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Megachips: Japan's Best Kept Secret — Can it become Japan's MediaTek? OSAKA, Japan -- Most engineers in the US don't know Megachips. Never heard of it. Even over here, only a few cognoscenti in the Japanese electronics industry have the faintest idea that it's a Japanese system LSI company in Osaka.

AMD Integrates X86, GPU & I/O — Advanced Micro Devices announced at its "Future of Compute" event in Singapore two new integrated x86 processors on its roadmap, Carrizo and Carrizo-L. The chips are AMD's most integrated parts to date, putting not only the CPU and GPU but the south bridge on a single die, a design move that should improve performance and certainly costs.

12 Startups I Saw at Demo — The consumer Internet of Things sector is getting crowded and maybe a bit ahead of itself, a Nest co-founder said at the Demo event, where a handful of smart-home startups showed their wares.
Nov 21, 2014

.@nest founder and a handful of #IoT #startups at @Demo suggest smart home getting crowded @iotworldview @IEEEIoT

Intel Expects 2015 Mobile Speedup — OAKLAND, Calif. -- Intel is back on track with mobile, company officials said at an annual investor meeting. The company's fiscal outlook for 2015 included stabilization of several divisions and an increase in its cash dividend to 96 cents-per-share.