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Most Talked About Digiday Stories

About.com plots its digital comeback

digiday.com — When About.com was launched in 1997, Google didn't exist, most Internet users were on dial-up, and the Web browser of choice was Netscape Navigator.

Publishers are learning to love collaboration

digiday.com — The complexity of digital media is forcing formerly warring departments at publishers to call truces and work together. Nothing concentrates the mind like crisis. The New York Times and Washington Post now have ad innovations units that look to the newsroom for inspiration for new ad products.
RT @Digiday: Like it or not, editorial and ad departments are learning to collaborate. trib.al/389CgzG

There's a push to make photoshopped models in ads illegal

digiday.com — In 2011, British member of parliament Jo Swinson ordered Lancôme to take down London billboard ads featuring Photoshopped images of famous women - Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington. The altered images, she said, were "not representative of the results the products could achieve" and gave women unrealistic and false expectations of what women should look like.
help make the ad industry change its ways when it comes to photoshopping: shar.es/TYJuc via @digiday

Wait, Facebook's newsfeed tweaks are good for brands?

digiday.com — Facebook, it has widely been reported, has dramatically limited brands' ability to organically reach their hard-earned audiences. In April 2012, pages reached up to 16 percent of their audience organically. Today, that number has dropped to 1 to 2 percent. And if the soothsayers are to believed, it could eventually hit zero.
RT @Digiday: "With organic reach declining we have to find ways to increase our viral reach" : trib.al/I8Xg6b7
RT @Digiday: It turns out brands aren't mad about Facebook cutting off organic reach of their pages. trib.al/JqlOROZ

Digiday Publishing Summit Europe

digiday.com — Publishing's Problem Solvers: A wholesale transformation of the global publishing industry into a digital and multi-platform phenomenon is well underway. The growing diversity with which readers consume news, pay for news and access news has forced publishers to abandon their focus on print and adopt a digital-first strategy.
RT @Digiday: .@SebTomich, @nytimes' vp of advertising, will discuss the Grey Lady's approach to branded content at DPS Europe: http://t.co/…

Inside the agency: The Barbarian Group's new HQ

digiday.com — The first thing anyone will ever notice upon entering The Barbarian Group's new Chelsea digs is the much-publicized "superdesk" - and that's precisely the point. "If you just look at it, it's like, 'Oh, interesting people probably work here and make interesting things,'" said Keith Butters, co-founder and chief experience officer at The Barbarian Group, on how the new space - and especially the new desk - reflect the culture.
Inside the agency: The Barbarian Group's new HQ - Digiday shar.es/Tha32 via @digiday

Why some publishers are killing their comment sections

digiday.com — The promise of the Internet, we are often told, is the opportunity to have a two-way dialogue. Anyone visiting a publisher's comment section, however, might wonder whether that's a promise or a threat. Internet comments have long been a conundrum. Like communism, they're great on paper but not so much in practice.
RT @journtoolbox: Why some publishers are eliminating comment sections on their sites: ow.ly/vTKRo
Thumbs up or down? RT@journtoolbox Why some publishers are eliminating comment sections on their sites: ow.ly/vTKRo @standardex
RT @journtoolbox: Why some publishers are eliminating comment sections on their sites: ow.ly/vTKRo
RT @MartinBeck: Very good overview by @rbilton: Why some publishers are killing their comment sections bit.ly/1r2Hhi0
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