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Engadget's Black Friday 2014 roundup — Yes, it's once more time for Black Friday -- that beloved (and sometimes dreaded) day when you can brave crowded stores in hopes of scoring deals on gadgets that would otherwise be out of your reach. But who's offering the sweetest bargains?

OnePlus is opening a retail store in China — Still haven't scored an invitation for a OnePlus One, and missed out on the rare public sales? You may want to book a flight to China. OnePlus has revealed its first-ever retail shop, which will officially open in Beijing on December 20th.

Deepak Chopra: the spiritualist as technologist — Deepak Chopra has an app. And that's about the least of the famed spiritual guru/physician/alternative-medicine advocate/friend of Oprah's technological ambitions. Chopra, who's written over 80 books to date and runs the Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, California, also has a wearable in the works, and is building a wellness site he hopes will become "the largest social network in the world."

Black Friday: a brief history of madness and discounts — Finally! It's the time of year once more when Americans line up outside of major retail outlets at absurdly early hours in an effort to score the lowest prices on all manner of consumer goods. Looking for a washer/dryer on the cheap? How about a Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

China's Google will launch a smart bike later this year — What's the next hot connected gadget category? Forget watches, we're thinking bikes, judging by the overwhelming interest in crazy, innovative new models like Teague's 'Denny' e-bike. Chinese search giant Baidu is all over that with the Dubike, a non-motorized bicycle equipped with regenerative electric tech and laden with smart fitness technology.

UK music industry pushes for a new tax on CD copying — Before October 1st this year, you were probably a criminal. On that day, UK copyright law changed to include a private copying exception that, simply put, means you're allowed to copy media for your own personal use (not distribution, obviously). This is especially important when it comes to music.
Nov 26, 2014

The UK music industry wants to tax MP3 players etc to cover the lost royalties from you ripping your CDs.

Nov 26, 2014

…& proves it's a dinosaur! MT @EngadgetUK UK music industry pushes for new tax on CD copying

We squeeze ourselves into OMsignal's smart shirt of the future — Thanksgiving is a time to remember things to be grateful for, stuff yourself with turkey and watch re-runs. But what happens the following day, when you wake up with a meat hangover that could kill a horse? That's the moment you'll stumble online, looking for new ways to lose weight and find OMsignal's biometric smart shirt.

After seven years, you can finally own The Keyboard Waffle Iron — Seven years ago, we brought you the story of a waffle iron that shaped the tasty treats into a keyboard. Plenty of you saw it and wished that you could have one of your very own, and it turns out that good things do come to those who wait.

The new Sony A7 II camera arrives in the US next month for $1,700 — Sony's recently unveiled full-frame, mirrorless shooter, the A7 II, made a number of people quite excited when it was announced last week. Back then, though, the electronics company only revealed pricing and availability for Japan.
Nov 26, 2014

wantwantwantwant | The new Sony A7 II camera arrives in the US next month for $1,700 via @engadget

The CIA and Homeland Security want to delete almost all their emails — Usually, deleting emails is a no-fanfare, one-click affair -- but not when you're the Central Intelligence Agency or the Department of Homeland Security. Both agencies have recently submitted proposals to the National Archives and Records Administration that outline their plans to delete years' worth of emails, which the Archives has already tentatively approved.
Nov 26, 2014

Whoa! #CIA and Homeland Security want to delete almost all their emails, only top 22 officials saved? via @engadget

UK watchdog rules that YouTube Oreo ads take the biscuit — Some vloggers have made it big on YouTube, so it's not surprising that advertisers want to tap into their burgeoning audiences. But rather than shell-out for a traditional pre-roll ad, they're paying the stars themselves to film their commercials. That's okay, if YouTubers actually tell viewers that what they're watching is a paid-for promotion, but many aren't.
Nov 26, 2014

ASA rules that YouTube Oreo ads take the biscuit. Only in the UK could you use this headline.

Don't call it a fire sale: Amazon's Phone is now $199 — When we reviewed Amazon's Fire Phone, we said that you'd better off waiting for the sequel. That's good advice for you, but not ideal for the company, since it ate a $170 million loss and has $83 million worth of unsold devices piled high in warehouses.

Sony Pictures' computers are still locked as hackers demand equality — Sony Pictures' employees around the globe are still locked out of their company computers after they were hacked on the 24th by a group calling itself the "Guardians of Peace." Now, new details have emerged that shed some light on what they want and how they did it.
Nov 26, 2014

RT @engadget: Sony Pictures' computers are still locked as hackers demand equality

EE confirms it's also talking to BT about a possible sale — BT surprised many when it confirmed it's currently in talks to buy back mobile operator O2, nearly 10 years after it sold the company to Telefonića. However, it isn't the only carrier that the telecoms giant is interested in. Rumours suggested that EE is the other subject of BT's affections, and sure enough those predictions were spot on.
Nov 26, 2014

EE’s also confirmed it's talking to BT about a possible sale. Would it get approval though?

One of Sony's first 'new' ideas is a smartwatch that's all e-ink — Sony's first idea to be born out of its new built-in "venture style" plan to create new products and wow, well, you and me, appears to a combination of its e-ink reader tech and smartwatch devices.
Nov 26, 2014

One of Sony's first "new" ideas is a smartwatch that's all e-ink…

TuneIn brings over 100,000 radio stations to your Chromecast — Today is a great day to be a Chromecast owner. Joining Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street Go and others, TuneIn is now also making its mobile apps compatible with Google's budget-friendly streaming dongle. Now that TuneIn has added support for Chromecast, you can start casting more than 100,000 radio stations, including local and international, as well as a ton of different news, music and sports podcasts.

Sony's new plan means fewer TVs and smartphones, more PlayStations — Sony may know how to build great gadgets, but convincing people to part with money in exchange for them has turned out to be nearly impossible. In the outfit's most recent financial results, its faltering mobile division was single-handedly responsible for wiping out the blockbuster profits earned by the PlayStation 4.
Nov 25, 2014

RT @Mr_Trout: Sony continues to dial back on its losers … "Sony's new plan means fewer TVs and smartphones, more PlayStations”…

Nov 25, 2014

Sony continues to dial back on its losers … "Sony's new plan means fewer TVs and smartphones, more PlayStations”…

Nov 25, 2014

@abcdedgar… <- we covered it. But instead you're gonna give that pageview ish to the WSJ.

Vine now lets you know when your favorite users post clips — If you're a Vine aficionado, you probably have a short list of people whose six-second videos you want to see right away -- you may want to marvel at a Zach King illusion or scratch your head at one of Will Sasso's lemon clips, for instance.
Nov 25, 2014

You can now set alerts for when your favorite Viner posts a clip.… (oh, and it's

Comcast wants customers to track and rate its technicians — When it comes to offering great customer service, Comcast's reputation on the matter is far from being healthy. Every now and then, the company gets put on the map for making its subscribers go through rather tedious experiences -- to get an idea, just listen to the recording of this call.
Nov 25, 2014

Comcast wants customers to track and rate its technicians. That should go over well.…