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I'm a neurotic. IBM told me so. — I'm a late Wednesday afternoon tweeter. It's not a characteristic I'd necessarily include on any of my dating app profiles, but it accurately sums up my online behavior nonetheless. I'm also a tremendous neurotic (which should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me well) who embraces self-expression, challenges and change.
Sep 19, 2014

RT @DanaWollman: IBM's algorithms concluded that @jrvolpe is neurotic but, like, I could have told him that too.…

Sep 19, 2014

IBM's algorithms concluded that @jrvolpe is neurotic but, like, I could have told him that too.…

MIT can turn your smartphone into a different kind of second screen — Sure, we've seen apps that let you easily share files between your phone and PC. No biggie there. But the demo we're about to show you is a tad more sophisticated than that.
Sep 19, 2014

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Original Game Boy gets the Advance treatment courtesy of retro-loving modder — Game Boy will forever hold a special place in our hearts, but spend a few minutes squinting at an original model and you'll quickly realize that even nostalgia can't make up for that horrible green screen. That's been banished in this custom version, courtesy of modder CRTdrone, which features GBA SP internals housed in an original GB chassis.

Vodafone buys 140 Phones4u stores, saving 900 jobs in the process — A lot can happen in a week. Just five days after Phones4u announced it was entering administration, leaving 5,596 employees facing a very uncertain future, retailers and carriers alike have stepped in to strip the company of its most important parts.
Sep 19, 2014

Vodafone's stepped in to buy 140 Phones4u stores, saving 900 jobs. That's 1700 out of 5600 roles saved in total.

Why is Microsoft buying Minecraft? — Microsoft announced this week that it's buying hugely popular game franchise for $2.5 billion. For that money, Microsoft gets rights to the game and ownership of its Stockholm, Sweden-based development studio, Mojang. It doesn't retain the company's founders or Minecraft's infamously outspoken creator, Markus "Notch" Persson. Does that sound like a lot, $2.5 billion?

Belkin Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker review: Can WiFi make cooking easier? — Frying, baking, grilling, searing, boiling, roasting -- whatever the method, I love to cook. It's not always easy, and sometimes it's just plain hard work, but at least it's the kind of work I enjoy. Even so, I've never used a slow cooker, and have always been a little jealous of my friends who have one.
Sep 19, 2014

Now your crock pot can be on the Internet. (Note: This is not necessary and/or a good thing.)…

Sony's SmartEyeglass prototype makes Google Glass look chic — As Sony's smartphone division continues to struggle, the company is working out what it needs to return to profitability. Does it concentrate on the high-end market dominated by Apple and Samsung, or does it try to appeal to customers looking to get their very first smartphone?

NVIDIA's new GPU proves moon landing truthers wrong — Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, there still exist some people on planet Earth who believe it's the only celestial body humanity has ever walked upon. You've heard it before -- the moon landing was a hoax, a mere TV drama produced by Stanley Kubrick presented as fact to dupe the Soviet Union into giving up the space race.
Sep 19, 2014

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Sep 18, 2014

NVIDIA's new GPU has some words for moon-landing deniers:… Sorry guys. Light reflects. We were totally on the moon.