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Mountains on Saturn's Moon Iapetus Fell From the Sky

blogs.discovermagazine.com — It may sound like something out of "Chicken Little," but at some point in the history of Saturn's moon Iapetus, the sky was actually falling: Scientists reported this week that an entire 800-mile-long mountain range along the moon's equator formed after it fell from space.

The Revolutionary Rocket That Could Shuttle Humans to Mars

discovermagazine.com — Traveling to Mars is not easy, which may be why no one has ever tried. It would take a good six to nine months to get there with today's chemical-fueled rockets. Along the way, according to a 2013 study, you'd get dosed with the radiation equivalent of a whole-body CT scan every five to six days, increasing your lifetime cancer risk above the limits set by NASA.
RT @DiscoverMag: This rocket engine could one day transport humans to Mars in 40 days: bit.ly/PdfUW1 (sub req'd) http://t.co/xqYSp…