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Qualcomm Outlook Exposes 5 Trouble Spots — Although Qualcomm showed strong Q1 results, the company -- facing several trouble spots in China -- lowered its chipset division's operating margin guidance to 16-18% and its 2015 annual revenue guidance by $800 million.

Broadcom Flips on Future Set Tops — Chip vendor courts cable, over-the-air boxes OAKLAND, Calif. - Broadcom is nestled in a sweet spot between traditional cable companies and newer over the top (OTT) content providers, which are both battling and enabling each other in a fight for viewers and dollars.
Jan 30, 2015

.@Broadcom got its start in set-top boxes and is still showing the way forward there

GaN Pumps Power Revolution — SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Those who say don't bet against mainstream silicon CMOS technology haven't heard what's going on in gallium nitride. An emerging class of GaN power chips is finally knocking down the final cost barriers to their adoption.
Jan 30, 2015

#GaN pumps up #power chips for lidar, wireless charging and more says #DC15 keynoter @UBMDesignCon @PowerElecTech

Chinese Walls and Back Doors — China's antitrust regulators are helping to build a new wall around China's semiconductor industry. The need to build Chinese walls in the semiconductor industry is taking on a completely new significance as China's antitrust regulators start to flex their muscles.
Jan 29, 2015

The Great Tech Wall of #China keeps getting thicker, says our man in Taipei @SIAAmerica @SEMI_mktstats @GlobalSemi

Backplanes Hit a Wall at 56G — SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Something has to change to enable the next generation of fast computer and communications boards, but just what it will be is the subject of hot debate. A senior engineer from Rambus Inc. put a spotlight on the issues in a paper at DesignCon here.