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JibJab is back with a personalized GIF maker — Wise to the fact that even your mom is over animated e-cards, a denizen of an internet past is trying to reinvent itself. JibJab -- which rose to fame a a purveyor of political satire and " Starring You" video gift cards -- is today launching JibJab Messages, an iOS app that lets you personalize GIFs with your friends' faces, filters, and meme-style text.
Oct 01, 2014

JibJab is back with a selfie GIF maker, which @AaronIsSocial kindly used to splice my face onto a cat.…

Uber for Business now automatically expenses taxis in 45 countries — The nice thing about traveling for work is that you can hop in a taxi without worrying about the cost since, after all, you're not picking up the tab. The downside of that privilege is that, about a week or two after that, you'll have to sit down and tediously justify your expenditure to your boss.

Tesco's looking to sell or close its Blinkbox streaming service — When supermarket giant Tesco announced it was closing its free Clubcard TV streaming service, it didn't come as much of a surprise. However, bigger changes could be afoot, after the Financial Times caught wind of the company's plans to get out of the streaming business altogether.
Oct 01, 2014

Well, well. Tesco’s looking to sell or close its Blinkbox streaming service

Amazon gives UK customers early e-book access with Kindle First — While Amazon tends to release new e-reader and tablet hardware in the UK and US simultaneously these days, we're still not top priority when it comes to new services. That being said, the UK has caught up significantly in the past week with the launch of the all-you-can-read Kindle Unlimited subscription and now, Kindle First.
Oct 01, 2014

Amazon is now giving UK customers early access to e-books with Kindle First.

UK government swaps paper car tax discs for its vast camera network — The paper car tax disc has had a very good innings, but it's finally come to the end of its life. Presented proudly by UK motorists for more than 90 years, those circular bits of paper have today officially been replaced by an electronic register. What does that mean for you?

FCC unanimously rejects NFL's blackout rules — Well, that didn't take long. We reported yesterday that the FCC was taking aim at sports blackout rules this week, and today the Commission voted to nix the "unnecessary and outdated regulations." For nearly four decades, the FCC kept pay-TV providers from airing games blacked out on local stations.