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Conflicting health care law rulings could impact thousands in Michigan — Washington A federal appeals court delivered a serious setback to President Barack Obamas health care law Tuesday, potentially derailing billions of dollars in subsidies for many low- and middle-income people who bought policies. In a case before the U.S.

Torii Hunter, Austin Jackson homer to support Justin Verlander in Tigers' win — Phoenix This time a lead the width of his thumbnail held for Joe Nathan. This time there were no flashbacks to earlier ninth innings from this season, when ballgames didnt end as smoothly as did Monday 4-3 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field.
Jul 22, 2014

Quote o' day: "It felt like a home game, except I didn’t hear as many boos,” #Tigers Joe Nathan on pitching in AZ:…

Jul 22, 2014

Joe Nathan quipped last night's crowd at Chase Field "sounded like a home game -- except I got a few less boos."

George Harrison memorial tree killed by beetles — Los Angeles A tree planted in Los Angeles to honor former Beatle George Harrison has been killed by beetles. Councilman Tom LaBonge says the pine grew to more than 12 feet tall before succumbing to a bark beetle infestation. The tree was removed last month. LaBonge says it will be replanted in the fall.

Ford unveils details about engines going in aluminum-body F-150 — Dearborn Ford Motor Co. on Tuesday revealed details about the engines that will power the aluminum-body 2015 F-150, and showed the pickup is lighter than originally estimated. The new truck will be offered with a base 3.5-liter Ti-VCT V6 engine, or a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6.
Jul 22, 2014

RT @MikeMartinez_DN: Here's the details on the two new engines in @Ford's aluminum-bodied 2015 F-150:…

'I wouldn't classify this as a slump'; Justin Verlander's batting average plummets 334 points — Phoenix What you see in 2014 is a man having fun, which isnt something anyone anticipated from Justin Verlander. Not when he is batting, anyway. But during Monday nights 4-3 victory over the Diamondbacks at Chase Field, a triumph Verlander helped deliver by way of his more prominent skill, pitching, he had three good at-bats.

Maryland parents accused of locking up autistic twin sons — Rockville, Md. A Maryland couple is accused of keeping their autistic, 22-year-old twin sons locked in a basement room at night with no furniture and only a tiny window for light. John and Janice Land are facing vulnerable adult abuse and false imprisonment charges and are free on bond, online court records show.
Jul 22, 2014

Maryland couple accused of keeping autistic 22-yr-old twin sons locked in unfurnished basement room at night #autism

A call for walls: City-wide mural project needs you!

Charter schools more cost-effective in Michigan, 28 other states, study says — A report released Tuesday by the University of Arkansas says charter schools are more cost effective and have a higher return on investment than traditional public schools in 28 states, including Michigan.