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China's Xiaomi Imitator Not Innovator — Xiaomi is the up and coming smartphone company. It is now ranked in third place behind Samsung and Apple. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) even ranked it 35th of the 50 most innovative companies in the world.

He walks on water and makes life out of thin air-this is Dynamo — We have all heard of David Copperfield, but have you heard of Dynamo, the Magician Impossible? His real name is Steven Frayne, he is only 32-years-old and he's from Bradford, England. He has performed in front of the royalty, A-listers, famous musicians, and TV presenters, but he seems happiest when he is making miracles happen in front of ordinary people while traveling the world.

Xperia Spy App Reveals new Trend in China's Cyberespionage — Mysterious files were found on two models of Sony Xperia smartphones which researchers found are relaying data to Chinese servers. The file is called "Baidu," which is China's version of Google. It was found on Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact phones. If a user tries to remove the file, it automatically restores itself after a short time.

Hackers Leak Phone Numbers of 250 Hong Kong Police — The hacker group Anonymous leaked the names, phone numbers, faxes, and email addresses of more than 250 Hong Kong police officers. The Oct. 25 leak is part of a large campaign Anonymous is launching against the Chinese regime to support pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

Healthier Halloween Candy for Trick-Or-Treaters — Halloween means trick-or-treating, and that means buying candy to pass out to children who knock on your door expecting a treat. The trouble is that most of the candy given to children on Halloween is filled with artificial ingredients, corn syrup (which means GMOs), and trans fats. However, there are better alternatives.

Visiting the Top Tourist Attractions in Bosnia — The top tourist attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina are one and the same since they refer to the European country in the Balkan Peninsula. However, tourists usually just call it Bosnia. Like many parts of Europe, it has many historical treasures. The country also boasts natural wonders tucked in its mountains.

San Francisco Riots? Fires, Cars Reportedly Overturned After SF Giants World Series Win (Photos, Live Stream Video) — Police in San Francisco are responding to a incidents of public disorder. A bus was reportedly flipped over and there were several fires set after the World Series win for the Giants People were tweeting photos after the victory.

Toronto School Board Drops Confucius Institute — Canada's largest school board has shown the door to the Beijing-run Confucius Institute. Twenty of the twenty two Toronto District School Board (TDSB) trustees voted in support of a motion to terminate its agreement with the controversial program during a general meeting on Oct. 29.

Open Minded? Here's How Much Facial Stereotyping Influences Your Decisions — When we make important social decisions - which political candidate to vote for, whether to trust someone with our money, whether a person is guilty of a crime - we'd like to think we do so rationally, and solely based on relevant pieces of information.
Oct 29, 2014

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Sacred Geometry and Uili Lousi's Leap of Faith — "New York is the best place to test your spiritual life," Lousi said. "Forget about retreats. Here, you'll really see whether you'll make it or break it. We all have the capacity within ourselves to be the highest beings. Somehow along the way we forget and limit our way of seeing things."

'Deliverance' - The Epoch Times — NEW YORK-Man's survival instinct is at the heart of Godlight Theatre Company's brilliantly harrowing stage adaptation of James Dickey's 1970 novel Deliverance, now having its world premiere at 59E59 Theaters. In the state of Georgia, middle-aged friends Lewis (Gregory Konow), Ed (Nick Paglino), Bobby (Jarrod Zayas), and Drew (Sean Tant) decide to take a canoe trip through an overgrown valley, soon to be flooded in the name of progress.

Halloween In China? — I love Halloween! It may be my favorite holiday. Countries in the East do not have Halloween, but they do celebrate something similar. Just as the Western festival focuses on ghosts and ghouls, the Eastern celebration is about the departed spirits of the underworld, also known as The Feast of the Hungry Ghosts.