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Most Talked About Digiday Stories

Innovation costs The New York Times a pretty penny

digiday.com — Innovation comes at a price, it turns out. The New York Times' investment in new digital products ate into its first-quarter earnings. The company has been busy developing new digital products to capture readers who fall on either the low or high ends of the engagement spectrum.
RT @lmoses: . @NYTimes digital sub growth, in a chart. With a hat tip to @QZ chart builder shar.es/TU4xd via @digiday
. @NYTimes digital sub growth, in a chart. With a hat tip to @QZ chart builder shar.es/TU4xd via @digiday

3 takeaways for brands from Facebook's earnings call

digiday.com — Decreased organic reach on Facebook has had some people calling the social network a bully, with others praising the adjustment as a positive step for brand advertising on the platform. Facebook's brass addressed that issue and other brand-related topics yesterday during its earnings call. Here are the three things brands need to know.
Facebook acknowledged decreased organic reach for brand posts during its earnings call yesterday: shar.es/TUtMa

Native ad measurement grows up and gets engaged

digiday.com — Many brands are turning to native advertising in an attempt to forge a connection with consumers. But getting this to actually happen has proven elusive. Publishers aren't quite at the point of being able to show conclusively that native ads are driving people to purchase, but many are still improving over the standard publisher metrics of clicks and shares by providing predictive feedback and, in some cases, calls to action.
Publishers aren't quite tying native ads to purchase, but they're getting closer shar.es/T9S12 via @digiday

Most American magazines are 'terrible'

digiday.com — Richard Turley, the British-born designer behind Bloomberg Businessweek's many innovative and provocative covers, is leaving to become MTV's first svp of visual storytelling and deputy editorial director. He chatted with Digiday about the state of magazine design, the trouble with Web sites and his favorite covers. Most of your career has been in print.
Businessweek's Richard Turley hates how pretty much all American magazines look shar.es/T9BAe via @digiday

What media buyers are looking for at the NewFronts

digiday.com — This is the fourth installment in the series "Video Upfront." This series is sponsored by AdColony, a leading mobile video advertising and monetization platform with expertise in development & innovation fueled by consumer insights. The NewFronts, publishers' annual dog-and-pony show for digital video, has hit a new peak.
What media buyers are looking for at the NewFronts - Digiday shar.es/T9Szd via @digiday
RT @StKonrath: Digital video compared to broadcast TV - What media buyers are looking for at the NewFronts, by @RBilton digiday.com/publishers/adc…

Your car, the next mobile ad platform

digiday.com — The next mobile platform may be on wheels. Looking ahead to the future of cars, Nissan's Amanda Donnelly doesn't just see autonomous, self-driving rides, but a connected media suite that could be a perfect fit for digital advertisers.
There’s a new mobile device that’s gearing up to serve as a platform for marketers: the car. shar.es/T9V98
Those fancy headsets in new cars? It's the next mobile platform for digital advertising. shar.es/T9rbE