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US Airways handles a mistake with grace

economist.com — Self-congratulations all around by N.B. | Washington, D.C. LAST week, US Airways, which is in the midst of a merger with American Airlines, suddenly started trending on Twitter. But the surge in interest wasn't about the airlines' big deal.
RT @EmmaBGardner: "In almost every conceivable case, firing someone for making a mistake on Twitter is an overreaction." econ.st/1iMKm56

Valuing education

economist.com — An interactive chart of the cost and return of a college education in AmericaTHE examined life is priceless, but college comes with a price tag. Whether or not it is...
RT @jclmorgan: Annualized % ROI from ME colleges: Colby, 10.2 Bates, 9.8 UMO, 9.8 Bowd, 8.2 UNE, 8.2 Huss, 6.9 USM, 4.4 UMF, 1.9 economist.com/node/21600212

The last casualty of the cold war

economist.com — MATTHEW YGLESIAS had an excellent piece at Vox on Monday pointing out a fundamental shift that has taken place over the past few years in our understanding of the economics of inequality. He begins by considering an "everything-you-need-to-know-about-economics" graduation speech by Thomas Sargent, a Nobel prize-winning economist, which included the line, "there are tradeoffs between equality and efficiency".
Inequality and efficiency: The last casualty of the cold war | The Economist econ.st/1pou0ot

How speech-recognition software got so good

economist.com — How speech-recognition software got so good by R.L.G. | BERLIN FOR a long time speech-recognition software was poor, confirming the saying that computers find it difficult to do things humans do easily, and vice-versa. But lately it has got much better: most modern smartphones now have a host of voice-activated features which actually work.
How did your smartphone get so good at taking dictation? I'm glad you asked: econ.st/1ibG2xm

Elinor Ostrom | The Economist

economist.com — IT SEEMED to Elinor Ostrom that the world contained a large body of common sense. People, left to themselves, would sort out rational ways of surviving and getting along. Although the world's arable land, forests, fresh water and fisheries were all finite, it was possible to share them without depleting them and to care for them without fighting.
“Small is beautiful” sometimes seemed to be [Elinor Ostrom's] creed. -- Economist article about Nobel Lareate Ostrom: economist.com/node/21557717

Big around the Middle East

economist.com — Security update: we have secured Economist.com against the Heartbleed vulnerability. As a precaution, registered users have been logged out. We recommend that you now log in and change your password. More info Our cookie policy has changed. Review our cookies policy for more details and to change your cookie preferences.
So all those "Diabetes!" / "Murica!" jokes about any U.S. food concoction deemed fatty? econ.st/1idDiK5
"Pump iron, not just oil". The prevalence of diabetes has shot up in the Gulf states economist.com/blogs/graphicd… pic.twitter.com/4dDhYFh9yl

Fighting in South Sudan

economist.com — IN a civil war that has featured the regular slaughter of civilians, the April 15th recapture of the oil town of Bentiu by South Sudanese rebels marked a new low. Some 200 people were reportedly massacred at a single mosque as the white army militia loyal to Riek Machar, the former vice president, sought out suspected supporters of the government.
RT @howden_africa: Fighting in South Sudan: A new low | The Economist econ.st/1fjw5bq Some thoughts in response to the Bentiu killings #SSudan
Fighting in South Sudan: A new low | The Economist econ.st/1fjw5bq Some thoughts in response to the Bentiu killings #SSudan
Interesting piece arguing that the recapture of Bentiu by South Sudanese rebels "marked a new low" buff.ly/1fkgkRM
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Put your money where your mail is

economist.com — WITH a workforce of just over 491,000 in 2013, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is second only to Walmart among civilian employers in America. But it still employed more than 200,000 fewer people last year than it did just nine years earlier-when it handled nearly 500m more pieces of mail and had almost 2,000 more retail offices.
RT @TheEconomist: Put your money where your mail is. America's postal service is pondering a foray into financial services http://t.co/QwTv…

Why sanitation should be sacred

economist.com — THE first decade of this century brought a surge in aid for health, particularly for HIV and malaria. Now health officials and wonks are debating how to fight a...
The importance of toilets and sewers: "Every dollar spent on sanitation brings a return of $5.50" fus.in/1rlRDcZ via @TheEconomist
"It is worth remembering a simple, albeit unsavory truth: poo matters." @TheEconomist goes there economist.com/blogs/economis… #health #waste