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Islamist Militia Now Guards U.S. Embassy in Libya — TRIPOLI, Libya - An Islamist-allied militia group in control of Libya's capital now guards the U.S. Embassy and its residential compound, a commander said Sunday, as onlookers toured the abandoned homes of diplomats who fled the country more than a month ago.

Shed Those Unwanted Pounds with All-Natural Coconut Oil — It might seem contradictory to everything that's been said over the past 50 years about health, but one of the best ways to keep from getting fat is actually to eat more fat. One of the most powerful fat-burning foods, in fact, is the fat of coconut, known more popularly as coconut oil, which helps sustain blood sugar levels throughout the day and boost metabolism.

California Water Infrastructure on Verge of Historic Collapse — Writing for The Washington Post (WP), journalist Joby Warrick draws attention to what many scientists say is an unprecedented collapse of California's vast water infrastructure, which is marked by an elaborate system of canals, reservoirs and wells that transfer water from the mountains and other areas to the Central Valley.
Sep 02, 2014

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China Prepares Navy Warships to Fight US Submarines — China has a glaring hole in its military strategy against the United States. Military analysts have pointed out that while China is investing in ballistic and cruise missiles to keep foreign ships away, it has little to counter U.S. submarines which would play a pivotal role in a conflict with China.