chelsea went right back to basics, played the sort of game that got the Portuguese in Roman Abramovich's bad books back in 2007.

How my day was ruined by a commuter and a computer

mirror.co.uk — Mirror Online columnist Gary Bainbridge tries to keep an appointment but it seems the world is against him "HURRY UP!" I said, under my breath. That was not exactly what was uttered - some words have been removed, bad words with harsh consonants.

Stephen Sutton "still here and still fighting" as recovery from lung collapse is "positive and unexpected"

mirror.co.uk — Dying teenage cancer sufferer Stephen said he thought "he was a goner" last night - but says he is in "high spirits" today Terminal teenage cancer sufferer Stephen Sutton has revealed his recovery has baffled doctors. Yesterday the brave 19-year-old posted on his Facebook blog that he was "nearing the end" after his right lung collapsed.
So moving > Dying cancer campaigner Stephen Sutton survives collapsed lung as his charity funds hits £1.6million mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/s…

Mum-of-seven Lisa Hilton who refused to leave children and go to hospital dies from blood poisoning

mirror.co.uk — Lisa Hilton, 29, contracted septicaemia from a skin infection but didn't take her antibiotics regularly and was rushed to hospital five weeks later A devoted mum of seven tragically died from blood poisoning after refusing to go to hospital because she didn't want to be away from her children.
Devoted mum of seven who refused to leave kids to go to hospital dies from blood poisoning mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/m… via @DailyMirror

Liverpool are Premier League champions elect and playing with a sense of destiny

mirror.co.uk — Nerves, yes. Doubts too. Big ones. But in the end, no arguments. Champions elect. On the brink of glory. And playing with the sense of destiny which makes it just a matter of time.

Florida Space Center holiday is perfect for any astro-nut ready to blast off into orbit

mirror.co.uk — I'd wanted to know how it feels to blast off into space since childhood. And when the Atlantis Shuttle's thrusters bellowed into life below me, it was time to find out. I gripped my seat so tightly my knuckles were white as an American voice counted down 5-4-3-2-1... lift off!

Alternative Premier League table: Which teams have earnt the most points per goal?

mirror.co.uk — Winning games is all well and good, but you wouldn't want to go wasting all your goals with the result already in the bag, would you? by James Dutton Tony Pulis may be some people's choice for Manager of the Year given his sterling work in revitalising Crystal Palace's once doomed campaign, and this alternative league table would seem to support his credentials.

How Isaac Asimov accurately predicted life in 2014

mirror.co.uk — Trying to predict what life will be like in years to come has always been a bit hit and miss - whether you've got a crystal ball or a degree in futurology. But 50 years ago this week, one man came closer than anyone before him in looking into the future.
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