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Chilean Farmer Finds 'Chupacabra'; Probably Cat Mummy — A goat farmer in Chile who recently found two mysterious dead animals has concluded that he may have the remains of the Hispanic vampire beast known as el chupacabra. The creature, whose name is Spanish for "goat sucker," is said to suck the blood from small animals such as chickens and goats.
Jan 24, 2015

.@BTRadford is my #1 resource for strange-looking-remains-that-look-like-mysterious-cryptids

Drone Invasion: A New Way to Explore Mars — Drones are taking over Earth - will they soon invade Mars? If a new NASA project gains momentum, remote-controlled drone exploration of the red planet could soon become a thing. Currently, the robotic exploration of Mars is pretty much one-dimensional. We have rovers that rove, landers that land and orbiters that, well, orbit.

Black Hole Goes on Crash Diet and Dims its Quasar — Going on an extreme diet has a similar effect on black holes as it does on humans; it quenches our energy and can drastically change our appearance, according to new research by Yale University astronomers who observed a quasar that has undergone a massive dimming event.

Why Great White Sharks Try to Eat Boat Engines — Fishermen for years have told tales about huge sharks trying to eat their motorboat engines, and now videos are proving this does indeed happen. Shark experts believe that great whites, like the one seen in the below video shot just a few days ago, are attracted to electrical pulses emitted by some boat motors.
Jan 23, 2015

Why Great White Sharks Try to Eat Boat Engines: A recent shark encounter captured on video reveals how some bo...

Rosetta's Comet is Weirder Than We Thought — Early results from Europe's ongoing Rosetta comet mission show the icy body, believed to be a remnant from the formation of the solar system, is far more complex and diverse than scientists expected. The first batch of science papers reveals details of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, which is approaching the sun accompanied by the orbiting Rosetta spacecraft.

NASA's Ultimate Space Twin Experiment Ready for Launch

Jan 22, 2015

RT @Grav1: Will twins still be identical after one spends a year in space? NASA's space twin experiment ready for launch :… #nasa

Jan 22, 2015

Will twins still be identical after one spends a year in space? NASA's space twin experiment ready for launch :… #nasa

The First Humans on Mars will be Virtual Explorers — Imagine sitting at your desk, donning a virtual reality headset and then walking around on the surface of Mars, studying rocks and turning up new discoveries while sitting in your office chair. Though this may sound like science fiction, if a new partnership between NASA and Microsoft bears fruit, the first humans on Mars may not need to leave Earth.
Jan 22, 2015

Headline in the year 2025: "How Holograms F*cked Up Manned Space Exploration"

Ebola Has Crushed Gorilla and Chimp Populations — Writing at, Meera Inglis, a PhD. in conservation policy at the University of Sheffield, calls attention to a perhaps little known, or not often considered, fact: The Ebola virus has put a sizable dent in Africa's great ape populations.

Human-Like Hands Came Before Actual Humans — Human-like hands preceded actual humans, suggests a new study that presents compelling evidence that some of the earliest, and still very ape-looking members of our family tree were the first to process foods, make handcrafted stone tools, and do relatively sophisticated tasks.
Jan 22, 2015

Human-Like Hands Came Before Actual Humans: Some of the earliest members of our family tree were able to do re...