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Flashback Friday: The science behind why we put milk on cereal (and not water). — Have you ever wondered why we put milk on cereal? Why not juice, water, or any of the other assorted liquids we consume daily? Well, these food scientists finally did the experiments to find out. Turns out that milk, due to its fat content, coats the cereal and keeps it from getting soggy as quickly as it does in pure water.

Unlocking The Other Senses of Space — These days it's no surprise to come across a gallery of amazing astronomy images. The Hubble Space Telescope, the other NASA great observatories and space probes, the European Space Agency and European Southern Observatory, and many, many dedicated amateurs (among other sources) provide a steady flow of visual riches.

Why Most of Your Body Is Younger Than You Are — When you take a sip of water it doesn't just slake your thirst. It literally becomes you. The water that runs down your gullet will, within minutes and without processing of any kind, become some of the dominant fluid in your veins and your flesh.

The Rich Allure of a Peasant Champion — ABC Carpet & Home, for the uninitiated, is a sumptuous home furnishings mecca with a chic interior and socially conscious ethic. The flagship store in Manhattan's Flatiron district feels like a plush museum owned by a billionaire with a New Age affectation.
Oct 24, 2014

.@keithkloor went to hear @DrVandanaShiva speak in NY, and witnessed the depth of the GMO divide:…

Oct 23, 2014

RT @MarcGunther: Wow: The rich allure of a peasant champion | @KeithKloor reports on Vandana Shiva's NY visit

Oct 23, 2014

Wow: The rich allure of a peasant champion | @KeithKloor reports on Vandana Shiva's NY visit