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Resourceful Crustaceans Turn Invasive Seaweed into Homes — When a new developer comes to town and starts aggressively building up the empty property around your home, you can get mad-or you can move in. That's what tiny crustaceans in the Georgia mudflats have done. Facing an invasive Japanese seaweed, they've discovered that it makes excellent shelter, protecting them from all kinds of threats.
Oct 31, 2014

Resourceful Crustaceans Turn Invasive Seaweed into Homes HT @inkfish

This Is Your Brain on Psychedelic Drugs — Psychedelic substances can change a user's mindset in profound ways - a fact that's relevant even to those who've never touched the stuff, because such altered states of consciousness give scientists a window into how our brains give rise to our normal mental states.

What It Will Take to Become an Interstellar Civilization — The new movie "Interstellar" is set in a not-so-distant future, but distant enough that they've managed to build something still elusive in 2014: a spaceship that can travel between solar systems. Such starships have been a technological mainstay in science fiction for decades, but they remain a crazily complicated proposition in everything from propulsion to human reproduction.

Flowers, Fungi & Felines: An Unusual Epidemic in Brazil — Rose-thorn disease sounds like a malady of lovesick teenagers, an illness of romance reserved for budding Romeos and Juliets swooning from their first forays into passion and lovesickness, an affliction arising from the shocking stick and sting of heartbreak.